Position:  Retro Gaming Assistant

This position supports the smooth running of the Retro Gaming Area.  Please review the “General Information” document for a full description of expectations for all InCON volunteers.

This individual will report directly to Garnett Macdowall - referred to as the ‘retro gaming coordinator’ (position: Organizing Committee Member - Retro Gaming)

The Retro Gaming Area will have consoles set up where convention attendees can play games, and will also have several tournaments over the course of the weekend.  

Job Description:  

The Retro Gaming Assistant will need to familiarize themselves with the consoles and games that are available for play at the convention and the tournaments being run. Retro consoles include the Nintendo (NES), Super Nintendo (SNES), Sega Genesis, and Nintendo 64 (N64). Assistants will need to collect ID’s in exchange for retro games and will assist convention attendees in starting the games and may need to demonstrate or explain how the gaming system works. Assistants must be able to troubleshoot basic issues that come up with the retro consoles and be confident in troubleshooting issues alone while other members are on breaks. Assistants will also need to be available to assist in the setup of and running of tournaments.

Position Requirements:  

Retro Gaming Assistants should be enthusiastic about retro console gaming! Assistants should have knowledge and experience with using older consoles and games. Being front-line with convention attendees, assistants must be friendly and personable and know how to explain game functions in a way that people will understand.    

This document is a fluid document, being a guideline only.