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USAS Swimming Code of Conduct for Coaches

(Modified for JSL)

The purpose of this code of conduct for coaches is to establish common expectations for all members of the coaching staff of the team.  It is to be used as a guide to promote a positive team environment and good sportsmanship.


     At all times, adhere to JSL Bylaws and Rules and Regulations and USA Swimming’s rules and code of conduct.

     Set a good example of respect and sportsmanship for participants and fans to follow.

     Act and dress with professionalism and dignity in a manner suitable to his/her profession.

     Respect officials and their judgment and abide by the rules of the event.

     Treat opposing coaches, participants, and spectators with respect.

     Instruct participants in sportsmanship and demand that they display good sportsmanship.

     Coach in a positive manner and do not use derogatory comments or abusive language.

     Win with humility and lose with dignity.

     Treat every athlete fairly, justly, impartially, intelligently, and with sensitivity.

     Always place the well-being, health, and safety of swimmers above all other considerations, including developing performance.

     Continue to seek and maintain their own professional development in all areas in relation to coaching and teaching children.

     Always maintain a professional separation between coach and athlete.

    Direct problems or complaints during a swim meet to the Referee or, depending on the problem, to my Team’s Meet Director in a respectful, professional manner.

    Direct problems or complaints regarding JSL to my team’s JSL Representative in a respectful, professional manner.


Any complaints of a coach violating this code of conduct will be brought to the attention of his/her supervisor and/or the JSL Executive Committee.

JSL Online Sportsmanship Survey Questions

Parents, Swimmers and Coaches should all be aware that JSL emphasizes good sportsmanship and has a Sportsmanship Award in each division at the end of the season.  These awards are determined by the sportsmanship scores after every meet from opposing teams.  


The JSL Sportsmanship Survey is completed after each meet by all teams’ Meet Directors and Head Coaches.  A link to the survey will be emailed Wednesday evening.  Failure to complete the survey will result in points being deducted from the team’s overall sportsmanship score.

There is some basic information collected about the meet including location, date, timeline, ending time, weather delays, etc. but only the following questions are part of the sportsmanship rating.


Below every sportsmanship question is a 1 - 5 rating scale and a comment box:

The following seven ratings are provided by both Meet Directors and Coaches:


The last three ratings are provided by Meet Directors only.


At the end of the survey is a free form comment box: