Climate Events Master List

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10AM-Noon: Panel: Nuclear Power is NOT the Answer to Climate Change (Sept 15)

12 Noon QUEER PLANET: Art-making for the People's Climate March (Sept 15-21) 

12 Noon-7PM: Make Art for Climate Justice! 

6:30 PM Attend the Human Impacts Institute'­s Fourth Annual Creative Climate Awards 

7PM Disruption Movie Screening

7-9PM System Change Not Climate Change

7-9PM Voices from Global Frontlines of Climate Change: 9/15

7:30-9:30 PM Bike Bloc Planning Meeting

8-10PM: Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret. screening at Jivamukti Yoga

8-9:30PM: Teach-in: Why does the People's Climate March Matter? 


ALL DAY: On the Rise: Global and Local Frontline Communities and the Climate Crisis

9/16 Noon-9/17 Noon: 24 Hours of Reality: 24 Reasons for Hope

12 Noon-7PM: Make Art for Climate Justice! 

3-4PM: Climate Action Week: New School University Center Sustainability Tour 

4:00-6PM Climate 911: Climate Communicati­on for Health Professiona­ls

5:30PM-7PM: Climate Change and the Future of Humanity

6PM Legal Observer Training for People’s Climate March

6PM Reporting on Climate Change: A Workshop for Journalists 

6:30-9PM: Get Inspired at "The Future of Energy" NYC Premiere

6:30-8PM: ChinaFile Presents: Climate Change at High Altitudes

6:30 PM NLG Know Your Rights Training for People’s Climate March

6:30-9PM: An Experts Panel: Moving Toward a Carbon Free, Nuclear Free Future

7PM: Tuesday People's Climate March Phonebank 

7PM: Climate Ambassadors Symposium

7PM: On the Rise: Global and Local Front-line Communities and the Climate Crisis 

7-9PM: Shifting the Context: The Climate Change Trim Tab

7:30 PM: DISRUPTION – Screening in Red Hook, Brooklyn

7:30PM: Freegan Meeting, Freegan 101 & Trash Tour


11-12:50PM: Origins of Environmental Law Lecture Series: The Partisan, Geographic and Economic Political Context of Environmental Policy (pre-registration necessary)

8AM-5PM: GreenThumb Meeting

8AM-5PM: International Conference on Sustainable Development Practice

schedule, registration:

8:30-5PM: Our Voices - Faiths for Climate Action

8AM-7PM: International Conference On Sustainable Development Practice (Sept 17-18)

12 Noon-7PM: Make Art for Climate Justice! 

1PM-5PM: IHP Human Rights Study Abroad Program - Climate Change Session

2-8 PM: Make  PCM earth onion signs

6PM-8:30PM: Climate Action Week: Building Product Ecosystems | Launching a Framework for Progress 

6PM-9PM: People’s Climate Chorus Dress Rehearsal

6PM-10PM: Food and Agriculture Bloc Art Making

6PM: Passive House 101 – Introduction to High Performance Building Technologies 

6:30-7PM: Hub Orientation and training: 


7PM: Belabored Live! Labor and the Struggle for Climate Justice 

7PM-8:30PM: Climate Conversations: Why the UN’s Climate Summit is Important to All of Us 

7-9PM: Music Bloc

9PM: Climate film short: DISRUPTION


All Day: Visibility Blitz Metro North Hudson Line (Led by Riverkeeper) 


8AM-5PM: International Conference On Sustainable Development Practice (Sept 17-18)

9AM-8PM: Who is protecting our forests? ‘If Not Us Then Who’ exhibition in New York 


10AM-6PM: Photography Exhibition:  Sebastiao Salgado 

10-11AM: Tools For Action: making inflatable puppets

10AM-6PM: Photography Exhibition: Sebastião Salgado

11:30-1PM Ban Fracking Rally outside "Women for Cuomo" event 

12 Noon-7PM: Make Art for Climate Justice! 

2-4PM: Car Free Day Long Island Rally                         

3PM: Climate Change Is Not an "Environmental" Issue: Connecting Anti-capitalists for the Climate March and Beyond 

4-8PM: Banner and Puppet Making

5:45PM-10PM: Medical Support Bridge Training 


6PM: SOLD OUT - Climate Action Week: This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs The Climate 

