iPads for Reading

Reading is a fundamental component in education. Primary grades focus on reading basics such as letter recognition and sounds in preparation for putting those concepts together to create words. From there it is reading multiple words in a row that form a sentence. Children who struggle in reading often struggle later in other subject areas such as math and science because they cannot read well enough to focus on the content or decipher what the story problem is asking them to solve. Usually, it isn’t the math concept that they are struggling with, but figuring out what the question is asking them.


iPads are tools that can aid in reading fluency, comprehension, writing, providing evidence from text, and differentiating topics to fit their level of understanding and abilities.

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Reading Notebooks on an iPad is one way that a teacher can assess student understanding and differentiate instruction without being overwhelmed. The use of devices can help students to explain their thinking in a variety of ways and use different modalities to create projects that help them grow as readers. Learners who struggle to write their thoughts on paper can create a video or audio file. Students who are visual and like to create can draw their response or create a photo collage.

Books Galore


Books are more accessible and are more interactive than ever before. Paid and free resources for educators to use in the classroom are available from multiple sites:

Resources to help teachers create lessons that are centered around technology are abundant. Teacher guides for iPad use, forums to ask questions, and professional development are all easily accessed via the internet.

Whether you are using a full classroom set of iPads, a few for center work, or only have one, there are multiple ways to integrate technology in a reading curriculum that will help students to become successful and fluent readers. There are also many opportunities to bring devices into your classroom even if your district cannot afford them. Sites like Donors Choose and Go Fund Me offer platforms to have your classroom technology needs funded. All it takes is a few iPads to completely differentiate reading instruction.