The Story of the World According to God (not Me!)

Finally the day has come when there is no other alternative but to speak on the Story of the World According to God (and not Me!) for the time is very short indeed. We are presently living at the very end of the Age of the Church, and things are about to unfold rapidly, speaking in God’s time, as God speaks of time. We still have the 7 year Tribulation period after that the Day of the Lord begins, and it will not take too long after such Day begins before the Tribulation starts. And the day of the Lord is not just a day even though the very last day of the reign of the Antichrist, will be the day of Armageddon the culmination of the day of the Lord, when His wrath falls upon his enemies/adversaries, His indignation to recompense and visit his vengeance upon those that destroy the earth. There is much to write to you about so as to encompass all that God has left us said in his word and much of what has either been kept secret or even denied and altered in order to confuse the Church of God. The lack of bible study by many Christians and their unquestioned dependence on pastors and teachers who have followed other men rather than the literal words of God, according to the grammatical-historical-literal understanding, has resulted in the weak present condition of much ignorance. But we could ask if it was not after all the plan of God that this would be the very conditions upon which he would begin the removal of the world system of Satan to replace it with the Kingdom of his dear Son?

We are not going to pull any punches and call the matter as has been shown in the pages of Scripture.

Let us get started. We have been lied to, mistaught, mislead, deceived,  controlled, afflicted, sacrificed, and yet much more. The Bible never speaks of us being born sinners but made sinful, so that when we fall into sin it would be up to God to solve all our problems and support us, forever. If we were to give you a hint, GOD is the solution to all our problems, and is never the author of all the misery one sees around, courtesy of other men and of the prince of the power of the air, the Devil and Satan! And there is also no such thing as ‘original sin’ for which we are responsible given that God on the one hand tells us that each of us is responsible only for our sins exclusively (Ezekiel 18:20) and our death is only due to us (Jeremiah 31:30). Adam’s sin opened the door of death, not caused it for everyone, nor was his sin placed on everyone’s account (1 Cor 15:21-22, Romans 5:12). There is one occasion in which God speaks of the children being responsible (beneficiaries of or because of) for the iniquity of their fathers, children accursed and prepared for slaughter, in Isaiah 14:21, speaking of the children of Lucifer, the Devil and Satan, the Serpent’s seeds.  God will punish the children for the iniquity of their fathers who conceived them illegally or against the way of God (Genesis 6:12), but because these beings are of corrupted genetics, human plus angelic, as Cain was conceived of the woman Eve and the Serpent (1 John 3:12). These are not human as in the image and likeness of God and by definition are beasts,  for they never will have the character of God . These by creation are made of the dust of the earth in their bodies and their spirits are earthly, of the earth (Ecclesiastes 3:19, 20). This we know for God has told us that God’s  way is that patterned “after-its-kind”  and these of corrupted genetics are “not-after-its-kind”, and outside the law of God in creation. No wonder Ecclesiastes 12:7 tells us that the spirits of the ones after-its-kind at death return to God, while the unclean spirits, as the spirits of the beast return to the earth from which they came for they did not come from heaven. Who then created all the unclean spirits, the demons? Hebrews 12:9 is clear, and that is that GOD is the Father of spirits, for the Devil nor anyone else have such power to create spirits. In that seed is conceived, God sends a spirit into that creature such that for the  unclean He sends earthly spirit for the Devil can not for he does not have the power of life, whose author is only God. And vice-versa, to the ones after their kind He sends their souls/spirits from heaven.

So far we have refuted many false doctrines taught as true that change the entire complexity of the Story of the World according to God. On most of these topics we find articles written that bring out the words of God in the King James Bible in the BSB’s website,  “the time of the end is yet” In applying the facts of Scripture many of the teachings we have received find their mortal resolution, sending these to the grave of oblivion in our hearts, in the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2). As you read, think about the significance of discarding original sin, discarding being born spiritually dead, ascertaining the words of Scripture in Genesis 3:15 that there will be two seeds, one of the Devil in Cain, and one of the Woman, the seed after its kind culminating in Jesus Christ the Lord. There are two bloodlines fighting it out, and Jesus said “Kingdom against Kingdom” in Matthew 24:7,  for two kingdoms are in conflict, mortal conflict at that. Yet we will see the kingdom of Satan gasp its last even if from heaven and also from the earth.

