Key Stage 3 Reading List

Stuck for a book? Why not try one of these carefully chosen selections? Ask the librarian if you cannot find one of the books on this list.

Adams, Douglas

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy

Ahmed, Sufiya

Secrets of the Henna Girl

Almond, David


Blackman, Malorie

“Noughts and Crosses” series

Bowers, Michael

Prison Ship

Brahmachari, Sita

Red Leaves

Bryson, Bill

Notes from a Small Island

Carson, Claybourne

Martin Luther King

Chadda, Sarwat

Devil Kiss; The Ash Mistry Chronicles (series)

Colfer, Eoin

Artemis Fowl series

Dahl, Roald

‘BFG’ and many many more!

Deary, Terry

‘Horrible Histories’ series

Dhami, Narinder

Thirteen Hours; Bend it Like Beckham

Dickens, Charles

Oliver Twist; A Christmas Carol

Doherty, Berlie

Street Child

Frank, Anne

The Diary of Anne Frank

Freedman, Dan

‘The Kick Off’ series

Gemmel, David

Sword in the Storm

Gourlay, Candy

Tall Story

Grant, Michael

‘Gone’ Series

Haddon, Mark

The Curious Incident of the Dog at Night Time

Higson, Charlie

‘The Enemy’ series; ‘Young Bond’ series

Hines, Barry

‘Kes’ ( Playscript)

Ho-Yen, Polly

Boy In The Tower

Hornby, Nick

Fever Pitch

Horowitz, Anthony

‘Stormbreaker’ series

Johnson, Catherine

Curious Tale of the Lady Karaboo

Kemp, Gene

The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tyler

King, Clive

Stig of the Dump

Knox, Elizabeth

Mortal Fire

L'Homme, Erik

Quadehar The Sorcerer

Landman, Tanya

Hell and High Water; Buffalo Soldier

LeGuin, Ursula

The Earthsea Trilogy

Lewis, C.S.

Alice in Wonderland

Magorian, Michelle

Goodnight Mister Tom

Morpurgo, Michael

Kensuke’s Kingdom; Private Peaceful

Muchamore, Robert

‘Cherub’ series

Naidoo, Beverley

Journey to Jo’burg

Newland, Courttia

The Scholar; Society Within

Orwell, George

Animal Farm



Pratchett, Terry

‘Discworld’ series

Pullman, Philip

‘Northern Lights’ series; Clockwork

Rai, Bali

The Squad; The Crew

Reeve, Philip

‘Mortal Engines’ series

Robert, Na'ima B

Black Sheep

Sachar, Louis

Holes!; There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom

Said, SF

Phoenix; The Varjak Paw series (both with Dave McKean)

Stanley, Malaika Rose

Dad Alert!

Stevenson, R.L.

Treasure Island

Swindells, Robert

Stone Cold

Toksvig, Sandi

Hitler’s Canary

Tolkien, J.R.R.

The Hobbit

Townsend, Sue

The Diary of Adrian Mole

Wells, H.G.

The War of the Worlds

Wheatle, Alex

East of Acre Lane; Brixton Rock

Wilson, Jacqueline

‘Tracey Beaker’ series

Wyndham, John

The Crysalids; The Day of the Triffids

Zephaniah, Benjamin

Gangsta Rap; Terror Kid

Happy Reading!

October half term: spend one hour reading your chosen book over the week.


Try several short sessions if you find sitting down for a long period of time off putting.


Words, words, words


Exquisite         effervescent        luscious   are three examples of favourite words.


Think of three more. What does the word mean?  Where does it come from? Has its meaning changed over time?

Be ready to talk about them on Tuesday 3rd November.

TUESDAY 3rd November

For Thursday:  POETRY BY HEART

Benjamin Zephaniah     IT’S WORK

Memorise  4-8 lines for Thursday

FRIDAY 6th November

Memorise the rest of the poem for POETRY BY HEART for next Thursday, 12th November

Check Edutronic Achievement Badges, particularly to see if you are eligible for ‘IT GOES LIKE THIS.’

