May 1 Monday

P2,4,6 (80 minutes)

Pedigree Virtual Lab

Study Guide

Study for Genetics test next class!!! (Monohybrids, Dihybrids, Complex Inheritance, Pedigrees)

Study Guide due next class

Finish Pedigree Virtual Lab

May 2 Tuesday

P1 (120 minutes) and

May 3 Wednesday

P2,4,6 (120 minutes)

Genetics Test

Darwin video

15-1 Q’s & 15-2 Q’s  (write answers on a separate sheet and in complete sentences)

May 4 Thursday

P1 (90 minutes) and

May 5 Friday

P2,4,6 (90 minutes)


Start notes on Darwin (slide 1-11)

Darwin video

15-3 Q’s (answer in complete sentences)

May 8 Monday

P1 (90 minutes) and

May 9 Tuesday

P2,4,6 (90 minutes)

Finish notes on natural selection (slide 10-20)

Variation Lab

Finish Lab (up to finishing the graphs only)

May 10 Wednesday

P1 (120 minutes) and

May 11 Thursday

P2,4,6 (120 minutes)

Warm-up #12: Crab Claw Activity

Evidence for Evolution posters ( jigsaw

ESP: Finish Variation Lab discussion questions

  1. p. 396 #1, 2, 4
  2. Evolution in Humans article
  3. Finish Variation Lab if you haven’t turned it in yet.

May 12 Friday

P1 (80 minutes) and

 May 15 Monday

P2,4,6 (80 minutes)

Saturday May 13 Prom

Sunday May 14th Mother’s Day

Notes on Types of selection (slide 29-44)

Natural Selection Lab

Finish Natural Selection Lab

May 16 Tuesday

P1 (120 minutes) and

May 17 Wednesday

P2,4,6 (120 minutes)

Warm-up #13: Evidence for evolution and types of evolution handout

Notes on speciation (slide 45-53)

Salamander video

Speciation Lab (salamanders)

Master 2.2, Master 2.1 page 1, page 2

Gene pool/speciation worksheet

Study for Mastery Quiz!

Finish Speciation Lab

May 18 Thursday

P1 (90 minutes) and

May 19 Friday

P2,4,6 (90 minutes)

Evolution Mastery Quiz

Patterns of Evolution

Coevolution example

Evolutionary Arms Race

Study Guide due Wednesday (p.1) or Thursday (p.2,4,6)

May 22 Monday

P1 (90 minutes) and

 May 23 Tuesday

P2,4,6 (90 minutes)


Work on Study Guide

Evolution Study Guide due next class

Study for test on Evolution!!!

May 24 Wednesday

P1 (120 minutes) and

May 25 Thursday

P2,4,6 (120 minutes)

Evolution Test

plate tectonics webquest

Finish plate tectonics webquest

May 26 Friday

P1 (80 minutes) and

May 30 Tuesday

P2,4,6 (80 minutes)

Mon. May 29 Memorial Day, No School

Warm-up #14

Geologic Timeline

None :)

*If you missed the Evolution test, please come after school on WEDNESDAY 5/31 for make-ups!

May 31 Wednesday

P1 (120 minutes)

Plate Tectonics Lab

Start population graphing activity

Population graphing data

Carbon Footprint webquest due 6/6 or 6/7