Scheduling a Blackboard Collaborate Session

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Scheduling a Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing Session

Scheduling a Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing Session

  1. Select your Blackboard Course from the course list.

  1. From the Control Panel, select Course Tools and Blackboard Collaborate.

  1. From the Blackboard Collaborate List Page, click Create Session.

The Create Session page will appear providing access to five Room Options tabs:

  • Session Type
  • Teleconference Options
  • Room Attributes
  • Grade Center Integration
  • Assign Roles

  • The Session Information: here you will give a name to your session, select your Start and End time, whether you would like the session to repeat , and whether you would like the students to have access of early entry.

  • Set the (Start/End Date/Time) of your session. Sessions can be set for a specific date and time or set to run over a longer period of time for example for a full semester or term. Keeping your session/Collaborate meeting room open for a longer period of time will allow you and your students to re-utilize it for subsequent meetings instead of creating a new room for every new meeting.

  • Early session entry will determine the period before the start of the session during which users can join the session, for example for testing purposes or to complete the audio configuration process prior to the start of the actual webinar.

  • Leave the checkbox for Repeat Session  unchecked. - If this option is selected, Collaborate will schedule multiple sessions at once and make them accessible only during the designated time frame.

  1. Under Session Type

  • “Course” - session will only be displayed in the current course.

  • “Shared” - if an instructor has more than one course, this option allows for displaying a session in multiple selected courses so that students from different courses can participate in the same meeting.

  1. Under Teleconference Options

  • Use Built- in- The system generates the teleconference number, code, and PIN for participants and moderators.

  • Use third party- Choose a phone option for the teleconference

  • Do not use teleconference- Use VoIP. Users will hear the session through their computer speakers or by using a USB headset.

  1. Room Attributes

Leave the Recording Mode set to “Manual.” Options include:

  • “Manual” – Moderator activates recording during a given session.

  • “Automatic” – Recording starts when the first person enters the session.

  • “Disabled” – Session will not be recorded.

Set the number of Maximum Simultaneous Talkers and Maximum Cameras. Up to six simultaneous talkers and cameras can be activated for the session. The moderator can change the number during the live session. The default setting is 3 for both features.

Select the checkbox next to “Supervised” if moderators should be able to view all private chat messages in the session.

Be sure to select All Permissions.” This will allow all participants to use the communication tools when they enter your session. If this option is not selected, students won’t be able to use their mic and chat tool until you turn them on and the only communication tool that will be available to them when they enter your room is the private chat between instructor and student. Permissions are audio, video, chat and whiteboard. The moderator can give and take away permissions during the session.

Select “Raise Hand on Entry” if you want each participant entering the session/meeting room raise their hand automatically to notify you/the moderator that someone has entered the room.

Check the “Allow In-Session Invitations” option if you want to make the session URL available to send from within the session so others may join the session.

Select “Hide Names in Recordings” if the names of session participants should be hidden from viewers of the recording. Names are replaced with Participant 1, Participant 2, etc.

  1. Grade Center Integration - Uncheck this option if you do not want to grade attendance in your web conferencing session. If     enabled, this turns the Blackboard Collaborate session into a graded activity and any participant in the course who attends the session will receive 100 points in a new column of their Grade Center report. This grade reflects only attendance and not active participation.

  1. Assign Roles- Assign the roles for the session participants.

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