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Australia | #BuildBackBetter
Gas is a climate disaster. Let’s recover, rebuild, renew right!
 – Australian Conservation Foundation

Petition calling on our state premiers, Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese to listen to the people, not polluters.

Australia | #BuildBackBetter
Add your name to put people and planet first

It’s time to accelerate the transition to a resilient and equitable economy that delivers jobs and prosperity, while protecting our natural environment. Sign the open letter calling for a just recovery for all that puts people and planet first.

Australia | #BuildBackBetter
Build a clean, renewable-powered economy for Australia  Climate Council

Add your name: "Australians deserve a strong economy that puts its people at its heart, and the liveable future that a renewables-led recovery can create. But we must start building it today. I agree, any economic recovery plan must include climate solutions."

Western Australia | #BuildBackBetter
We Support a Clean Jobs Stimulus & Recovery Package for WA – Clean State

Add your name to an open letter to Premier Mark McGowan, Treasurer Ben Wyatt, and Minister for Environment Stephen Dawson: "If our response uses this once in a lifetime opportunity to tackle the health, economic and climate crisis together, we can kickstart WA’s economy with thousands of clean jobs that take care of families and our climate."

Seek ICC advice on criminality of expanding fossil fuel production, Petition EN1526 – Principal Petitioner: Dr Andrew Norton

To the Hon. Speaker of the House of Representatives and Members of the House of Representatives

The UN Production Gap report provides the scientific grounds on which to argue that policies or decisions that expand a country's fossil fuel production are immoral. The petitioners assert that Australia's current policy to expand fossil fuel production is anti-science and omnicidal. We therefore ask the House to seek advice from the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court on whether expanding fossil fuel production could be an act of genocide or a crime against humanity. Closes on 10 June 2020.

Australia | #BuildBackBetter
A Green Recovery For Australia – Fridays for Future

COVID-19 has presented a chance for Australia to create new green jobs through implementing a ‘Green Recovery’ for our economy. A Green Recovery would focus on creating renewable energy projects while avoiding new destructive fossil fuel projects, expansions, bailouts and subsidies which are expensive economically, provide fewer jobs, and hinder our Paris targets. Sign onto our open letter to the Australian government:

Australia | #BuildBackBetter
Stop the Gas Industry Bailouts  GetUp

Petitioning Prime Minister Scott Morrison: No public funds should go into propping up the failing gas industry. Traditional Owners have been standing up against fracking for years because it’s so risky.

We call on the Federal government to give no public funding to bail out the gas industry.

Australia | #BuildBackBetter
No 'gas-fired recovery' – The Australia Institute

The Australian Prime Minister's hand-picked National Covid-19 Coordination Commission is stacked with former fossil fuel executives and operates without proper scrutiny, oversight or transparency. And now another secret review conducted by a hand-picked gas executive has--surprise, surprise--recommended redirecting emissions reduction funding into failed carbon capture and storage and to big emitters. Add your name to the petition asking the Energy Minister to commit to a renewably-powered economic recovery, not a gas-fired one.

Time to get a move on with offshore wind – Friends of the Earth Melbourne

Call on both the Morrison and Andrews governments to trigger the next steps in the planning process for Star of the South and bring on a national legal framework as a matter of urgency to pave the way for offshore wind and create thousands of good climate jobs.

Australia | #BuildBackBetter
A Clean Jobs Guarantee for all – AYCC

A Clean Jobs Guarantee will provide our communities with the vital jobs we need to build a healthy society with a clean energy future free of fossil fuels. Will you add your name to thousands of others calling on our politicians to put people before profits and deliver a Clean Jobs Guarantee for our communities?

Keep energy funding honest  GetUp

Energy Minister Angus Taylor is committing new funding to dirty energy – but experts say he may not have the authority. Sign the petition to hold Taylor accountable by requesting an independent review of his secretive program.

