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Visual exploration of a theme with EE
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Visual Exploration of a Theme

Use “Explain Everything” to create a visual exploration of a theme from either The Secret Life of Bees or The Lord of the Flies.

Your project should:

  • Explore a theme from either of the works, such as self-consciousness, crossing boundaries, metacognition, confrontation of the past, freedom, human nature, duality, democracy, etc.
  • Employ images--this project is primarily visual.
  • Include 2-4 quotations from the text in written or spoken form.
  • Be in the 60-90 second range.
  • Include a title page at the beginning.
  • Include image URLs at the end as a works cited.

Your project should not:

  • Analyze the book.
  • Include a lot of text.
  • Use images from the movie versions of the texts.

Due for presentation to the class on Tuesday, October 22.

Useful tutorials at (see “showcase” and “video tutorials”)

Credits: 1st eye, 2nd eye, 3rd eye