Make the necessary adjustments and submit your latest version.

Your reading homework is ongoing. You should be spending some each week on private reading. remember you can qualify for an achievement badge.

FRIDAY 13th November

If you have not completed ‘It’s Work’ successfully, please continue learning, you are nearly there.

Your second poem should be from the Poetry by Heart timeline and should be at least  least 12 lines in length.

You will need to recite this with meaning and expression for the Soliloquy badge.

REMEMBER you can still achieve the ‘It Goes LIke This’ badge

FRIDAY 27th November

The majority of the class should be moving towards completing the reading badge. However, achieve the ‘It Goes LIke This’ badge first. Review two books you have read this term. The other badges we have attempted are still achievable.

FRIDAY 8th January


Log onto Edutronic and familiarise yourself with the six badges for Shakespeare. Have a think about how you will achieve some of them.

On Tuesday come with evidence of the reading you have done at home since today’s lesson.

Friday 15th January

King Richard III  carefully re-read two or three times, the extract in which Richard talks about Lady Anne, that has been stuck in your exercise books.

Annotate this in as much detail as you can for Tuesday’s lesson, bringing out the meaning as clearly as possible.

Tuesday 26th January:

Act 1 Sc 3   214-231

Continue from today’s classwork. Re write Margaret’s speech to Richard in your own words, as poetry or prose.

Friday 29th January

The true story behind Shakespeare’s play ‘King Richard III’

Research an aspect of the real story and write it up in your own words. be prepared to talk about it on Tuesday.

A possible source would be last night’s programme at 9pm on Channel 5: Britain’s Bloody Crown. You can access it on Demand 5.

Tuesday 8th February

Re- write a scene from the first part of the play in a different setting using your own words.

Details for this can be found in the Badge ‘Interpret a Shakespearean scene.’

Friday 4th March

Quiz on ‘King Richard III’ on paper. Submit on Tuesday.

Friday 11th March

Act 3 Sc 7 Richard accepts the crown.

1.Write ten bullet points that tell the reader what Richard says.

2. Choose three lines that you particularly like and explain what you find effective

Eg line 376 is particularly effective because Richard is being ironic when he says “...” and particularly when he says “..” it was quite amusing.

Friday 15th April

Private reading. Spend at least one hour on your novel this weekend. Be prepared to talk about what you are reading.

Thursday 21st April

Literary essay badge: You spent two lessons drafting your essay. Now you have an opportunity to make the necessary improvements against the criteria for the badge, before Tuesday.

Friday 29th April

Final drafts by Wednesday of King Richard III essay.

Friday 6th May

MORTAL ENGINES: In chapter 7, we read a description of London in the future. Now write your own description of how London might look in 500 years time. It does not have to be based on the book we are reading, it can be your own version. If you Google ‘London in the Future’ you will find some interesting images.

Write your description as if it is part of a story. Remember to include a lot of references to: colour, shape, sound, movement, and texture.

You could write your description as a journey or by focussing on a particular place and then moving outwards, as in a film.    

Friday 13th May

Developing vocabulary. Eight words from Chapter 10 are written in sentences that show that you understand the word’s meaning.

For Wednesday.

Friday 27th May


We started our personalised representation of the first 15 chapters of Mortal Engines. Complete this over half term. If you get stuck, there is a lot of information about the book online.

Friday 17th May

Shrike the cyborg: carefully re-read pages 58,72, 121, 128, 171, and 178.

Make further notes to add to those you made in class on Wednesday.

For homework write a detailed description of Shrike.



For Wednesday 6th July

You have read the examples of letters for today’s ‘Independent.’ Write a letter of your own on an issue that is in the news. Remember most of the letters we reviewed used irony and rhetorical questions. Try to do the same. Approx. 250 words.