DMS Museum Day

by Clay Dollar

Students at DMS recently enjoyed the opportunity to explore a private collection of armor and other items belonging to a gentleman from Star City. The theme of armor was used to demonstrate how advancements in weaponry have forced us to come up with new technology to shield ourselves. This, in turn, led to even more weaponry technology creating an endless spiral of innovations ultimately bringing us to modern weaponry and armor.

Students may not have realized just what they had the opportunity to see! Many items may never be available to the public. You can’t just go to a museum and try on a 1603 jousting helmet -- not without being arrested anyway! To hold evidence in your hand used at the Nuremberg Trials caused a shiver to run down my spine. Just to think what the item was used for and to wonder about who held it in their hand!

Items displayed included:

  • 15th Century Spanish Conquistador armor
  • Jousting helmet from 1603 (Tudor armor)
  • WWI experimental  armored breastplate
  • Vietnam era flak jacket
  • Modern armor (level 4 trauma plated) like used in military operations today
  • WWI and WWII helmets
  • Harry Truman’s WWI uniform
  • British Generals uniform from War of 1812
  • WWI US Bronze Star, French Croix de Guerre, and and German Pilots badge
  • 105mm Training Round
  • Deactivated WWII bazooka round
  • Wooden carved boots from Buchenwald concentration camp
  • Microscope from human pathology lab at Block 46 Buchenwald concentration camp
  • Hand carved jewelry box made at Treblinka death camp
  • “Corpse Hook” from Ravensbruck concentration camp used as evidence at the Nuremberg trials after WWII
  • One on only two existing copies of MacArthur's Japanese constitution
  • Trumpet flag from the Treblinka death camp
  • Sword from the battle of Waterloo
  • Sword from Revolutionary War
  • General Walther Wenck’s sword from the German surrender to allied forces after the Battle of Berlin
  • Civil War swords

The uniform from the War of 1812 tells the story how the British stopped the U.S. and for the most part why Canada isn’t part of the U.S. today.  President Harry Truman’s uniform tells the story of his experience in WWI that shaped his character to help him make maybe the hardest decision in history: to drop the A-bomb or not. General Wenck’s sword is valued over $100,000.00.  Monetary value is not the importance though; it is the history that goes with each item.

Please click here to enjoy photos of DMS Museum Day.