Eve ate of the fruit, meaning she partook with the Devil sexually, and had a double pregnancy by hyper-fecundation (two children from two separate seeds, not twins of any type).  Abel is not listed in Adam’s genealogy for he died/murdered by Cain, before he had any descendants. In Genesis 4:25 we are told that Seth replaced Abel in the genealogical seed of the Woman, not Cain.  Cain is not in the genealogy of Adam for he is not Adam’s child, but of that wicked one (1 John 3:12), and Cain has his own genealogy, who were giants on the earth (Genesis 6:4) in those days, ie of corrupt genetics, not after their kind. These were and are evil for the imaginations of their hearts are so all the time (Genesis 6:5) and cannot help being what they are. Of these the Psalms speak (Ps 21:8-10) and should you miss looking it up you would be doing yourself a disservice.

Early beginnings,  BSB members .jpg

                One of the early meetings of the BSB, and some of the members at work

So what about Adam? The scriptures say that he ate of the tree (partook) not of his fruit (words of Eve, not God), knew Eve sexually and she conceived Abel of Adam. It is said of Adam that he was not deceived (1 Tim 2:13-14), only Eve was,  for Adam fell as by that which God said, that he had hearkened to the voice of his wife! (Genesis 3:17). Eve fell because her soul/spirit could not control her flesh, but not because she was weak, but because God made man sinful (not a sinner!), inclined to sin and unable to control/have power over  his flesh (Genesis 3:6). God also gave commandment not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (the tree of death) who was the Serpent, the Devil personified,  for by this time the Devil had done violence to the rule of God (Ezekiel 28:15-18) having taken with him one third of the stars of heaven (angels, Revelation 12:3-4). And the Spirit teaches that where there is commandment (law), sin that lives in our flesh comes alive, revives and it slays us (makes us stumble and fall, makes us sin against God, Romans 7:7-9). So  God made man of dust (corruptible material), allowed the Serpent in the garden, introduced a prohibition, a command, and in our make up, our spiritual part (soul/spirit) can not control our physical desires of the flesh continually [the flesh is an enemy, (1 John 2:16, also Genesis 3:6), together with the world and the Devil]. Yes, God made man completely unable to fend for himself, so that He would provide all things necessary for life and salvation, which He has! This would preclude any mouths in heaven from proclaiming the virtues of their roles in life and their own salvations. No boasting will ever be allowed in heaven for all the glory is of the Lord (Ephesians 2:10), for God does not share his glory with anyone else and we will see glory only at the time of the rapture, the redemption of our bodies (2 Thessalonians 1 :12). God alone is the infinite and absolute Saviour!

Eve claimed a few other things as that Cain was given of her by God, saying this before the second baby Abel was delivered. But the story does not end with these things, for the line after its kind building towards the Seed of the woman, (Jesus Christ), was resumed by the line of Seth, when men began to call on the name of the Lord (Genesis 5:26) from whom came Enoch, the progenitor of Methuselah. Of Enoch it is said that he pleased God and He took him, translated (placed into a heavenly tabernacle) to God. As Enoch was ‘raptured’ so will all the Church be raptured, and though their clothes may be found, the same is not said of the bodies, which will not be found nor corpses left around (Hebrews 11:5).

And yet the Devil had other plans, for even though he had his own line in Cain, the plan was now to corrupt the line of Seth, and sent fallen angels to take to themselves wives of his line now to corrupt it (Genesis 6:1-5, emphasis on verse 4!) The fallen angels corrupted all the line of Seth but for Noah and his family who still were found to be perfect in his generations (Genesis 6:9, uncorrupted in their genetics, perfect after their kind individuals). At this point God chose to send a Flood, and waited for Methuselah to die, for Noah to build the ark and preserve the animals uncorrupted yet from the angelic incursion (find NT references in Jude 1:6, 1 Peter 3:19, 2 Peter 2:4). 