6:30-8:30PM: Organizing the Clowns at the march

6:30PM FREE SCREENING Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (reservations required) 

6:30PM: People's Climate Train New York Welcome Rally 

6:30PM: Resistance Cinema presents "Groundswell Rising" - the human cost of fracking 

7PM: Citizen Action on Climate Change: The Case for Hope 

7-8:30PM Creating a Climate for Change: Mickey Z. on Eco-Defense 

7PM: I Seem to Be The State: Art and Conservation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo 

7-9PM: Fracking Voices From the Frontlines 

7-9PM: Fracking Panel

7-9PM: Direct Action Support Hub (DASH) Meeting

7PM-9PM: Liberation Study Group: Climate Change and Revolution                         

7-9:30PM: Beehive Design Collective presentation of Mesoamérica Resiste!

7-9:30PM: Silent Barn housing justice meeting

7PM-1AM: Activista Happy Hour w/ the Climate Convergence & the People's Climate March 

7:30-9:30PM: Film Screening and Panel: Grassroots Organizing against Detroit’s Water Shutoffs                         

7:30-10PM: This is Why We March 

8PM: Our Climate Projected: Artists Respond to Climate Change 


8PM: Puppet Service Announcement 


10PM: Pre-PCM Party @ Columbia University 


All Day: Great March for Climate Action Recruitment                         

All Day Sept 19-22: Reality: 4-Day Climate Mobilization Weekend at 1882 Woodbine    

8AM-11AM: A Movement Against Climate Change 

9AM-1PM: Caribbean Youth Exchange for Climate Resilience 


9AM-8PM: Who is protecting our forests? ‘If Not Us Then Who’ exhibition in New York 

9:20AM-3PM: International Day of Peace Symposium 

10AM-3PM: Climate Action Week - Pop-Up Workshops in Union Square Green Market 

12 Noon-5:45PM: Challenging Corporate Power: An Afternoon of Workshops and Events 

12 Noon-7PM: Make Art for Climate Justice! 

2PM-7PM: A Public Forum: People and Planet in Crisis. Take Action. 

2PM-10PM: Let’s Go to the Holy Cross Greek Cultural Festival! – - – Click Here to Get Involved 

3PM-8PM: Puppet Service Announcement – Kid’s Puppet Build! 


4PM-9PM: NYC Climate Convergence: (Sept 19-21) 

4PM-6:30PM: Pre-Shabbat art/sign making for the People’s Climate March 

5-7PM: Center for Biological Diversity Happy Hour 

5PM-Mon, Sept 22, 10AM: Rockaway Zone of Defense 

6PM-8:30PM (reception 5PM): Learn more about: Today's Fossil Fuels and the Future of our Children's Health 

6PM-7:30: From the Heart of Amazon: Ecuadorian Voices and Solutions— Youth and Indigenous Leaders speak out on Climate Change 

6PM-9:30+PM: "Light Up The Future" Bike Ride and Training 


6PM-8PM: Rockaways Wildfire Meeting

6PM-8PM: World War 3 Illustrated live comics reading and performance on climate change, police brutality & other issues 

6PM-9PM: Frontlines of Struggle: Climate Crisis, Plunder, State Violence, and People’s Resistance 

6:30PM-10PM: NYC Friends of Clearwater Monthly Meeting and Special Event - An Evening With Paul Reale 

6:30PM-8PM: What Are We Marching For? Climate, Poverty and Scalable Solutions 

6:45PM-9:30PM: WRITERS RESPOND TO CLIMATE CRISIS: Get Ready for the People’s March! 

