University of California, San Diego

Graduate Student Association

Council Meeting #8

Monday, February 11, 2013

6:00pm The Price Center Forum

I.        Call to Order

II.        Approval of Agenda

III.        Public Comment and Announcement

        -Any reps interested in hosting a social hour contact Social Coordinator, Greg


-Call for dissertation awards went out last friday. Contact your graduate academic

advisor or VP Academic for more information.

-SHIP is running a $57 million deficit, which is likely to result in higher premiums or

a withdrawal from ship. Graduate students make up the bulk of costs.

-VP Campus, VP Finance and President will be raffling off Cafe Vita’s refrigerator, coffee makers, etc. to various departments’ lounges. Email VP Finance to be entered in.

IV.        Finance Bills

        -LIF 05: Motion to approve. Motion passed.

        -APRF 11: Motion to approve. Motion passed.

V.        Vote on Constitutional Amendment: Date of Elections / Officer Changeover

        -Amendment to change the date of elections and move the turnover to coincide

with the fiscal year.

-Passed 34-0-0.

VI.        Presentation by Legislative Liaison for State Affairs (25 mins)

        -UCSA Legislative committee wrote legislative impact forms and resolutions for or

against various legislative bills.

-Resolution in support of SB 150: Dual Enrollment for AB 540 High School Students allows special part time student rate for undocumented students that want to take classes at a community college. UCSA is looking to cosponsor the bill and lobby on behalf of it.

-Resolution in support of SB 35: Supports optimizing campus energy to encourage sustainability, reduce energy spending and use those funds towards higher education. Given low priority status.

-Resolution in support of SB 44: supports continuing online voter registration efforts

-Resolution in support of SB 113: Allows Californians to pre-register at the age of 15 when many get their driver’s license.

-SB 8: Limit UC and CSU executive compensation raises if tuition had recently been increased. No position taken because it fails to address the lack of state funding for higher education.

-Resolution in support of SCA No. 5 (constitutional amendment): given high priority status. Prop 209 banned affirmative action in California. This amendment would change this in regards to admission to institutions of higher education.

VII.        OASIS Presentation (15 mins)

        Jeremy Goodman, Coordinator of Math and Science Tutorial Program (MSTP) at


        -offers academic support in math, chemistry, and physics

        -would like to propose programs that would collaborate with graduate students.

        -Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services (OASIS) provides academic,

social and emotional support through mentoring through peer-to-peer means.

-Mission: facilitate the intellectual and personal development of UCSD students

especially underrepresented and underserved students

-Vision: play a role in collaboration to ensure a greater focus on teaching and learning to create a more equitable, inclusive and supportive campus climate

-Core Values: diversity, social justice, equity, student development (intellectual and personal), community (sense of belonging)

-MSTP workshops: modeled after Uri Treisman’s workshops at Berkeley, led by undergraduate facilitator, trained through Education Studies and the MSTP practicum, diversity initiative but open to all undergrads

-MSTP goals: conceptual understanding, collaborative learning, problem solving skills, time management, study skills

-Why do students come? Broad spectrum of student comprehension, review concepts, practice problem solving but do not do any problems assigned by professor or TA, led by a peer making it easier to approach for help, opportunity to ask questions in smaller groups, meet people in the class, not remedial

-Open to any type of collaboration.

-Wants to open seminar series especially in the area of biology, please contact if interested.

-Email:; Jeremy Goodman 858-534-1469; Meena Naik 858-534-2281

VIII.        ARCHAC  Presentation  (15 mins)

        -Associated Residential Community Housing Advisory Committee

        -Background Information:

                -Charge: Advise director of HDH & VC of External & Business Affairs, (Dean

of Graduate Studies)

                -Primary duties: appeals, approval of budgets/rent structures, development

of general ARCH policies, student investigation of transgressions


        -1 hour weekly meetings

        -Composition: 2 co-chairs (Mark Cunningham and Emily Goodman), 5 staff

(OGS, Health Sciences, Skaggs, Rady, Dean of Arts and Humanities), 5

Students, Undergraduate Family (currently vacant)

-Appointment October to October

-Facilities: SGA, Mesa, OMS, Rita, Coast (del Sol)

-Past issues

        -composition (students have majority but may not show up or be



        -transparency: ARCHAC in the dark, stonewalling/autonomy, resignations

        -Bylaws are nonexistent, there are no governing documents

        -Inundation of appeals, have been focused on appeals instead of focusing on


        -Family issues


        -Increase of revenue because of increase of rental rates while expenditures

increased. Majority of expenditures was due to increased cost of employees

-2 year policy

        -initiated by Office of Graduate Studies

        -goal: promote community, recruitment tool

        -fairness issues: exceptions granted to certain people, amongst graduate

students (PhD students get booted out sooner)

