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Government Agencies and Elected Officials

Federal MoCs



Sens, Reps, Committees



Committee Members


White House web form contact

State Level Legislators

Contacts (Continued)

Senate Judiciary Committee contacts

Congress contact by zip

The Encyclopedia of American Politics

National Conference of State Legislatures

Spreadsheet of US senators w/contacts

Office Of the Clerk of the House

Senate intelligence Committee Contacts /Social Media

House Committee Office Contacts

Senate Committee Main Office Contacts

House Judiciary Committee Officers

House Judiciary Committee members

Contacts (Continued)

MoCs, Governors, DNC, and State party contacts

Vote Smart: bios, contacts, tracking and history of 40,000 officials

Congressional Staff Directory

Official Congressional Directory 114th Congress

Senate District Office Numbers

House of Representatives District office contacts

State governments contact info

All Congressional Committees

Complete listing of MoCs with dist offices and faxes

Contact Widgets--Search by Location

Free Fax utility w/MoCs by zip

Representatives by address

Reps by zip or state

MoCs by state and zip

Federal and State level finder w/contacts

Complete list of your reps, from city, to county through state and federal

State Level Legislators

Local, State, and National Elected Officials


List of Apps from Library of Congress

Call your reps for iPhone

IMarch A free app for protest

Alder A Daily Social Action App

Fourteen61 A gateway app to politics for those who are not currently engaged, but would like to be.

HelloGov Makes it easy to mobilize calls to congress

Stand up for Change An app to help you enact meaningful change

Tracking sites

Executive action tracker

NYT Cabinet confirmation tracker

Cabinet votes confirmation tracker

Congressional tracker

State legislative tracker

Chamber vote tracker

Predicts passage of proposed Congressional legislation

Federal, State and Local Legislators by zip widget

Automated actions

Daily Action Text message a day

Issue Voter Receive targeted alerts before congress votes

Wall-Of-Us Contacts and scripts

5 Calls Contacts and scripts

One Call Today Daily Action alerts to your phone

Daily Action Register for action alerts to your phone

White House Inc. Auto call trumps hotels

Write Congress Write to your congressperson

Resistbot turns your text messages into daily letters to Congress

General Action Sites

The Loyal Opposition Citizens who are deeply concerned about the increased risk of autocracy

re:act Weekly Actions

It's Time To Fight Issues, Actions and Contacts updated weekly

The Rose Resistance Issues, actions, updates

The Resistance Database Actions, contacts Scripts, third party resources

The Liberal Spirit Not updated since January

America Will Be fighting back against media complacency

Attrition Coalition - an Activism Platform for anyone who wants to participate, but doesn’t know how.

Call Them In - Timely email reminders with tailored call scripts

High Five - Five Actions Every Week

Indivisible - A practical guide for resisting the Trump agenda

What Do I Do About Trump - Actions, Scripts, Resources Regularly Updated

General Action Sites (Continued)

The Weekly Action Checklist - Weekly Newsletter with Actions, Contacts with Subscription service

Common Cause - Coordinated Activism

The Action Network - Actions, Resources for Campaigns

Working Families - Sponsored Site to organize weekly meetings with MoCs

Swing Left - Organizes support for swing state elections

The 65 - Actions on Current Issues with contacts

The Resistance Manual - Robust site of various resources

Action Now – Grassroots community organizing

ACLU - 7 Point action plan from ACLU

Call Gov - Scripts and contact widget

Article - Ideas for going forward with resistance

Presterity - Mission to document the Trump phenomenon, and limit the damage

General Action Sites (Continued)

3 NoTrump - 3 quick actions a week

Action Together Network - National political action network

All The Good We Can - Raising awareness of ways to fight for the needy

America Will Be - Easy action steps to oppose Trump & Republicans

My civic workout -

Your heart is a muscle the size of your fist. Keep Loving, keep fighting.

Solitary Sundays -

The Activist Cartel -

We Fight for Women's Rights and Equality by Taking Consistent Action.

