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This workshop successfully concluded on January 24th.  


Jan 24/Day 2: Urgent Questions & Comments

Project and Teams

Name: Before It’s Too Late

Name: ScatterViz

Name: DataVR & K-12

Jan 24/Day 2: General Discussion

Jan 23/Day 1: General Discussion (Archive)

Jan 24/Day 2: Urgent Questions & Comments




Dazza Greenwood

We are starting at about 2:20pm Eastern today.  See you online!

Stephanie - here is link for Hangout report out for your project team: 

Kshitiz Verma

My question is rather silly. Where are we supposed to visualize the data? I have some network data but I don’t have windows installed on my system. So I guess I cannot use simmetri. Is it mandatory to install simmetri or A-Frame or there is some online interface as well?

Kshitiz, you don't need windows to use a-frame. You can go to, put the a-frame script reference in the <head> tag with the head icon, and start adding a-entities. Follow the docs on

Chris Lowery

D3 is a strong open source library for dataviz. It interacts well with A-Frame for VR: 

Learn D3’s commands here: 

ScatterViz’ demo uses this: 

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Project and Teams

Project Overview



Name: Before It’s Too Late

Blurb: Bring climate change data into VR

Team PoC: Hanson Gong

Project Site:

Project Scratch Pad: 

Data: DATA


Project Slides: 

Pat McCormick

Bill Wendel (real estate angle)

Rick Gilles

Name: ScatterViz

Blurb: Hold Cambridge population data in your hand.

Team PoC: Chris Lowery




Adapted from a plot by bryik: 

Civic data: (matthew somerville)

Recommended pivot table jQuery component: 

Flying over the UK A-Frame+D3 geospatial demo: 


Project Slides: 

Pat McCormick

Elliott Hibbler

David Byrne


James Chao

Name: DataVR & K-12

Blurb: Classroom uses for VR data visualisation

Team PoC: Stephanie Mendoza

Wiki page of resources:

Lake Erie underwater VR stage: 



Project Slides: 

Kathy Trogolo

Stephanie Mendoza

Dazza Greenwood

Jan 24/Day 2: General Discussion




Jan 23/Day 1: General Discussion (Archive)




Renata Barreto..  

How do we get access to the A-Frame program?


A-Frame resources are available here:  Stephanie - what would you say??


   <script src=""></script>


This basically, just put the library in the document head.

Tuhin Chatterjee

Is it possible to visualize legal data, e.g. a legal document in A-Frame. For example, like this- Its a 3D view of synthetic insulin. Is it possible to visualize legal document in similar way in A-Frame?


Dazza: Tuhin - great direction.  In a moment during project pitch session, let’s see who else else is interested and maybe come up with a team project!

  • Can you provide a link to what you mentioned?

Response from Tuhin:

Yes, sure. For your convenience, I am sending a link of its XML file format.

Erc B.: I’d love to see a 3D last will and testament 

Dazza: Visualization of legal data is becoming more prevalent in general and is a good candidate for VR.  Eric suggests a 3D will.  A document is data (very little and in natural language rather than computable structures) but sure, one could represent the legal instrument as 3D objects and other information in a VR environment.  A testamentary trust might provide more to work with.  Better yet would be high volumes of high velocity streams of  highly structured legal data, such as daily filings of disclosures to the SEC in pure text format, UTF-8 encoding and XBRL structure defined by the SEC electronic filing regulation and guidance (specifying the XML schema, data dictionaries, metadata and other easy to compute goodies)

Chris: VR does not support HTML directly. To replicate documents as Dazza suggests you'll need this component: 

Your pic reminds me of D3’s ribbon generator! 

Christine Vandevoorde

Where is the link for online participants for google hangout?


UPDATE: Links for the session on Day 2 are included in the Syllabus


Yes - sending to you now

Need your gmail address again please?  Here: or


Please could you send it to me as well? Thanks!

Me too please -- 

Eric B.

Here are some Las Vegas city open datasets


For relevant Cambridge city data, have a look at their awesome deployment of municipal ordinances in “best practice” statesdecoded format, here:

Documentation of the json structure and API: 

Aamena Alshamsi

Product Trade between Origin and Destination Country by Year (bilateral)

Available at 


Could you say a few words about how you might represent this data in a VR environment and maybe speculate as to how a user might be able to understand or answer some common question with the data faster or better than with “flat screen” display?.  

Rick Gilles

Collected resources on VR for business data viz + VR

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