Coach's Corner - Issue 14

A message from the Coach

With Nathan Bush

Geelong Bowls

This week’s coach’s corner is a little off the beaten track- after Christmas I will go back to more coaching specific items and game day situations that arise.

I want to talk about the current state of play of the GBR and bowls in general in Geelong.

The first item is that I feel the pennant fixture is a shocker, fancy playing bowls on December 21st. I'm sure we are not the only club struggling to field teams this weekend. Also In January we play on a public holiday weekend, to which I’m sure we will struggle like most clubs once again. I think that the pennant season runs for too long and we should follow suit of NSW and QLD with a 12 week home and away season.

The other issue with pennant in Geelong is having the one club field two teams in the same division- It only causes problems and also in house fighting among members which is never good. Have a look at Belmont this year, the so called bottom div 1 side beat the Belmont top div 1 side- so the next week they change half the side around, ha-ha. And this has caused many problems as I have heard. Queenscliff had the same problem last year with one team wanting to play on the grass at home and the other team wanting to play on carpet.

The numbers for the district events are at an all-time disgrace, it’s never been easier to win a group title. Only 22 teams played in the pairs, 13 in the fours and 19 in the triples. Once upon a time when you won through the geelong district you would go on and play against Warrnambool, Hamilton, Portland and Colac to win the group title. I believe the scheduling is partly the problem- 2011 I played 19 Sundays out of 22 in the pennant season. Some thought must go into having the fours on the Saturdays leading up to round 1 pennant- what better practise for the club to enter some fours teams in.

I’m really disappointed there is no longer a Geelong Bowls presentation night, this was a top night and it celebrated the achievement of our local bowlers and also teams winning pennant flags. It would of been a great night to celebrate Ken's and Troy's achievement in a formal manner. Apparently it has been given the ass because of costs.

I would love to see the introduction of a 5 a side medley tournament- where every club in geelong has the opportunity to enter a team. in Melbourne I know of regions who do this and is very successful. It would be a great opportunity for clubs such as Bannockburn, Inverleigh, Barwon Heads to be involved in such an event. Or hosting such an event with Geelong’s best clubs and players in action at their club. Prize money could be worked from arranging sponsorship entitlements for your club- $200. So we could be the Bush Inn Parkers for the tournament. With 30 clubs that's $6,000 already.

I believe we have a great product in Geelong with some real young quality players but unfortunately as an organisation we are letting ourselves down in selling it or showing it off.

Go Parkers!

Coach Out

Nathan Bush