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Windows Login Settings File Manual

Why Setup a Login Settings File?

When the LoiLoNote School app detects a login settings file, it will automatically try to log in according to the information in the settings file and disable users ability to change the same settings within the app. By creating a settings file, you can lock the following settings:

Server Address:

Normally, users can change the server address settings from the app’s settings menu. For most schools, however, the server address does not change, therefore the ability to change the address within the app is unnecessary.

Login Information:

By explicitly setting the user ID and password to the generic user ID and password, LoiLoNote School will automatically login in and display the Quick Login menu. As long as the settings file exists, users will not be able to disable Quick Login.

Setting Up a Login Settings File

To setup up your device to use a login settings file, you need to create the settings file, and copy it to the correct location on your device. The correct location will vary based on how you have installed the LoiLoNote School application on your devices. Further details on where to place the settings file are included below.

A. Create a Login Settings File

You can create a settings file from any text editor. The file should conform to the following JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format so that it can be read by the LoiLoNote School app.


   “server_uri”: “https://n.loilo.tv”,

   “quick_login”: {

       “school”: “SummerHeightsHigh”,

       “user”: “quicklogin”,

       “password”: “hK38q4p9Dl”




What Do These Settings Mean?


the server address you want LoiLoNote School to use automatically.

Once set in the settings file, users will not be able to change it via the settings menu within the LoiLoNote School app.


the generic user account you want LoiLoNote School to use automatically on start.

Once set in the settings file, users will not be able to disable Quick Login via the settings menu with the LoiLoNote School app.


your school ID


the generic user ID for Quick Login


the generic password for Quick Login

Both “server_uri” and “quick_login” settings are optional. You can lock the server address without using Quick Login:


   “server_uri”: “https://n.loilo.tv”,


Or you can force Quick Login without setting the server address:


   “quick_login”: {

       “school”: “SummerHeightsHigh”,

       “user”: “quicklogin”,

       “password”: “hK38q4p9Dl”



In both cases, the settings file needs to start and end with curly braces {}.

B. Save the Settings File

When saving, please note the following:

File Format:

plain text (.txt)





(LoiLoNote School will not read “settings.json.txt”)

C. Create a directory for the settings file and save a copy for each user.

Most schools install the Windows Store App version of LoiLoNote School via the Windows Store or via a sideloading kit provided by LoiLo Inc. Like all Windows Store Apps, a separate copy of the LoiLoNote School app is installed for each individual Windows user. (That is, each user that logs into Windows on one device using a different login ID.) To force each user’s copy of LoiLoNote School to automatically log in using the information stored in the settings file, a copy must be saved to each Windows user’s personal data. Save a copy in the following location, or create a script to automatically copy the settings file.

Each device user has a “Pictures” directory located at the following file path:


Create a new subdirectory named “_LoiLoNoteSchool” within the user’s “Pictures” directory.

Save a copy the settings file within the “_LoiLoNoteSchool” directory. As a result, the settings file should be accessible from the following file path:


Optional, More Secure Steps

The following steps will make it harder for users to alter settings.