Installation manual

• Check list before installation

1. Find out correct fuse (checking fuse layout on the back side of fuse box cover)

- Every car has different fuse layout, so please find out correct ACC fuse and B+ fuse - Some of the car has 2 fuse boxes (right and left hand side). For those type, we suggest hardwiring to opposite side of driver seat.

(There might be more chance to cause noise, if you hardwire to driver side fuse box) - Some car fuse box are very sensitive, so they do not allow outer devices

2. Check power before installation

- By using power tester, check IN / OUT of ACC fuse ACC and B+fuse (bottom left picture (IN), bottom right picture(OUT) - please connect the wire to OUT. (you must check IN / OUT before you install, because it can be different, depending on car)

(IN) (OUT) (fuse)

3. How to find B+(constant power fuse)

- Check the fuse by power tester, when the car is off, if it lights up or you can hear alarm, It is the right fuse

+ -

• FXD700 Installation

1. Open the fuse box and find ACC / B+ / Ground.




• FXD700 Installation

2. Find out right space to stick the device. 3. Detach A-pillar, and door seal for hiding the cables

- A-Pillar : Remove A-pillar. If there is a nut - Door seal: Pull the rubber seal by hand.

unscrew the nut first 4. Tuck all the wires in nicely.

Constant power cable

Door Seal A-pillar


• FXD700 Installation

5. Wire ACC, B+(constant power), and ground up correctly

6. Tuck all the cables nicely in it and then put the cover back on.


B+(Constant power)


Stick the device and then connect Power cable.

• How to hide wires

Hide wires in between windshield and the roof.


Check A- pillar

Tuck the cables in the A-pillar

Pull the door seal apart from Car frame.

Make sure wire ACC, B+, ground up correctly , and then double check its run

• How to hide wires

Tuck the cables in the gap, hided by door seal

위와 같이 천장안으로 선을 넣습니다. Put all the cables in the fusebox.

Tie all the rest part of cables up nicely and then put it in the fusebox

Close the cover of fusebox.