7PM: ICP Talks: Climate Change – The Extreme Ice Survey with James Balog                         

7PM: PSL Public Meeting: Climate Change + D.C for the People: Eugene Puryear 

7PM: A Queer Response to Climate Change 

7PM: Raising Money for Rising Power -Rockaway Wildfire Fundraiser 


7Pm-10PM: Pagan Mixer in Honor of the People’s Climate March 

8-10PM: Climate Action Week: "Disruption" Encore Screening 

8PM: Puppet Service Announcement – PUPPET PARTY 

9PM Happy Hour for Hellraisers 


All Day: Great March for Climate Action Recruitment         

All Day Sept 20-24: Climate Ride, NYC-DC

All Day Sept 19-22: Reality: 4-Day Climate Mobilization Weekend at 1882 Woodbine   

All Day: Rockaway Zone of Defense 

Various times/locations: LUNGS Harvest Arts Festival, celebrating community gardens

8:30AM-9PM: NYC Climate Convergence: (Sept 19-21) 

9AM-8PM: Who is protecting our forests? ‘If Not Us Then Who’ exhibition in New York 

9:30 AM Youth Convergence at the People's Climate March 

9:30AM-12PM: DIY Training - White Roof Project 

9:30-5PM: Youth Fossil Fuel Divestment at the People's Climate March: CONVERGENCE & ACTION 

10AM-1PM: Buddhist Meet Up 

10:30AM-3PM: Decolonize Climate Justice 

10:45AM-12 Noon: STORIES OF RESISTANCE: Confronting Extreme Energy & the Infrastructure of Climate Change 

10:45AM-12:15PM: Mobilizing Families and Children for Climate Action 

11AM-5PM: Hybrid and Electric car SHOW & DRIVE 

12PM-2PM: Film: Above All Else 

12PM-2:30PM: Climate Talk Live - Local Voices from the People's Climate March 

12PM-7PM: 3rd Annual Permaculture Skill Share & Music Festival 

12 Noon-7PM: Make Art for Climate Justice! 

12:30-2PM: YOU ARE HERE - Climate Convergence Presentation on groundbreaking fracking map tool (Sept 20) 

12:30-2: World Can't Wait Global Climate Convergence Panel -- Climate Crisis: The Roots of the Problem

12-3PM South Bronx Environmental Justice Waterfront Bus Tour & Cantastoria of the South Bronx Theatrical Performance 

12-7PM: Climate Action Week: Climate Action Rally

1PM-3PM: Climate Action Week: "The Carbon Foodprint": How the New School is Reducing its Impact 

2PM-3PM: Creative Climate Awards:  EARTH (a play about people) 

2PM-4PM: Climate Action Week: "Urban Farmers" Documentary Screening 

2:15-3:45PM: Apocalypse How? Climate Change, the Political-Economy of Energy, and Reigniting the Radical Imagination at NY Climate Convergence

2:15PM-3:45PM: PSR Panel Presentation on Climate Change, Health, and Positive Action 

2:15PM-3:45PM How to Build System Change Not Climate Change

2:15-3:45PM Climate Satyagraha: Revolution on the Ecosocialist Horizon! 

2:30-4:30PM: People's Climate Community Divestment Meet-Up: Get Ready to March!

3PM: Punk for Climate Justice: M.A.D.//SUNROT//THROUGH THORN & BRIER//SKUZ 

3PM-5PM: Natural History Museum Panel: Words from our Sponsors: The Genealogy of Patronage in Museums 

3PM-5PM: ICP Talks Climate Change: Genesis, a Call to Arms with Sebastiao Salgado 

3-7PM: Bee-in NYC 

4PM: Climate Action Week: Rally Address from Bill McKibben 

4-5:30PM: Outreach Meetup for Vegans Hub 

5-7PM: Climate Action Week: #FRACK OFF: Indigenous Women Leading Media Campaigns to Defend our Climate 

5-7PM Greenpeace Arctic Meetup for People’s Climate March 

5:30-9PM: Presenting The Climate Mobilization... A Plan to Save Civilization. 

6-8PM: DASH Planning Meeting

6PM: America Has a Koch Problem! 

6-8PM: People and Planet in Crisis: Take Justice!  Rally & Protest Action on the eve of the Peoples Climate March 

6:30-9:30PM A Global Climate Treaty: Why the United States Must Lead 

7PM: Towards an Ecological General Strike: A Film Screening and Discussion about Revolutionary Ecology, Labor, and Anarchism 


8PM: The Climate Crisis: Which Way Out? 