Send this letter to new Westpac CEO, Peter King  Market Forces
Tell Peter King to rule out financial support to projects that expand the scale of the fossil fuel industry, be it a new greenfield project, or an extension to an existing project’s lifespan or scale, and refuse to finance companies that plan to expand fossil fuel reserves, production, transportation or combustion.

Premier, will you be a climate leader?  Environment Victoria

Tell Premier Andrews to show leadership now and commit to set stronger climate targets.

Petition for Climate Ambition: Victoria needs Science-Based Targets!  Act on Climate / Friends of the Earth Melbourne

When it comes to tackling the climate crisis, the global goal is to keep warming below 1.5°C. We need this to be Victoria's goal too. Community members are calling for Premier Dan Andrews to set science-based Emissions Reduction Targets for 2025 and 2030.

Use your voice to #SaveARENA 💪 – GetUp!

Energy Minister Angus Taylor's technology roadmap is a roadmap to nowhere. It's a distraction from the problem and a refusal to invest in the clean energy solutions that already exist.

Don't frack the NT's Beetaloo Basin!  AYCC

Will you add your name to the thousands of others calling on our politicians to stand up for our climate by stopping dangerous gas fracking in the NT’s Beetaloo Basin?

Petition calling on Rio Tinto to cut all ties with the coal lobby today  350 Australia

The Minerals Council, an institution of fossil fuel lobbyists, have been blocking policy and influencing Australian politics for decades, undermining any chance at the safe climate future we deserve. We need your help in weakening this group, to limit their ability to undermine action on climate change. Rio Tinto, one of the world’s biggest mining companies, says they are a leader in the industry on climate. Yet, by being a member of the Minerals Council, they are part of the problem. We aim to build up pressure against Rio Tinto, urging them to leave the Minerals Council.

Australia | #ClimateEmergencyDeclaration:
A call for Australia: The safe climate declaration  National Climate Emergency Summit

Call for a new approach to climate action in Australia, a response to match the scale of the threat as climate-warming impacts escalate across Australia and around the world

Support the introduction of the Climate Change Act – Independent MP Zali Steggall

On 23 March 2020, Zali Steggall MP will introduce a private member’s bill for a Climate Change Act to Parliament and call for a conscience vote.

Calling for a national climate law today – Oxfam

We need a meaningful and comprehensive national law that commits Australia to reaching zero pollution as soon as possible, restores an independent commission to guide on targets, policies and actions and make sure the government sticks to its commitments, and begins a sequence of five-year plans and pollution budgets that ensure we start immediately down the path beyond fossil fuels.

Australia | #ClimateEmergencyDeclaration:
Australia: Declare a climate emergency – Kate Ahmad

Send a strong message to Scott Morrison: We request that you declare a climate emergency. This would demonstrate a concrete commitment, a willingness to stand together and fight to prevent the largest threat of our times. We implore you to listen to us, your Australian constituent and request a meeting at your earliest availability. We believe in finding common ground and in working towards sensible, ethical bipartisan solutions. 100,000 added their name during the first three weeks of this petition, and another 100,000 have added their name since then

A climate action plebiscite for the Australian people – Dr Kate Ahmad

Petitioning the Australian parliament for a parliamentary conscience vote to allow a plebiscite for the Australian public. This plebiscite would ask ‘Should the law be changed to require the government to enact legislation and policy to protect all Australians from the catastrophic environmental and health effects of climate change currently upon us. This legislation will include a planned reduction in emissions in line with a target to limit global warming to less than 2 degrees.’

Fossil fuel company adverts must display climate change warnings – ClientEarth

Demand that all advertising by fossil fuel companies contains a warning about the impact on people and the planet.

Make fossil fuel producers pay climate disaster levy – The Australia Institute

Petitioning the Parliament of Australia: Every tonne of coal and gas mined in Australia ends up as more greenhouse gas being pumped into the atmosphere, fuelling climate change and making these disasters worse. We urge you to establish a National Climate Disaster Fund, funded by a levy on each tonne of all coal, gas and oil produced in Australia.