Build the Wave - Daily acts of resistance

Center for American Progress - Policy hub with tons of stats

Center for American Progress Action Fund -

Usable facts from the Center’s policy hub

Daily Grab Back - Progressive activism

Damsels in Defiance -

Civil disobedience group protecting rights from Trump

General Action Sites (Continued)

Do A Thing - 1 thing a day in less than 5 minutes or for less than $5

Dream Corps Love Army - Organizing, resources & relationship building

Fight Trump - Daily resistance actions

Every Day Project - 45 actions to protect against the 45th president

Five Minute Resistance - Daily resistance actions

Looking to Help - Daily resistance actions

Millennial Caucus -

Focused on solving policy problems rather than kicking the can down the road

Movement to Oppose Trump - Simple action items

Opposition Today - Daily resistance actions

Pantsuit District -

Non-partisan organization fighting for human rights, gender equality & social/racial justice

Progressive Action Daily - Daily progressive actions

Project 1461 - Issue education and daily calls to action

Serve 306 - Pledge to volunteer 306 hours in your community

General Action Sites (Continued)

Small Deeds Done - Weekly action items for positive change

The Least Among Us - Weekly ideas for donations and action items

The Night Owl Activist -

Well-sourced & researched actions from around #TheResistance community

The Orange Resistance - Resisting oppression in the Trump era

The Something I Can Do - Daily actions to help marginalized groups

Together We Will -

Network of secret action groups totaling over 350,000 members

We Protest Today - Find a peaceful protest near you

What We Do Now - 5 minutes a day of action

Women’s March First 100 Days - actions

The World is a Terrible Place - Planning for a Trump Administration

Tell All Your Friends - Daily actions

For a More Perfect America -

Progressive blog addressing politics & current events

General Action Sites (Continued)

Refuse Facism - Working to defeat facism

Rise Stronger - Citizen watchdog organization

The Resistance Party - Grassroots movement fighting the trump agenda

Sleeping Giants - Taking action against Breitbart Media

Countable - Bill, profiles, issues

Injustice Boycott - Civil rights based actions

Democratic Coalition - Trump resistance news and info

National Education Association Action Center -

Rebel Action - Take action to protect rights and civil liberties

Call the Halls Guide - Actions and guidance for civic activism

DJT Resistance -

Boycott of Trump associated businesses and organizations

Town Hall Project - Find a town hall near you

Fight Trump - Small actions in a weekly email with alerts

Holy Fuck The Election - Actions with attitude and colorful language

General Action Sites (Continued)

99 Ways to Fight Trump - Growing list of actions for resistance

1976 Patriotess - Blog with updated actions

Not Up for Grabs - Compilation of action sites

Rogans List - Actions, scripts weekly subscription

Grab Your Wallet - Consumer Boycott of Trump Products

2 Hours A Week - Weekly set of Actions

Lillians List - Helping NC progressive women to run for office

Left Action - Web form actions

NDRC - Environmental action resource

House Oversight Committee -

Whistle blower tool for oversight committee

Protest With Me - Searchable tool for protests

WH Trump tax return petition -

General Action Sites (Continued)

Flippable - State race based actions

Weekly Resistance - Weekly actions

Wall of Us - 4 acts of resistance to your mailbox each week

What The Fuck Just happened Today -

Daily updates on new administration

List of women's activist websites -

Center for Reproductive Rights -

Boycott Trump Products -

Democrats for people not organizations -

Every step forward -

Center for reproductive rights -

Knitting circles for activism -

Directing new activists to resources and orgs -

General Action Sites (Continued)

Value the Vote -

National, collaborative, non-partisan initiative focused on the right to vote

Millenials in D.C. Organization to elect millenials -

Voter Turnout Pac -

Get millennials elected -

Local movement Small donor organizer -

Rock the Vote - Register to vote

Knock every door -

ASDC - Democratic Party state orgs

A movement to guarantee the Presidency

to the winner of the popular vote -

Answer Coalition - Acting to stop war and end racism

Advancing the study and use of strategic nonviolent action

in conflicts throughout the world -

To motivate and facilitate a Culture of Action through a network of Action Groups -