-Budgetary/Logistic issues


-Addressing Issues


        -Automated appeals online

        -Communication with GSA


        -Original plan (80k for fiscal year)

                -allocations for OMS/Mesa wireless cloud but Time Warner refused


-current state: community rooms

        -Upcoming discussions: budget, physical development

IX.        Housing Resolution CR-02 (This was tabled until February during Fall Quarter)

        -initially written as a response to residents in housing because they have not

received internet services, wants to cancel program and refund the money

-coming up for a vote in the agenda this week, there are currently 3 plans:

        -Yes/No decision on whether or not ARCHAC wanted to pursue internet in

community and laundry rooms

-Pursue widespread internet with a different provider

-Cut everything, refund the money; refunds would be for current residents

-Motion to postpone indefinitely, motion was objected to.

        -Cognitive Science wants GSA to come to a consensus on what plans the

resolution should support

-Call to question. Motion to postpone indefinitely failed.

-Time Warner owns the wiring in the buildings.

-Motion to strike everything after “full refund” in the final clause. Amended.

-ARCHAC should try to refund through student billing instead of rent credit in order to refund those that paid into the Internet.

-Passes 18-5-3.

X.        Bylaw Amendment Presentation

        -Stipends for officers not to exceed 25% of the budget.

        -Will be voted upon at the next council meeting.

XI.        Appointments


XI.        Call for Agenda Items

        -more information on SHIP situation.

        -more information on the UCEN referendum.

XII.        Adjourn

Members in attendance: Chris Ahn, Dan Jacobsen, Jeremy Davis-Turak, Shigeki Miyake-Stoner, Chris Abdullah, Jackie Ward, Carson Dance, Dan Frost, Roshni Chandrashekar, Russell Reas, Travis Brayak, Sayanan Sivaraman, Jorge Leal, Patrick Hennigan, Yutaka Ishida, Anthony Nguyen, Alexandra Tracy, Laura Andersen, Daniel Hoff, Robert Won, Rahul Kapadia, Hossein Sadeghi, Shuxia Tang, Brian Griffeath-Loeb, Alex Mendez, Nicole Henniger, Brandon Stephens, Harrison Carter, Janki Patel, Mat Jarvis, Emily Elizabeth Goodman, Jordan Gosselin, Ash Arianpour, Jonathan Monk, Don Johnson, Shannon Muir, Scott Guenther, Lara Bullock, Greg Wagner













APRF 11:

Appropriate $ 520 from Academic and Professional Request Fund to Adam Tinkle for the Music Department Springfest. This used to be previously funded from GSA Budget as a Line Item. The event is a week long festival with between 200-300 Graduate Students attending in total.

LIF 05:

Appropriate $ 650 from Lounge Improvement Fund to Carson Dance for Cog Sci Graduate Student Lounge. Students will buy Couch, Table and Rugs with the money.

Council Resolution Two (CR-02): Graduate Housing Wireless Internet Termination

WHEREAS, The Graduate Housing Wireless Internet program was initiated to provide internet to all residents living in graduate housing; and,

WHEREAS, After months of negotiating a proposed contract addendum for bulk internet service tied to an existing contract HDH holds with Time Warner Cable (TWC), HDH has formally notified TWC that UC San Diego is not interested in TWC's final offer in consideration that the contract was at a price unsustainable at the existing rate in graduate housing; and,

WHEREAS, Graduate students living in Mesa, One Miramar, Coast and Rita Atkinson apartments are currently paying for internet service that have not been provided by this program; and,

WHEREAS, There is a need for a reliable and affordable internet service for graduate students residing in Mesa, One Miramar, Coast and Rita Atkinson apartments; and,

WHEREAS, 80% of all aforementioned residents already subscribe to TWC; and,

WHEREAS, GSAUCSD does not find any of the proposed internet options acceptable nor timely enough to proceed with the program; and therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED, That the Graduate Housing Wireless Internet Program, having shown no results in eleven (11) months, is deemed to have failed its initial purpose in providing internet service to graduate students living in graduate housing; and,

BE IT RESOLVED, That the GSAUCSD calls for the immediate termination of the program; and,

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, That the GSAUCSD calls for a full refund of up to fifty four dollars ($54.00) for services not rendered to the residents living in graduate housing in addition to an immediate reduction in rental rates of eighteen dollars ($18.00) per student.