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Wayland High School

FAQs - The Importance of Implementing One to One Learning

After months of research, conferences, site visits and discussions with teachers, students and administrators, we've put together this list of answers to frequently asked questions in order to help give you a better understanding of the importance of implementing a 1:1 learning initiative at Wayland High School.

 1)  One-to-one sounds nice, but does it really help students?

As more and more schools in Massachusetts and around the country implement one-to-one learning initiatives, the results are showing these programs to be the future of education and that they are effective in many different ways:


2)  We already have computer labs and laptop carts? Why do we need one-to-one?

The new high school has fewer computer labs than the existing high school, and our current labs are already booked days to weeks in advance. The same is true with our computer carts. This limited access forces teachers to plan far ahead in order to use computers in their classrooms. Carts add another problem because 10-15 minutes of instructional time can be wasted getting the cart from its previous teacher, distributing and setting up the computers at the start of class and putting them away when class is over. Access is when it is needed, not when we have scheduled it. (“Allows for Teachable Moments”)


3)  If every student gets a computer, won’t they just be staring at the screen the entire class and not paying attention to the teacher?

Just because every student has a computer doesn’t mean they will be used in every class every single day or even for an entire class. They can be used for a quick 15-minute activity, then put away; or for longer projects, research, collaboration, content creation, etc.


4) How will one to one help teachers and administrators?

One-to-One programs provide for a much richer learning environment.

- Online tests and quizzes which are graded automatically and provide students with instant feedback

- Homework and class notes distributed online - no paper

- Homework turned in, graded and returned to students online - no paper

- Synchronous online study groups and/or one-on-one student help sessions

- Increased home to school communication

- Student ePortfolios


Wayland High School

FAQs - The Importance of Implementing One to One Learning



 5)  What is the cost to the taxpayers?

 6)  Why Mac?

 7)  What happens if it gets dropped, spilled on, stolen or broken

 8)  What happens to machines over the summer?

9)  Can students load software & games?

10)  Will there be content filters on the machines?

11)  Will there be anti-virus software on machines?

12)  Does the school offer technical support?

13)  Will you offer parent training?

14)  Can students print?

15)  Are there any restrictions on networks that students will connect to?

16)  What if my family is away when you distribute the laptops to students?

17)  What if I cannot pick up my computer at the times designated times?

18)  I paid the maintenance fee for the laptop for the 2016-17 school year.  Does that payment cover 2017-18 as well or will I need to pay that fee again?

19)  On pickup day (excluding rising freshman) do parents need to be there?

20) Do returning HS students and parents need to sign a new  maintenance support agreement?

Prepared by the Technology Task Force