But the reader may ask, did GOD not know? And the rhetorical response to that is, can anything happen which God does not know nor have his guiding hand upon it? This is all of the hand of God, not the doing of the evil but the getting good out of evil! At the flood the ones who perished, that were destroyed were all of the Serpent’s seed, their bodies dying but their spirits lingering as the demons of today. God  has created all for himself is in full control, even is over all power and principalities, thrones and dominions (Colossians 1:16-17). These beings, God will use during the Tribulation, to chase to himself those reticent humans that are after its kind and have not done so as yet during the Tribulation. The harvest of the Lord then will be massive but you will get the rest of the story as you stick with this investigation to the end. And today we have still the seed of the Serpent for from the wife of Ham son of Noah came 4 sons from whom descended additional corrupted seed, Cush, Mizraim, Phut and Canaan. These made their dwellings in the Middle East and North Africa and have historically remained there, in their geographic locations, with their societies and cultures. The bible refers today of those living of the Serpent seed as earth dwellers, for it is the only abode where these beings could ever live, for they have bodies of the dust and so their spirits as well are of the earth. Never is a demon an ET or be part of an UFO, for these latter are of the fallen angels, not demons.


Is it any wonder that all Satanic kingdoms described as beasts in the Bible are located in the Middle East/Southern-Western Europe, but with the exception of Israel who are Semites of Shem,  just about everyone else has corruption written in their DNA’s?

Now to the time of the Flood, around the year 1656 after Adam.

The Flood destroyed the Serpent seed, the ones not-after-their-kind. But the exception was the wife of Ham, who had corrupted seed and this we know for of Ham it is written that he was perfect genetically as son of Noah, but his four sons gave rise, as historically and biblically proven, to Giants (name in the KJV for those of abnormal size because of abnormal corrupted genetic make-up). This brings a correction to the dispensational non-bible doctrine system to expose the tests to which God subjected mankind to prove that it did not have in themselves what it takes to lift themselves up to Him. In theological terms we subscribe to a premillennial, pretribulational dispensationalism, that includes a well defined Israelology in systematic theology.  That said, then the judgment on ‘mankind’ from God of the flood because of their wickedness was because of the evil ingrained in the nature of the Serpent seed, not of those after their kind for these came to a near extinction but for Noah and his family. The next test on mankind was to let man rule himself under self government that included the death penalty. But about 200 years after the Flood we encounter Nimrod, son of Cush,  a giant that declared himself king of mankind and established the first one world order. Nimrod builded cities (Cain builded cities), and controlled people. His plan was to build Babel and keep humanity from dispersing so that his seed now could mingle to contaminate the lines of Shem and Japheth. God would have none of that and confused the languages, sent the peoples by families all over the world, and then caused the continental divides to keep the separation physical as well as linguistically. Nimrod is no one else than the unclean spirit of the seed of the Serpent Cain, reincarnated in a new physical body, the one and only in the Bible accounts that reincarnates during history so that he can keep  on being present against the Seed of the Woman, the Lord, and keep getting beaten up.  

Psalm 21 8-10 KJV.jpg

Nimrod is found later, in Genesis 14, as Amraphel, king of Shinar, providing support to another of his kind, Chedorlaomer the king, five kings going against 4 kings, but made the mistake of taking Lot captive, nephew to Abram (Abraham) who confederated with local Amorites to attack at night the enemy kings, smote them, including killing Amraphel. Now Abram, seen next paying tithes to Melchisedec, King of Righteousness and of Peace, God the Son in the OT as a Christophany, who is intuitively the one who made Abram’s victory possible. So of re-incarnation, there is no truth at all for humans as is taught in Hinduism, as repeated lifetimes to live life well so that their spirits can return to God Brahman, their source of origin and rest. But reincarnation is allowed of Cain-Nimrod-Pharaoh-Assyrian-Apollyon/Abaddon,

So that the seed of the Serpent can reappear throughout history in opposition to the Lord and be repeatedly defeated. It is not for everyone, just one for the purposes of getting the will of God done.

Hills, mountains, water.gif

This therefore is the story as told of God in the Bible, not the many fantasies and deceptions that we have mostly been taught, often by well meaning teachers and pastors. But ultimately is for us to elucidate it, via the teachings of the Holy Spirit. From the starting gate God made man sinful, not  a sinner, made the conditions favorable for the Fall for his intent was to be the unique, complete, all inclusive, absolute Saviour and Provider of all things needed, and at that eliminating from man the possibility of helping in His plan so that no one can boast. God also has given life to the unclean spirits of the demons, for only God can create, even if he created these as earthly soul-spirits, meaning, that in the end these will corrupt (die),  not being eternal.