Demand action from our representatives – Climate Council
Add your voice to join Climate Council in building pressure on all of our federal leaders, by emailing your local MP today. Email your local MP.

Climate action is bushfire protection – GetUp!

Petitioning Prime Minister Scott Morrison: Australia needs real climate action. That means: 1. Ending fossil fuel subsidies, 2. Restoring funding to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), 3. Renew the Renewable Energy Target with the ambition this crisis deserves.

Renewable energy - give it 100%. Reenergise!  Greenpeace

Calling on over 55 big brand, big energy using companies to commit to using 100% renewable electricity by 2030. Tell some of Australia’s biggest electricity using companies to make the switch to 100% renewable energy.

Sign the People's Demands for Climate Justice – 14 convening organisations

Petitioning Government representatives to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change: The urgency of the climate crisis requires a just response centered on human rights, equity, and justice. We demand you keep fossil fuels in the ground and end corporate interference in and capture of the climate talks.

Stand with communities and local leaders: Support the call for action on climate change  Climate Council

The Mayors and Councillors of 14 fire-stricken regions have boldly called on the Federal Government to recognise the spiralling costs of climate change to our communities. Can you show your support for these local leaders by adding your name today?

We call on PM Scott Morrison to meet immediately with emergency leaders  Maree Lowes

Right now across Australia, widespread fires and extreme weather are endangering our people, homes and ecosystems. Nationwide, people’s feelings of fear and anxiety about the future of our country are reaching boiling point. 80,000 had signed this petition on 14 November 2019

Stand with bushfire survivors: act on climate change  GetUp!

Petition demanding that Prime Minister Scott Morrison acknowledge the role that climate change plays in making bushfires worse: "Mr Morrison, Climate change is making bushfires more frequent and more deadly. To protect our communities, you must act on climate change."

#ClimateEmergency - Come with us to the doorsteps of those responsible for this crisis  Greenpeace International

I stand with 1,317,122 people (11 Nov 2019), who are already calling for action in the face of the climate emergency, and say to you: We’re in a climate crisis. Act like it. It is time to create a new and just global society that redesigns the way we interact with the environment and each other. We say to all those with responsibility for this crisis – from the fossil fuel majors to the forest destroyers, and all those that bankroll them; to the politicians who have failed to take strong enough action – we hold you to account.

New South Wales, Australia:
Protect our laws from the coal lobby  The Australia Institute

At a state and national level, the coal industry is effectively writing Australia’s laws. We urge the NSW Parliament to stand up to the coal lobby and protect the laws that protect us: Don’t put coal over climate.

Demand a People's Climate Summit

Call on the UN to kick the polluters out of the COP25 climate talks and give them back to the people.

Victoria, Australia:
No New Gas in Victoria  Friends of the Earth Melbourne

Call to extend the moratorium on onshore conventional exploration and drilling. This has been in force since 2014, has been extended once, and will expire on June 30, 2020.


Stand against Palmer’s mine  GetUp

Don't approve the Waratah Coal mine lease. Put people over Palmer. Protect the Galilee Basin community. Say no to Clive Palmer's mine.


Support motion for health impacts and climate change  Zali Steggall

Support independent member of Parliament Zali Steggall’s motion calling on the government to recognise that man-made climate change is one of the biggest and most urgent health threats to children. Urge the government to take quick and decisive action.



Tell ANZ, NAB and Westpac to get out of fossil fuels in line with the Paris Agreement  Market Forces

Market Forces has lodged shareholder resolutions with NAB, ANZ and Westpac, calling on the three major banks to reduce their exposure to coal, oil and gas in line with the climate goals of the Paris Agreement. On this webpage you can send a prewritten message to the banks.


BREAKING: Our chance for better climate coverage  Climate and Health Alliance
etition asking Nine Publishing, the owner of the Age and Sydney Morning Herald, to commit to more and better climate coverage.

