Group Inquiry Experiment

Scientists: Libby, Ollie, Sam, Lydia and Cullen

Question: if we fed plants carbonated water will it grow faster

Hypothesis: we think the stem, roots and the leaves will get bubbly

List of Materials: 2 pots, shelf, soil, 2 germinated plants, soda stream, water, measuring jug and ruler.

Experiment: observe two germinated plants in a pot with soil, one with carbonated water and the other with normal water

1. Put plants in pot with soil cover with soil then do the same thing to the other plant

2. Feed one carbonated water from soda stream maker and the other normal about

3. Make sure they have space

4.put the plant in the sun so it gets warm

5.Air helps plants to grow imagine  a plant in space if you were a plant in space would you like it i don’t think you would like it.

6. Feed same repeat daily

7. Then measure to see how much they have grown

Diagrams/ Photos

Results:  we saw that Carbonated water works but it doesn’t make the plant grow faster. our hypothesis did


The carbonated works but it doesn't make the plant grow faster. We learnt that plants only grow well with akaline soil and the only grow well over a ten day period.

Science journal...


Today we set up and started our experiment. We worked together and we are excited.! We had trouble replanting the bean plants but Kelly helped us. But what happens when it rains?


today we watered the plants but instead of using the measuring cup lydia used the top of the lid of the bottle because there was no 5mls on the measuring cup.