Security Research Internship

StopBadware is a nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicating malware on the Web. We began at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society; today we’re backed by some of the best technology companies in the world. We’re looking for an intern interested in malware analysis and computer security for the fall 2014 term—and perhaps longer.

The job

At a minimum, the intern will have primary responsibility for website testing and reporting as part of StopBadware’s independent review process. Past that, there’s lots of potential for self-directed research on malware URLs and malicious code.


In November, you’ll have the opportunity to present analysis of StopBadware’s testing and other data to our partner companies, including Google, Mozilla, Qualys, Yandex and more.




To start, this will be a part-time position at $15/hour. As long as you remain committed to high-quality output and organizational priorities, you’ll be given flexibility to define your own schedule and projects.

StopBadware is headquartered at the CIC in Kendall Square (Cambridge, MA); remote work is also possible. Free snacks/coffee, lots of open thinkspace, and community-wide events are the norm here! The StopBadware team is small and partly based in Dallas, TX. We all keep flexible schedules and encourage open communication.

To apply, send a resume and cover letter to with the subject ‘Security Research Internship.’ Let us know where your security-related interests lie and how you might integrate them into this position. We recommend that you check out our blog for additional info on us!