Australia | #ClimateEmergencyDeclaration:

Petition EN1041 - Declare a Climate Emergency  Noah Bell

The overwhelming majority of climate scientists around the world have concluded that the climate is changing at unprecedented rates due to anthropogenic causes. The result of these changes will be catastrophic for future generations, and so we must act now to minimise both human and environmental destruction. We therefore ask the House to immediately act and declare a climate emergency in Australia. And introduce legislation that will with immediacy and haste reduce the causes of anthropogenic climate change.

Number of signatures on 2 October 2019: 190,618

Closing date for signatures: 16 October 2019


Scott Morrison does not speak for us  GetUp!

Message to U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres: Australia wants climate action now.


No more climate-wrecking oil ads  Greenpeace

We're in a climate emergency. Show advertisers you don’t want to see ads from oil companies anymore.

Victoria, Australia:

Victoria: Take the lead on community energy  Friends of the Earth Melbourne

Calling on the Andrews Labor government to deliver a plan that will secure Victoria’s place as a community energy leader: Set a Community Energy Target of 100MW by 2025. Rollout a Smart Energy Communities program, building on the government’s New Energy Jobs Fund, Community Power Hubs and Z-NET Community Transition pilots. Create a Solar for All program that delivers solar for renters as well as homeowners.


Labor: Don’t ditch 2030 climate targets  Australian Youth Climate Coalition

The Labor Party is considering abandoning their Emissions Reduction Target of 45% by 2030. We've got to grow this petition as large as we can send a clear signal to Labor that voters want strong climate action - starting with ambitious Emissions Reduction Targets.

100% clean future -- Stand with the climate strikers  Avaaz
Petition to the UN Secretary General: "We stand with the kids joining the climate strike, and call on the UN to declare a climate emergency and urgently get the world to shift to 100% clean energy." - "THIS is an emergency!"

Australia | #ClimateEmergencyDeclaration:
Scott Morrison: Conscience Vote on Climate Emergency Declaration  Eve Elliott-Smith

Allow all MPs a conscience vote on Adam Bandt's Climate Emergency Declaration motion. There is already support for this from the cross-bench, but it will need either Coalition support or a conscience vote to get this motion passed.

David Littleproud: Fund and Implement a long-term plan for farming and climate change  Farmers for Climate Action

Petitioning Minister for Water and Drought David Littleproud: Climate change is not a future problem. This drought is not business as usual. For farmers, climate change is here now. And our politicians need a long-term plan to deal with it, for the sake of Aussie food and farming.

Solve the climate crisis and shift to clean energy  Australian Conservation Foundation

Ask Cricket Australia and other sports leaders to advocate for climate action

Angus Taylor, stop sabotaging clean energy Solar Citizens

Federal Energy Minister, instead of propping up ageing and inefficient coal-fired power stations, I call on you to plan for the inevitable transition to cheap and clean energy by: Extending the national Renewable Energy Target; Allocating more funding to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency;Ensuring the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme remains strong until 2030.

Make the Great Barrier Reef an Australian citizen and protect her right to live – Citizen Reef

Petitioning the Australian government, including David Coleman, Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs, and five others: "Let them know we are a unified voice who believe this living, breathing Aussie icon, should become a living, breathing Aussie citizen. Let's help get the Great Barrier Reef her citizenship to give her the same rights that every living being on this planet deserves – the right to life."

Our Future Fund should be future thinking  Our Future Fund Alliance

Why isn’t our national savings account making investments to make our climate safer? Join us if you agree it should. Let’s get Australia’s money out of fossil fuels.