8:30PM: Climate March Interfaith Selichot Service

10PM: Climate March Young Adult Interfaith Worship Blowout (with Tim DeChristopher)


NYC Climate Convergence Marches in the People’s Climate March (Sept 19-21)

All Day Sept 19-22: Reality: 4-Day Climate Mobilization Weekend at 1882 Woodbine   

All Day: Great March for Climate Action Recruitment         

All Day: Rockaway Zone of Defense 

All Day: Peoples Climate March (Sept 21) 

All Day: Amnesty International at the People’s Climate March 

All Day: Vegans at the People's Climate March 

All Day: 300 Vegans 4 People's Climate March NYC Sept 21 2014 

Add Day: Moms Clean Air Force at the People's Climate March. 

All Day: Sierra Club at the People’s Climate March

All Day: Robin Hood Tax Movement at the People’s Climate March 

6AM-11:45AM: Wall of Women Action 

8AM: #TheBronxIsBreathing Press Conference

8:30AM-10AM: Mass for Creation and Breakfast 

8:30-5PM: TCM@PCM—The Climate Mobilization at the People's Climate March! 

9AM-8PM: Who is protecting our forests? ‘If Not Us Then Who’ exhibition in New York 

9AM: Columbia goes to the People's Climate March! 

9AM: Bronx March to the People’s Climate March 

9AM: NYU goes to The People's Climate March! 

9AM: March with Socialist Alternative at the People's Climate March! 

9AM: Pre-March Interfaith Service 

9:30AM-6PM: PCM Music Action Bloc (72nd-73rd St) 

9:30AM: Roundtable Discussion: Fighting Fracking to Save the Climate

w/ Kassie Siegel, Christian Parenti, Sandra Steingraber

9:30 AM The New School Marches at The People's Climate March 

10AM: Robin Hood Tax Climate Rally 

10AM: LGBTQ Contingent at the People's Climate March! 

10AM-11:30AM: Peace, Justice & Climate Rally

10AM-11:30AM: MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO at #Peopleclimate March SEPT 21,2014

10AM-5PM: Vigil for International Peace and Ecology 

10AM: Techies for Climate Justice in People’s Climate March 

10AM-10PM: Creative Climate Awards: Dawn of the Anthropocene 

10:15 AM: Join NYC Eco-Schools at the People's Climate March!

10:30AM: Bike Bloc @ People's Climate March

10:30AM: People's Climate March with Reasonable NY

10:30AM Climate Convergence at People’s Climate March 

10:30 AM Members and colleagues of the New York Society for Ethical Culture will meet at 64th Street and CPW to join the March

10:30AM-2:30PM: Join Oxfam at the People's Climate March 

11AM-11:59PM: People’s Climate March 

11AM: Anti-Capitalist Contingent at the People's Climate March (Sept 21): 

11AM: Tar Sands Bloc at the People's Climate March 

11AM: South Asians for Climate Justice at the People's Climate March in New York

11AM: People's Climate March - ACT UP NY-style 

11AM: Challenge Corporate Power bloc at the People's Climate March

11:30AM: South Florida joins People's Climate March in NYC 

11:30AM: Rude Mechanical Orchestra at the People’s Climate March 

12 Noon Taking the show on the road; Kevin Story Show at the People's Climate March 

12PM-3PM: Interfaith Summit on Climate Change:  Religions & Climate Luncheon Discussion 

12PM-6PM: Social Good Summit 

12:15 PM: Free Palestine! - "The People's Climate March" 

1-6PM: The Climate Ribbon at the People's Climate March 

People's Climate March Nuke-Free-Carbon-Free contingent (Sept 21) (NO SPECIFIC INFO AT LINK)

6PM-7:30PM: Religions for the Earth Multifaith Service 



All Day Sept 19-22: Reality: 4-Day Climate Mobilization Weekend at 1882 Woodbine   

All Day: People’s Climate Justice Summit 

All Day: Rockaway Zone of Defense 

8:30AM-11AM: Climate Communication:  Lessons from Science and Our Communities 

9AM-8PM: Who is protecting our forests? ‘If Not Us Then Who’ exhibition in New York 

9AM-11AM: Interfaith Summit on Climate Change:  Monday Morning Sessions 

9AM-5PM: Flood Wall Street Action 

9AM-5PM: Climate Action Week: People’s Climate Justice Summit Livestream and Panels (Day 1) 