It was also God who has maintained the line of the seed of the Serpent, even in the wife of Ham after the Flood, for He does have a purpose for these spirits, and it is to bring to HImself all who are of His Way, after their kind, even if at present many of them are heathens (unbelievers) and will enter in the Day of the Lord and the Tribulation, being the ‘left behind’, but only so for a season.  The corruption in the genetics of the line of Ham came from his wife, with Serpent seed, and in order to continue the line of the Serpent she has to be of Cain, not of the sons of God , the fallen angels that mated with the daughters of men of Genesis 6. From the Flood to this day all of the Serpent seed are known as the earth dwellers and are descendants of Cain.

Ham has his son Canaan cursed .jpg

Noah cursed Canaan the son of Ham for what Ham did to him while he was in a drunken stupor (the insinuation is that he anally raped his drunk father!).

In the rest of the Story of the World According to God,  and knowing now where the demons came from and who they are (Serpent seed), and that of that line there are those who are descendants that the Bible calls earth dwellers and occasionally ‘inhabitants of the earth’, and that God made provisions for separation of the lines by the confusion of languages and continental divides till the time proper for Him to do his final acts. We are going to jump ahead and develop two essential aspects on these matters, and give the reader ample time to investigate and read that which the bible says. Get a king james bible on hand, for in it even the commas have meanings. As said, having given an overall view of the origin of demons, a simple fact is that these are around, cause harm and many are loose, while some more evil are either in the Bottomless Pit or held bound at the River Euphrates (Rev. 9). God has not snared them all for he has a purpose for them, and that is to bring mankind after its kind back to Himself for salvation. These demons are all Serpent seed but not all Serpent seed are as loose spirit, but many living are of the likeness of man, that in having corrupt genetics by Bible definition are beastly. Mostly they are in the Middle East in the greatest majority, earth dwellers by name are they called, and are as brutal one to another as they are with those who are of the way of God. Hope and pray you keep up with KJV expressions and terminology and not let your own human wisdom distract you or derail from this being written for you. So be aware of that said of them:

Be aware that these have corrupted genetics and intend to mingle with those after their kind to corrupt their progenies, the very deeds that today are being done before our eyes!

Be aware that these all have soul-spirits that are of the earth but that today physically they are no longer gigantic nor can be distinguished but by genetic studies that they are Serpentine.

Be aware that because of their origin they are illegal, have no right to exist, have thwarted the Way of God, even if God created them for a purpose. In the end Almighty God must destroy them all.

Be aware that God says that their names were never written in the Lamb’s book of Life (Rev 14:8, 17:8), as opposed to those after their kind, of the way of God, all whose names were written in the book of life and are only blotted out if they reject/not receive Jesus Christ as their Saviour (Rev 3:5).

Be aware that in Psalms 21:8-10 God gives a definition of  devils/adversaries of God, his enemies that hate Him and whose works are destined for destruction and seed/children likewise, destruction meaning death (Rev 6:8, Death=Destruction). And this in parallel to Genesis 6:5 where we are told that the imaginations of their hearts is evil continually. These are by nature evil and wicked, irremediably.

Be aware that God defines wicked in Isaiah 26:10, as those who would not learn righteousness, that deal unjustly and will not behold the majesty of the Lord. This is why they are destined for destruction, not punishment, for God made them so for his purpose and it will overthrow the Justice of God who is not a respecter of persons to condemn these to punishment for doing the only thing they could possibly do. In such line of thinking, after that  God is finished with the purpose for them, these will be destroyed forever, returning them to where they came from, the earth, as purely earthy/earthly beings (that is why they are called earth dwellers, for only on the earth they can abide.

Be aware that of the demons it is said in Isaiah 26:13-14 that these were ‘other lords’ or false gods, but that they are dead, they shall not live; they are deceased, they shall not rise (resurrect), therefore hast thou visited  and destroyed them, and made their memory to perish ( a purely end/times eschatological passage).