Scott Morrison: Go to the 23 Sept UN Climate Summit with emergency climate action targets – Australian Parents for Climate Action

Sign this petition and tell PM Scott Morrison that we want him to: 1) Attend the Climate Summit in person himself. 2) Take an emergency-scale target: to cut Australia's emissions to net zero by 2030. 3) Commit to ending coal mining in Australia by 2020, phase out all fossil fuels and implement 100% renewable energy by 2030. 4) Contribute fairly to the Green Climate Fund to help poorer nations cope with climate impacts and transition to clean energy.

Australia | #StopAdani:
Tell GHD, Build our Future not Adani's Dirty Coal Mine! – GetUp!

Can you sign the petition telling GHD that Adani is risky business? The Adani coal mine will be catastrophic for our environment. GHS, please build our future - not Adani's dirty coal mine

Australia must stand with the Pacific  Oxfam

Australia can and must step up and take immediate action on climate change. Will you send a message to Alex Hawke MP, Minister for International Development and the Pacific, urging that Australia stand with the Pacific and listen to those on the frontlines of the climate crisis? Pre-written letter you can edit

Australia | #ClimateEmergency Declaration:
Call on Australia’s Parliament to declare a climate emergency – The Greens
The time to act is now. We’re urging all members and senators of the Australian Parliament to declare a climate emergency, so we can take the urgent action required to avoid catastrophic climate change.

Global | #ClimateEmergency #AllinforClimateAction:
Petition to World Leaders – Rebecca Freitag and others
We are demanding the world leaders to go #AllinforClimateAction at the UN Climate Summit in September 2019. That means to declare a climate emergency and only present action plans that help us to stay below 1.5°C global warming.

Australia |
To the Australian Govt: declare a climate emergency – Break Free / Greenpeace Australia Pacific

Sign the open letter and join the fast-growing movement of people doing what it takes to force political leaders, business and the media to recognise the climate crisis for what it is: an existential emergency that requires emergency action.

Victoria, Australia:
Have your say on Victoria's Emissions Reduction Targets  Act On Climate

The Andrews government is about to set an Emissions Reduction Target for 2025.Will you send a submission calling for climate ambition? Closes on 22 July 2019

South Australia, Australia:
Ban drilling in the Bight - Senator Sarah Hanson-Young

The time to protect the Bight is now. South Australians know it, and more and more Australians around the country agree. Add your voice to the campaign. Sign our petition, and call your local MP and let them know you want them to sign on to the Bight Bill and make sure it’s protected for good.

South Australia, Australia:
Save SA from fossil fuel expansion – Fossil Free Adelaide

Petitioning the Parliament of South Australia: stop new fossil fuel exploration and extraction before it starts. On 27 May 2019 the South Australia state government announced that bidding is now open for eight new Petroleum Exploration Licences.

Victoria, Australia:
Help Aileen get a meeting with Premier Dan Andrews! – Friends of the Earth Melbourne

Now more than ever Victoria must show leadership to cut emissions and protect the community from climate impacts. And frontline communities must be prioritised.

Suncorp: Stop wasting precious time. Act on climate by dumping coal, oil and gas! – Market Forces

Rather than act to protect its customers, Australian insurance company Suncorp (which owns the brands; AAMI, Vero, Bingle, GIO, APIA and Shannons) is fueling bushfires, floods, heatwaves and storms through its support for the coal, oil and gas industries. Contact Suncorp today

Australia | #ClimateEmergencyDeclaration:
MOVEMENT: Declare a climate emergency around Australia

27 petitions - 67,200 supporters on 25 May 2019
We're inviting people across Australia to start petitions asking their local councils to declare a climate emergency.

Australia | #ClimateEmergencyDeclaration:
Declare a climate emergency – Greenpeace Australia Pacific

Call on Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten to declare a climate emergency now. It’s time for Australian politicians to start telling it like it is and take the urgent action required. A climate emergency has just been declared by the UK Parliament and momentum is continuing to build across the world.

