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Turkopticon 2 FAQ
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Turkopticon 2 FAQ

Will the existing Turkopticon site change right now?

Turkopticon will keep running for now. Turkopticon 2 is in beta, which means we’d like people to try it, let us know about any problems, and stay using it if they like it. Eventually, we hope enough people will feel comfortable with Turkopticon 2 that we can put Turkopticon in archive mode.

What will happen to all those Turkopticon reviews?

For now, things will keep on as normal with Turkopticon. If all goes well with Turkopticon 2, we will keep Turkopticon data available but close it to new reviews.

Is there a Firefox and Chrome extension for Turkopticon 2?

Not while it is in beta. For now, use the script on Greasy Fork at You can find links to the script and the Tampermonkey (Chrome) and Greasemonkey (Firefox) extensions that run it at