Be aware that in Isaiah 14:18-27, a passage on the Antichrist the Abominable Branch, that it says that he is responsible for destroying his land, (v.20)  that his seed of evildoers never be renowned, to prepare slaughter for his children (v.21) for (because of) the iniquity of their fathers, that they do not rise nor possess the land….The earth dwellers will cease to exist at the end of the Tribulation for their purpose is over (Isaiah 26:26).

Be aware of the timing of the destruction of the demons/earth dwellers in Revelation 11:18. When the announcement in heaven is spoken, about the Lord’s takeover of the kingdoms of the earth (the announcements always are given ahead of the actions), at the 7th trumpet (the 3rd Woe, see 12:12 when Satan is thrown down to the earth having lost access to the Angelic having and even the power of  the air of the earth), at exactly the midpoint of the 7 year tribulation, it is written that His wrath is come. The wrath of the Son of God, of the Lamb that is, not that He has not been responsible from the beginning to loosen the seals and release the Antichrist as the rod of his indignation (Isaiah 10:5, 24) to chase unbelieving mankind to himself and the remnant of Israel, for he has. Is it not interesting that in Revelation 6:9-11, after the Antichrist is turned loose and has ridden the four separate colored horses, that one fourth of mankind has been killed by him and his forces, and these killed Martyrs clamor under the altar of God in heaven for revenge, the revenge of God against those who dwell on the earth?

Be aware that this  verse 18 in Revelation 11, speaks of his wrath over the deeds of the earth dwellers, as it says, that it is the time of the dead (demons) to be judged, and destroy those that destroy the earth, the earth dwellers (the Devil and his angels were judged at the cross, even if the sentencing awaits the execution in the  end-times (John 16:11). The Serpent seeds will be judged starting with the second half of the Tribulation, for the 7th trumpet opens the door to the vial/bowl judgments, to be visited on these for the 3.5 years of the remaining time (read of these judgments in Rev 16), to culminate in the very final day of Armageddon, always described as the time of the Lord’s vengeance and recompense (Is. 34:8, 35:4, Nahum 1:2, 6, and also Hebrews 10:30) the day of his sacrifice (plenty of blood to drink and meat to eat by the vulture/birds; Zephaniah 1:7, 8, 15, 18) of his speedy riddance of his enemies/adversaries, on the great day of God Almighty ( Rev 16:14).

Be aware that the Antichrist is described as Death (destroyer, Rev. 6:8), for he is the destroying mountain (Jer 51:25) that destroyest all the earth, the hammer of the whole earth (Jer 50:23). He is described in Micah 5 as in opposition to the Messiah (5:3, 4), who would bring peace to Israel when the Assyrian invades their land in the middle of the Tribulation (Joel 2:1-11), and the forces of the Lord (the Medes or today’s Kurds of Jeremiah 50/51) will destroy Babylon, the land of Assyria, the land of Nimrod, as the Lord delivers Israel from the Assyrian! The passage tells us that Nimrod is the Assyrian who is the Antichrist. The same Assyrian is in Isaiah 14:25 whom the Lord will defeat. Nimrod built all those cities in the land of Shinar (see Genesis 10:8-12), for he was a builder of cities (Cain likewise was the first builder of cities, for people control). In the land of Shinar, Ur of the Chaldeans, Nimrod a giant or mighty one of the earth,

is the same character as the Assyrian, who created Assyria for the Chaldeans (must read Isaiah 23:13) for a cradle to the spirits that died at the Flood, all Serpent seed, all demons, who dwell in places not fit for human life ( the wilderness). The Chaldeans are all those engaged in communing with the demon world, (magicians, soothsayers, necromancers, occultists).

Be aware that God repeatedly says that he will be the one beating down the Assyrian, (isaiah 30:31) and will defeat him with the sword of his mouth (Isaiah 31:8), and that for him he ordained Tophet of old (the Lake of Fire!). The Antichrist is Cain, Nimrod (Amraphel Gen 14:1), Pharaoh of Israel’s Egyptian captivity (Ezekiel 31:2,3), the Assyrian and is the rod of his indignation by which he will punish Israel’s remnant in measure (Isaiah 27:8, Ez. 39:26, Jer 30:11), destroy actually the works of the Devil (1 John 3:8) and all his seed.