Australia | #ClimateEmergencyDeclaration:
Scott Morrison: Declare a climate emergency – Greenpeace Australia Pacific

“Dear Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Australia’s climate is in a state of crisis. I call on you to declare a climate emergency now. I stand with the #climateemergency activists and I am willing to do what it takes to ensure the next government acts on the climate crisis, including taking part in the growing movement of peaceful defiance.”

Global | #ClimateEmergencyDeclaration:

All governments, declare a climate emergency now!  David A. Hood

Petitioning Secretary General of the UN, António Guterres, every national government, president, prime minister, chancellor and local governments, mayors and CEOs of the world.

“Let's build a worldwide petition demanding that all governments at all levels declare a climate emergency. It is beginning here in Australia and elsewhere, but only a tiny few so far.”

Adelaide, South Australia | #ClimateEmergencyDeclaration:
Adelaide City Council: Declare a climate emergency – Zelly Been

Petitioning The Lord Mayor and Councillors of the City of Adelaide

Australia | #ClimateEmergencyDeclaration:
E-petition: Address Parliament directly on climate change – Shannon Loughnane

We're calling for radically deep cuts on emissions, a rapid switch to 100% renewable energy, the declaration of a climate emergency and more

Call on the PM to protect Torres Strait Islanders on the climate frontline – ClientEarth

Torres Strait Islanders are bringing the first climate change case against the Australian federal government over human rights. Tell Australia’s prime minister to act on climate change

Climate action must be a top priority for the next Parliament - The Australia Institute

Add your name to the open letter to the next Parliament of Australia -- whichever party wins government, urgent action on climate change must be a top priority for the 46th Parliament of Australia.

Incoming government, Act on Climate Change - Catherine Burke

“We, the Australian people, call on the incoming 2019 federal government, our elected representatives, to undertake drastic and urgent action on climate change at a local, national and global level, to ensure the survival of the planet for future generations.”

Save Our Planet: Demand Climate Action – GetUp! 

Sign the petition demanding real action to save our climate and life on our planet. To all politicians: We demand action on climate change to save life as we know it on this planet: 1) 100% renewable energy, 2) No new coal or gas, 3) Stop the Adani coal mine.


Australians for climate action – GetUp!
We demand that our government respects the science and aims higher on climate. We're asking for strong, meaningful climate action, which is in the national and global interest.
This GetUp petition has more than 100,000 signatures. 

Commit to Vote Climate this Federal Election – Climate and Health Alliance
Please commit to voting for a candidate that is committed to strong climate and health policies. You can view our Policy Scorecard to see where the major political parties stand on climate change and health this election.

Be a climate voter – Environment Victoria

This is the climate election. Sign the petition so we can tally up the numbers for each electorate and show the parties just how many climate voters there are: “This election, I’m calling on all political parties to end digging and burning coal, switch to 100% clean energy and stop Adani’s polluting mine

Pledge to Vote1.5° for climate action - 350

This is a climate emergency. Pledge to #Vote1.5 to keep global warming under 1.5 degrees. The world’s scientists have told us we must keep global warming to 1.5 degrees to protect our civilisation. Every single candidate across the country needs to show they will push for real climate action in Parliament by announcing a commitment to Stop Adani, stop all new fossil fuel projects, and transition Australia to 100% renewable energy by 2030.

Take action – Tell Labor to keep public money out of carbon bombs  – Market Forces

The ALP has just announced plans to allocate $1.5 billion – of our taxpayer dollars – to projects that would open up the Galilee and Bowen basins and the massive Beetaloo Basin in the Northern Territory.



United Kingdom | #ClimateEmergencyDeclaration:
Demand action on the climate emergency – WWF UK

Climate change is wreaking havoc on our wildlife and habitats, while putting more and more people's lives and homes at risk.        