10AM-1PM: Special Side Event on Africa Climate Smart Agriculture Alliance 

10AM-2PM: Student Divestment Actions 

10AM-6PM: Making Cities3: Innovation, Incubation, Inclusion Conference 

10AM-5PM: People's Climate Justice Summit (Sept 22-23)

12PM-1PM: Intellectual Property and Global Warming:  Fossil Fuels and Climate Justice 

12PM-6PM: Social Good Summit 

Time to be confirmed:Interfaith Summit on Climate Change: Monday Afternoon Session 

1PM-3PM: Women Leading Solutions on the Front lines of Climate Change 

2PM-5PM: Post 2015 Development Agenda, Climate Change & Island Partnership 

3PM: Wall of Women Action Day 2 

3PM-4:30PM: ICP Talks Climate Change: What is Climate Science? with Peter deMenocal 

6-7:30PM: Climate Action Week: CO2lonialism and Climate Justice: An Indigenous Worldview 

6PM-8PM: ACES Pre - Summit Media Chat 

6:30-8:30PM: Fireside Chat with Hunter Lovins 

6:30-9:30PM: New York and International Labor Celebrates the People’s Climate March 

7PM-8:30PM: "Caring for God's Creation" - a panel discussion 

7:30 Josh Fox’s “Solutions” Grassroots Tour, through 9/26 (ticketed performance)

8PM-10:30PM Anarchy, Ecological Catastrophe, and Nature Becoming Self-Consciousness: A talk with John Clark 

Tues, Sept 23

All Day: UN Climate Summit 

8AM-6PM: Carbon Forum North America 

8:30-4:45PM: World Leadership Forum 

9AM-8PM: Who is protecting our forests? ‘If Not Us Then Who’ exhibition in New York

10AM-11:30AM: Voice of the People 


10AM-11:30AM: A Citizens' Climate Lobby Global Online Policy Forum 

11AM-6PM: Bronx Solutions!  Environmental Justice Tour 

9AM-5PM: People’s Climate Justice Summit

2:15PM-3PM: Rights of Nature 

7PM-9PM: Climate and Food Justice Forum 

7PM-9PM: Global Climate Strategy Launch 

Wed, Sept 24

All Day: People’s General Assembly (PGA) for Development Justice 

8AM-10AM: DESIGN:  Life Depends on Us! 

8:30AM-5:30PM: Rising Seas Summit 

9AM-8PM: Who is protecting our forests? ‘If Not Us Then Who’ exhibition in New York 

9AM-12:45PM: Emissions Reduction Facilitation Project: Mobilize Diverse Stakeholders to Achieve Shared Outcomes 

9AM-1PM: Climate Risk Forum: Building Innovative and Sustainable Index Insurance Markets 

10AM-12 Noon: Making Cities3: Innovation, Incubation, Inclusion Dean's Panel 

10AM-6PM: Energy Action Coalition  planning meeting

2PM-4PM: Regional Action on Climate Mitigation and Resilient Infrastructure 

2PM-5PM: Colloquium on Forests and Climate:  New Thinking for Transformational Change 

3PM-6PM: Inaugural Meeting:  Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture 

6PM-7:30PM: Chasing Ice: Documentary Screening with James Balog 

Thurs, Sept 25

8:30AM-5:30PM: Rising Seas Summit 

9AM-1PM: Energy Action Coalition planning meeting , 2nd day

Fri, Sept 26

8:30AM-5:30PM: Rising Seas Summit 

Sat, Sept 27

1-3PM: Natural History Museum Tours, Talks, and Screenings: Climate Change in an Urban Panorama  & What the Frack are You Drinking? 

3:30-5:30PM: NHM panel titled "Climate Wars: Propaganda, Debate, and the Propaganda of Debate 

Sun, Sept 28

11AM-12:30PM: The Science of Environment & Climate Change: Interdisciplinary Discussion 

3PM-5PM: NHM panel titled "Seeing the Display: Environmentalism’s Ideological Habitat" 

Sat, Oct 4:

1PM-3PM: NHM panel titled "Anthropocene,­ Capitalocene or Ecology For All" 

3:30PM-5:30PM: NHM panel titled "Counter-Power­ for Climate Justice" 

7:30 PM: Environmental Racism:  Communities of Color Lead in the Fight to Save the Planet