Nomen: _____________________ Sessio: ___        Datum:___________

New Words:

supra - above

absolutus - complete/whole

grandis - huge, enormous

distendere - to stretch out

rarus - rare/almost non existant

candidus - shining white

Read each sentence with the new word bolded in Latin. Then draw a simple picture of what the sentence says and then write your own sentence in Latin using the new word (bolded).

Latin Sentence


Your Sentence (in Latin)

1. videbatur monstrum supra ossa (bones) habitare.

2. videbatur monstrum corpus absolutum hominis habere.

3. corpus monstri erat grandissimum et rotundum (round).

4. corpus monstri distendit.

5. facies (face) capillis plena erat, sed capilli rari in capite erant.

6. oculi erant clausi, os erat apertum, et dentes erant candidi.


What was your guess yesterday?

Does your guess still work with today’s information?

Why or why not?

Update your guess -- either give more information on why your guess fits this new description, OR, use today’s and yesterday’s information to update your guess. Give as much detail as you can using your group work from yesterday and today’s work.