Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Originally born to the lowest tier of the Protoss caste system, Karax proved to be an invaluable phase-smith during the war against Amon. Following the resurrection of the Spear of Adun, Karax set to work bringing the ship to life through repairs and upgrades. In time, he would be promoted upward to become a Templar, joining the likes of Artanis himself.

Jeff’s Choices



Trait- “Reclamation”

In this build Karax will act as a defensive specialist that is able to augment friendly units and buildings to assist with the defence of the friendly core. His trait Reclamation will allow him to select a structure that fires shots on the enemy and allow it to prioritize enemy heroes no matter the target in range. Only one structure can have this buff on it at a time and the trait has a 60 second cooldown.

Mount-  Protoss Power Pad (Protoss “like” triangle that floats above the ground and has “repair arms” on 2 sides of it that are just for visual effect)

Q- “Rehabilitation”

When Karax is in range of a structure he can channel his energy to help repair it. The more damaged the structure is the more time and energy from Karax it will take to repair the building. Karax will need to remain stationary to channel this ability (this acts like a stationary Morales Heal Beam on structures.)

W- “Servitor Drone”

Karax can use this ability to place a Servitor Drone on the battlefield that will scan a selected area with a short range. The drone will act like a placeable arcane punisher beam that will shoot a beam that travels in a circle around the drone. If an enemy enters the beam they will take damage from it. Karax is able to place 2 of these Drones on the battlefield at a time and they last for a short amount of time.

E- “Expel”

Karax selects a target structure to send a pulse and push all enemies away from it. This ability can be used on both friendly and and enemy structures to help with positioning and allow for either a welcome break from structure damage, or allow for the friendly team to push a lane.


Heroic 1- “Master Phase-smith”

When this ability is used all structures for the friendly team will become empowered by protoss energy and begin to fire at 2x speed on the enemy for a short amount of time. With the combination of this and other Karax’s other abilities this can be devastating for enemy teams looking to pick a fight close to active structures.

Heroic 2- “Lift Off” 

Karax has retrofit all the structures for the friendly team with boosters that allow them to lift off into the air for a short amount of time and become untargetable for a short amount of time. WHen this is selected Karax can select a target structure and have it lift off- it will land after a short amount of time. A level 20 talent for this will be that Karax can move the structures a short distance while in the air.

Specialty Skin: Robotic Santa Skin OR Doc Ock

Dance: Break Dancing Karax

Kristen’s Choices








Karax implants circuitry on an enemy structure, turning it friendly until said circuitry is destroyed by an enemy Hero. Only one may be active at a time.


        Protos Hoverboard

The circular thing Karax rides up to meet with Artanis when he is made a Templar.


Power Field

This beam engulfs a target friendly unit or Hero in a specialized field of power that gives them additional attack speed and increased healing from healing effects.



Karax can toss down a tiny machine of his design that gives a passive heal to all units in range



This ability comes with two charges - one for each of his hair extensions. When activated, one of the extensions grabs an incoming enemy and pushes them back until the line is fully extended. It holds them at length for a set period of time.



Master crafter, Karax phases in replicants that take the form of the first enemy unit to do damage to it. To indicate the lower amount of speed and health, these replicants are half the size of the copied unit.


        Solar Lance

After a relatively lengthy summon, an enormous beam of energy shoots down from above and slowly makes its way forward, disintegrating virtually everything in its path.


        D&D LARP Dwarf Costume

Karax paints his “beard” different colors and prefers drinking at taverns to adventuring.


        Snake Arms

He may be too stoic to dance, but his hair extensions aren’t.