Be aware that there is still a furthermore to speak about, and that is furthermore that the earth dwellers are those spared death from their own death demons of Rev 9:20, 21, and why is that? Because these do the deeds listed in the two verses!

Be aware  nevertheless, it is the very earth dwellers that the False Prophet will be deceiving by the means of those miracles (by demons, 16:13, 19:20) that he performs in the presence of Antichrist (Rev 13:13, 14) into taking the mark of the beast and worship the Beast (Antichrist, and his image that talks and kills). Billions that enter the Tribulation as heathens who are not Serpent seed will abandon their unbelief when chased after by Antichrist and his earth dwellers and demons forces, and come to the Lord. So will do those who are tormented by the tormenting demons of Revelation 9:1-12, or faced also with death by the death demons of Revelation 9:13-21 will come to Jesus Christ.

Be aware that yet after the Antichrist takes over to devour the whole earth,  many of non-Serpent seed will refuse to take the mark and worship the image and be killed. Soon thereafter the midpoint of the Tribulation when the mark will be mandatory to buy and sell, the Lord Jesus Christ will have the most massive Harvest of souls (Rev 14:14-16) of the entire book of the Revelation. From here on the emphasis will be on the judgments on his enemies to end in the exercise of his indignation at the culmination of Armageddon to consummate his wrath, vengeance and recompense.

the works on the earth will be burned .jpeg

The story of the World According to God  is so much different than the way it was taught us and we are thankful to the Holy Spirit for creating in us a hunger for His word and a thirst for Him so as to uncover the bottom line in the accounts given us in the pages of Scripture.  Daily we pray and give thanks and in every meeting we do not fail to be amazed at this story that gives a totally different view of the God of Heaven. By learning about the seeds and their roles, one can look around at the world and see where things are going, why and actually who really is in control and it not the god of this world nor the prince of the power of the air:Satan. God indeed is Good! We are soon to be leaving for as the Church was borne at Pentecost, by the actually washing away of our sins at redemption, a redemption that now allowed reconciliation with God and adoption, we have received of the Indwelling of the Spirit as our down-payment of the inheritance promised.  And at Pentecost too we await for the redemption to finalize the purchase of the Possession, the redemption of the body at the Rapture of the Church, a resurrection-translation for the dead and the living respectively. Are you aware of how soon this may be in stored for us?

Celebration of the Church.jpeg


A word of caution to those in Calvinism and Reformed theology. The caution is on Romans 9, which has been used to prop up the interpretation of John Calvin in Ephesians 1:4, that by his foreknowledge God chose some to salvation and others to damnation or to ignore them (the result is the same). This even in the face of the multiple times when God speaks of Himself as not being a respecter of persons, who plays no favorites. The passage in Ephesians  1:4 is God choosing of those that would be in Christ,  to Adoption (Eph 1:5) and conformation to the image of his son (Romans 8:29-30), which are part of Sanctification, not salvation/redemption. To choose some to salvation and others, by not fault of their own to damnation, makes Him unjust, capricious and dethrone Him as God, regardless of how many encyclopedias you can write on the Sovereignty of God and his right to do with his Creation anything He wants. The argument is not about God’s rights but about adjudicating to God words He is not saying.

This Calvinists do in Romans 9, when it is interpreted that God hated Esau when Rebecca was still pregnant with the twins, when in reality God does not say he hated Esau till Malachi 1:2, 3 (roughly about 1300 years later), after that Esau had disdained everything of jehovah the LORD.  In addition Reformed theology fails to recognize that the Assyrian-Antichrist himself, the Serpent’s seed was the very Pharaoh over Egypt (Ezekiel 31:2, 3), during the Egyptian captivity of the Israelites, and  whose heart God hardened by the truth and His plagues, to establish the precedent (the type) by which He would punish the Assyrian again in the end times plagues (the antitype). Yet more, in addition, the vessels God raised up, the vessels unto dishonor, the vessels of wrath fitted to destruction,  which He has endured with much longsuffering, are alluding to the Serpent seeds, and not to a subset of mankind chosen  to be killed and damned! Just because John Calvin got it wrong does not mean that his mistake needs to be believed and supported!