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1.  Lip Dub

Provide students with an “editable” video segment that has the audio removed.  Challenge them to create their own audio that explains what they are seeing.

Foreign Language teachers, this is a wonderful way to let your students practice their language skills by recording their narration in Spanish, French, etc.

Tools: iMovie, MovieMaker

DE Connection: Downloading and working with “editable” video segments


Hot to Get Video to iPad for editing in iMovie: 

2. Talking Pictures

Using their own photos or images from DE, have students use the Yakit Kids app. Select an image and have that image share a fact about himself (or itself).  Here is the challenge. You have only 15 seconds so you need to make sure to share only the important details!  This activity gets students to research and then identify the important facts and details about their subject.  Can be used for historical figures, animals, plants, insects, planets, landforms, elements, human organs or body systems, rocks, literary figures, but NOT your teacher.

Tools: Yakit Kids

DE Connections: Research & Image search

3. Google Slides Animation Hack

Credit to Sam Patterson for showing me this Google Slides Hack. Students can create & share stop motion animation using Google Slides.  (Works great if you have Chromebooks!)



“Publish to Web” Link for Original 

12 frames per second 

5 frames per second (a little jerkier, but you need half as many slides) 

Tools: Google Slides

DE Connection:  Image library, Research Citations (Link to Works Cited)

4. Whiteboard Animation Videos

Ever seen those videos where someone is drawing on a whiteboard really fast?  Why not let your students show what they know using by emulating this style of video.  All they need is a whiteboard, or paper & markers. They record their video at normal speed and use a tool like iMovie or MovieMaker to speed it up. Or they can just record it with the time-lapse feature on their iDevice.  Export the video to a video editing program and add your voice-over and music.


This video explains how to do it using Movie Maker or iMovie (Mac)


Camera, iMovie, MovieMaker, time-lapse app, Cardboard Document Camera Stand

BONUS TIP: Cardboard Document Camera


5. Animal Theme Music

Looking for an outside the box way to get kids to show what they know about the characteristics and behaviors of animals? Why not have them compose their own music?  Using Garageband, students select and combine “loops” to design theme music for their animal.  Is your animal big and slow? What kind of instruments and music would you choose?  What if your animal was energetic and playful?  For a fun activity, have students play their animal music and then let the class try to guess their animal.

Video Tutorial: 

Tools: Garageband app

DE Connection: Animal images and/or video segments for research.

6. Video Lab Report

Storytelling for Science - Ever watch Mythbusters?  They take a science experiment and tell a story.  Think about how scientists propose questions and then design a test to prove or disprove it. The process starts with a problem or question (HOOK). Then you form a hypothesis, a plan, to test your solution to the problem. You then have to build or design your experiment.  This all leads up to the actual test (CLIMAX) when you test your plan.  Finally you examine the results and see if your hypothesis is “busted” or “confirmed”. (CONCLUSION)  That’s Storytelling!

Students can do the same by using their devices to document their experiments. Then they put those images and video together to tell the “story” of their experiment ending with the conclusion where they share what they learn.

Tools: Camera, iMovie, Educreations, Explain Everything, MovieMaker, 30 Hands

DE Connectons: Mythbusters Videos to learn the style

SHARING VIDEOS with your teacher:

Why not have students upload and share the videos using Board Builder?


LESSON EXTENSION:  Instead of a science experiment, why not have students use photos from a field trip to tell the story of what they learned!