United Kingdom | #ClimateEmergencyDeclaration:

UK Government - Declare a Climate Emergency Now - then Act Like it – Greenpeace UK

Over 410,000 people had signed this petition on 10 May 2019


Australia | #StopAdani:
Review Adani's dodgy and dangerous water approvals – 350 Australia

New handwritten notes released by scientists show the Morrison Government ignored the advice of scientific experts and lied about the scientists supporting Adani’s dodgy plan. It looks like the Morrison Government has caved to pressure from Adani and their own Queensland MPs and signed off on a crucial water plan. Call on Opposition Leader Bill Shorten to immediately commit to review Adani’s groundwater approval.

Global / Australia:
Australian support for a UN General Resolution on Climate Justice  I Am Climate Justice

Petition asking governments around the world, including Australia, to support a UN Resolution at the UN General Assembly in September 2019 triggering an International Court of Justice Advisory Opinion on the duty of States in light of climate change.

Demand an Independent Inquiry into the Impacts of Fossil Fuel Donation on Australia’s Climate Policy – AYCC

Sign the petition for an independent Federal inquiry to find out how increasing donations from the fossil fuel industry to major political parties contributes to climate inaction in Parliament.

Victoria, Australia:
No more new oil and gas projects in Victoria  Friends of the Earth

Last year the Andrews Government released five new oil and gas exploration blocks in the offshore Otway Basin in state waters, from Port Campbell to the South Australian border. The time for new fossil fuels is long over. We are calling on the government to cancel the tender process.

1) Sign petition:

2) Sign your group on to our letter to the premier and cabinet. Even better – if you agree with the petition, please sign your group on: email with your name and the name of your group.

There is extra info and other ideas on things you can do available here:

Commit to strong clean energy policy – Clean Energy Council

Add your voice to our campaign by emailing your local federal MP and letting them know that you want strong clean energy policy to be on the agenda at this Federal Election. You can use the letter we have pre-loaded or write your own below.

New South Wales, Australia:

Save our recycling – Local Government NSW, the peak industry association representing the interests of NSW general and special purpose councils.

Ahead of the State Election, we’re calling on the leaders of the major parties to commit to using the waste levy for what it is actually intended, and to invest in solutions that will see our recycling put to good use.

New South Wales, Australia:

Stop new coal-fired power stations – Beyond Coal, Victorian Greens
There’s a proposal from a Cayman Islands company to build huge coal-fired power stations in New South Wales’ Hunter Valley. We’re in a climate emergency. Can you join us now and help us grow a massive base of power that can lead the charge against this madness?


Ban Oil and Gas in the Great Australian Bight – Australian Marine Conservation Society

Asking ALL political parties to support a ban on oil and gas in the Great Australian Bight.Send email to Minister Canavan and Minister Price (CC Tony Burke MP, Jason Clare MP, Senator Whish-Wilson and Rebekha Sharkie MP)

We have 10 years to change before our Earth passes a point of no return - we need to act now – Cat Lilly

Petitioning the Hon. Melissa Price MP and Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia

Stop Equinor from drilling in the Great Australian Bight

There’s a Facebook page to share knowledge and make writing your submission to Nopsema easy - designed to help the people of Australia submit their concerns to NOPSEMA (National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority, an Australian Commonwealth Statutory Agency) regarding Equinor's plan to drill in the Great Australian Bight.

There are lots of statements you can take inspiration from, but it's imperative that you reword these statements into your own language. Use these responses as a start and rework them so they are your own.


Demand the Government take immediate action on climate change – Bushfire Survivors for Climate Action supported by GetUp! and the Climate Media Centre
We are bushfire survivors, firefighters, local councillors – and we have joined together to demand the Government take immediate action on climate change. Will you sign the petition to demand Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten meet the Bushfire Survivors?


Parliamentarians and Councillors: Declare a climate emergency – Australian Parents for Climate Action

Statement to all Australian Parliamentarians and Councillors: “We demand immediate emergency-scale action from all levels of government and from business to safeguard the future for our children by cutting atmospheric greenhouse emissions to safe levels and protecting the ecosystems on which we all depend.”