General Action Sites (Continued)

Americans Resisting Overseas -

Submit comments on government regulations

Facebook Groups

7 Minutes of Justice -

270 Love wins -

Action and Empathy -

Connecting The Dots -

Easy Activism -

Order of the 1460 -

Radical Women’s Resistance -

Stand Together Act Together -

Strong Women Action Network -

The Good Fights On (Instagram) -

General Data & Media Contacts

List of newspapers -

Radio locator -

Television news directory for US Affiliates w/contacts -

Media Twitter -

Media contact spreadsheet -

State legislative charts -

FOIA requests -

US Public Library Servers -

US Academic library servers -

Fact Check -

Press contact list for New York News Media -

National Archives Founding Documents -

General Data (Continued)

Media Contact Database -

Online Newspapers -

50 States links to 3300 online newspapers -

Govt organization heirarchies -

US Government Manual - the official handbook of US Government

Human Rights Campaign LGBTQ -

Holding the President accountable for his taxes -


Immigration defense guide -

24 small legal aid organizations -

Know your rights ICE -

Southern Poverty Law Center -

Violations of noncriminal provisions

related to government ethics -

Transgender and Non-Conforming gender rights -

Resistance for Social Media -

Tech Links

& Resources


Tech Tools for Activism, open source tools for web sites


Open source tools for resistance campaigns

Open source search widget for MoCs

A web app for sharing info about immigration raids.

Article – Surveillance Self Defense


Tools for Resistance

OpSec – Operational Security Tips

Article – Security Culture

Article – Hardening Your VirtualBox Virtual Machine


Tech Links & Resources (Continued)

Secure Email

Website and Blog Hosting

Site and blog building tools

Encrypted micro-blogging

Tech Links & Resources (Continued)



Digital Security First Aid Kit for Human Rights Defenders (Second edition)

A DIY Guide to Feminist Cybersecurity

Security Culture Is Good

Security - Other

Tech Links & Resources (Continued)

Encryption Articles

Article – OpenPGP, PGP & GPG: What's the Difference?

Wikipedia Article on PGP

Article – GPG Basics

Text – GPG Cheat Sheet – Command Line Commands

GPG Tutorial –

Comprehensive GPG Tutorial from Allen Eliasen @aeliasen

Encryption Software

GPG Suite for MAC

GPG – Gnu Privacy Guard Homepage & Downloads

GPG4Win – Gnu Privacy Guard for Windows Suite

MIT PGP KeyServer

Let's Encrypt – Free Automated Certificate Authority

Tech Links & Resources (Continued)

Disk Encryption

VeraCrypt – Full Disk Encryption, Volumes & USB's

Wikipedia Article – VeraCrypt


Tor Browser –

Packet-Anonymizing Network, NoScript & https-Everywhere built-in

Brave Browser –

Session Saving, Ad Blocking, Tracker Blocking, https-Everywhere built-in, Micro-Payment ability & Torrent Viewer built-in

Operating Systems


Tails – The Amnesiac Incognito Live System

Tech Links & Resources (Continued)

Self Defense


Opening Secure Channels for Confidential Tips

Digital security for beginners

DIY Feminist Cyber Security


Black history reading pdfs

Articles, Storify Threads

Christopher Stroop

Reading (Continued)

DATT Freedom School

Propane Jane @docrocketx

Andres Miguel Rodon

War Tax

Black history


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  • FiveThirtyEight

  • Slate’s         Trumpcast

  • Vox’s         The weeds

  • NPR’s         Code Switch

  • Politicos         Nerdcast

  • The         Pollsters

  • Radiolab         Presents More Perfect

  • The         State of Things

  • Summer         Brennan The 451

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