Transcript for Google Email

Composing an Email

  1. Log into HCC email
  2. On left side of screen click Red button that says compose
  3. A new message box will appear
  4. Search for the person and or department you wish to email by clicking in top box that says recipients                                                                                (you can search for the person or department simply by typing in the name example students helping students, Hcc financial aid office, students accounts and the email will pop up with the name).
  5. Fill in subject line
  6. Then type your message
  7. When all set click send located in blue box in bottom right of your message box

Creating A New Label/ Folder

  1. On your main screen for your HCC email you see a list it says: Inbox, Starred, Sent mail etc. Click more
  2. Click on “Create New Label”
  3.  A new window will appear allowing you to name and create your new folder
  4. Name your new folder
  5. You can place your new folder under any other folder you choose
  6. Click create button to finish creating your new folder
  7. Your new folder now created will appear under your mail menu
  8. Now you can put all emails related to this folder in this folder  by dragging emails and dropping them into the folder

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