Call on Angus Taylor to back Australia's first offshore wind farm – Friends of the Earth Australia 

The Star of the South requires both state and federal planning approval, but has been held up by the federal Coalition government for unknown reasons. The fate of Australia's first offshore wind farm now lies in the hands of Minister Angus Taylor.


Cancel the Otway oil and gas tenders – Friends of the Earth Melbourne

The Andrews Labor Government in Victoria has released five new oil and gas exploration blocks, but the time for new fossil fuel developments is over. Send an email to the state government opposing the exploration.

Join the call for a 100% clean world – Avaaz

Petitioning national, local, and international leaders: The EU is proposing an urgent plan to reduce carbon pollution to ZERO -- but Trump and his allies are doing all they can to kill it off.


Demand Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten #MeetTheKids – ACF

The children are speaking truth to power. And it’s time for power to listen. But PM Morrison and Bill Shorten are refusing to #MeetTheKids. Sign the petition to demand Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten #MeetTheKids


What About Us? The Children's Petition to Stop Climate Change – Ella-Mei

Ella-Mei, 11 years old, has started a petition from the kids of Australia to the government, to voice their concerns about climate change targets in policy making.

Australia | #StopAdani:

Call Bill Shorten now and demand the Labor Party commit to stopping Adani’s dangerous coal mine – AYCC

Will you call? Call Scott Morrison as well and leave the same message! (02) 6277 7700.

Australia | #StopAdani:

Pledge to vote to #StopAdani Australia

We need our elected leaders to step up and say they will finally represent the majority of Australians and #StopAdani, now. Tell the Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten that you have pledged to take this fight to the very end.


Ban oil in the Bight today – Save Our Marine Life

New leaked documents show an oil spill in our Great Australian Bight could be catastrophic, reaching as far as Bondi! Drilling for oil is just too risky in the deep, wild waters of the Great Australian Bight – with the potential to devastate our marine life, local communities, fishing and tourism businesses. ALL political parties need to support a ban on oil and gas in the Great Australian Bight.


Coal Donations Have No Place in Parliament  – YACC

Sign the petition for a review of Australia’s donation laws to kick big coal companies out of politics. Kickstart a public conversation and shift the power.


Pledging support for sustainable “fair dinkum” power – Fair Dinkum Power

help make our energy clean, cheap, reliable and Australian


Sign the People's Demands for Climate Justice  multiple groups

Petitioning the government representatives to the 24th Session of the Conference of Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – add your name to the People’s Demands: a set of global safeguards to ensure the world takes meaningful, just action to address the climate crisis.


The Climate Election: Be a climate voter Australian Conservation Foundation

Let's call on our next government to make laws to stop climate damage. No more burning coal. Switch to clean energy. Pledge to be a climate voter.

Australia | #StopAdani:

Don't let Adani drain these springs  Stop Adani

Email the Chief Executive of the QLD Department of Environment and Science, James Merrick. Tell him not to make a decision on Adani’s Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem Management Plan until vital research on the risks of the megamine to the Doongmabulla Springs has been conducted.


Call on Angus Taylor to back Australia's first offshore wind farm – Friends of the Earth Melbourne

The Star of the South offshore wind farm promises to deliver clean renewable energy to 1.2 million homes, creating an estimated 12,000 jobs and avoiding up to 10 million tonnes of polluting  greenhouse gas emissions. The fate of the project now rests in the hands of Australia's latest Energy Minister, Liberal  MP Angus Taylor.


Go bigger on clean energy Environment Victoria

Petition for a Renewable Energy Guarantee. “It’s so important that leaders of the major parties know you want more from them on renewable energy.”


Sign open letter to Angus Taylor: Support solar and save the SRES – Solar Citizens

Add your name to an open letter before Solar Citizens delivers it in Canberra after Parliament returns on 10 September 2018.

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To request the code to embed the petition listing in your own website, contact:

Mik Aidt, (VCAN) or

Margaret Hender,  (CORENA)

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