#26 - For Azeroth!: “The Balance of Shadow and Light”


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May the Light Protect You - Priest Order Hall Campaign

A secret meeting has been organized at Faol’s Rest in Tirisfal Glades to bring priests together to face the threat of the Legion, but who called the secret conclave?

Forming the Conclave

The Void Whispers

Enemies Become Friends

The Shadows Must Rise

Allies of the Light



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Good Day Garrett and Joce,

I wanted to say that I love the show, only after discovering it recently. Going through twenty episodes over my shifts last weekend. Listening to the talk of lore and various patches has stirred my itch to get back into wow.

However this brings up a problem, I originally stopped playing in legion because I had to switch jobs and the schedule provided trouble to my ability to play. At that time I was part of a guild with people I actually knew, though they have recently told me that a bunch of drama emerged and everyone quit the game. Meaning that I would be going back in alone and that is not a pleasing prospect.

Do you guys have any advice on how to approach this, as I would love to play and get prepared for Argus, but turned off with not having people I know.

Your new fan,



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