North Carolina Association for Scholastic Activities Competition Rules

  1. Qualifications for Membership
  1. A school that meets one of the following qualifications may become a NCASA Member School for the membership year of July 1 to June 30 if the Enrollment of that school meets or exceeds four students:
  1. Accreditation by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.
  2. Accreditation by an appropriate state or regional independent school authority.
  3. A group of home schools in which member home schools are recognized by the State of North Carolina Department of Administration Division of NonPublic Education.
  1. Eligibility to participate in NCASA activities as an NCASA Member School is subject to the decision of the BOD.
  2. A Member School may renew its membership by paying the annual membership fee before the published deadline of the current year.
  3. If a Member School fails to pay the annual membership fee before the published deadline, its membership will be suspended.
  1. Eligibility to participate in activities after this time is subject to decision of the BOD.
  2. If the Member School fails to pay its dues before December 1, that school’s membership for the current year is terminated
  1. To be considered for membership, that school may apply for new membership as a Non-Member School and pay an application fee.
  1. Combined Schools - Small schools on the same campus as a larger school may combine for the purpose of participating in scholastic competitions.
  1. Any school(s) with 100 or fewer students on the same campus as a larger school may form a single school.
  2. The principals of these schools must notify NCASA prior to their registration.
  3. These schools will pay a single membership fee based on the combined enrollment of both schools.

  1. Admission to Membership
  1. A school seeking membership in NCASA shall submit its application to NCASA.
  2. The BOD shall review the application to determine eligibility.
  3. The NCASA shall enroll the school as a Member School if the application:
  1. demonstrates that the school meets the Qualifications For Membership,
  2. states that the school and its Principal comply and will comply with applicable law, NCASA Competition Rules, and NCASA By-Laws
  3. is signed by the Principal, Head of School, or other designated group leader for home-school groups, and
  4. is accompanied by payment of the annual membership fee.
  1. School districts registering all schools need not include schools who exclusively serve special needs students or schools with fewer than 50 students unless these schools plan to participate in NCASA competitions.  
  1. School’s Eligibility to Participate
  1. General Eligibility
  1. Unless a school’s right to participate has been suspended or revoked by NCASA, a school that is a member of NCASA in good standing is eligible to participate in NCASA Competition.
  2. Eligibility to participate in activities is subject to decision of the BOD.
  1. Suspensions
  1. A Member School which files a lawsuit which must be defended by NCASA shall reimburse NCASA for all legal fees incurred to defend the suit upon finding by the Court that the lawsuit is frivolous.
  2. The BOD shall suspend from participation in all NCASA activities, for a period of one to three years, a Member School which, after receiving written notice, fails to reimburse NCASA within 90 days for all legal expenses incurred in defending a frivolous lawsuit.

  1. Membership Dues
  1. Member Schools will pay annual membership dues in an amount determined by the BOD.
  2. The annual membership dues may be changed by the BOD with appropriate notice given before the release of membership applications for a given year.
  3. School districts that register all secondary schools receive a 50% discount off the total registration fee.
  4. Charter and independent schools that register both middle school and high school receive a 50% discount off the total registration fee.

  1. Establishing Classifications 
  1. Each spring the BOD shall establish classifications for Competitions and assign Member Schools to an appropriate Enrollment Classification effective the following school year.
  2. The number of enrollment classifications shall be determined by the BOD each spring or summer and be made effective the following school year.
  3. Each enrollment classification shall have the same number of Member Schools.
  1. The BOD may, at their discretion, transfer schools to another Enrollment Classification using Enrollment or other applicable factors.
  2. To reverse any transfer decision, a two-thirds majority vote at the Annual Meeting of the BOD is necessary. This reversal shall be considered effective immediately
  1. NCASA shall promptly notify each Member School of its Enrollment Classification.
  2. NCASA shall make available a list of the all Member Schools and their Classifications.
  1. Eligibility of Students
  1. An individual is eligible to participate in a NCASA Competition as a representative of a Member School if that individual:
  1. is not a high school graduate,
  2. is a full time student in the Member School the student represents,
  3. has been in regular attendance at the participant school since the tenth day of class of the present school year, OR has been enrolled and in regular attendance for fifteen (15) or more calendar days before the Competition,
  4. has a signed NCASA release form on file, and
  5. was not recruited, including
  1. encouraging a student in any way to change schools for the primary purpose participating in NCASA activities or
  2. offering to the student or the student’s family, including
  1. cash,
  2. waiver of tuition,
  3. board,
  4. lodging,
  5. transportation,
  6. promise of better conditions at the Member School,
  7. promise of better conditions on a Member School Team,
  8. a job, or
  9. tangible or intangible property or services.  
  1. A student shall not represent more than one school in an activity in the same school year.
  2. Students competing in a middle school competition must currently be in the sixth, seventh, or eighth grade.
  3. Students competing in a high school competition must currently be in the ninth, tenth, eleventh, or twelfth grade.
  1. Behavior and Sportsmanship
  1. Conduct at Events: The Board of Directors has the power to penalize the school and its officials, the coach, and the individual students in the case of poor sportsmanship or inappropriate school behavior. The penalty is to be decided according to the seriousness of the incidents involved.
  2. When a situation develops which indicates negligence on the part of school personnel to provide conditions which meet minimum standards for the conduct of a scholastic event, or when there is evidence of poor sportsmanship or inappropriate school behavior, the superintendent and principal of each school involved shall be expected to take necessary action to investigate and take necessary corrective action. When the school or schools involved fail to take adequate action, the Association will investigate the situation and take the action it deems appropriate. NCASA will review all reports of negligence or poor sportsmanship and will recommend additional penalty to the State Superintendent when such penalty is deemed necessary.
  1. Release Forms
  1. Each school shall have on file a signed NCASA release form for each participating student.
  1. Competition Registration
  1. All schools wishing to participate in a competition must register on the NCASA website.
  2. Opening and closing registration dates will be shown on the NCASA website calendar. Teams failing to register before the closing date may be required to pay a late fee and/or may not be permitted to participate in the competition.
  3. Withdrawal. Teams choosing to withdraw from a competition after registering may be required to pay a withdrawal fee. Details can be found within the rules of each competition.