Microbading FAQ.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of semi permanent cosmetic tattooing. During the procedure pigment is implanted in the shape of several hair strokes underneath the skins surface. This is done with a hand held tool-not a gun, meaning the pigment is deposited very close to the surface of the skin. This lets the pigment fade and soften substantially over time, allowing for changes in shape and colour as needed over the years.

How long does it last?

Results vary from person to person depending on lifestyle. A colour refresh is advised after 12-18 months, on average. Factors that can affect the brows longevity are sun exposure, skin care used (peels and exfoliation), skin type and aftercare. * please advise your esthetics professional about your brows before receiving any type of peel or laser treatment.*

How long is the appointment?

The procedure is split into two appointments. (Both are included in initial fee) The first appointment is when the bulk of the work is done. At the second appointment (5-6 weeks after initial procedure) we will perfect your new brows, filling in any small gaps or hairs that didn't take. Please allow 1.5-2 hrs for the initial appointment and 45-60 min for the touch up! *In some cases a 3rd session is required to achieve the desired results. This is not included in initial fee.*

Does it hurt?

Every precaution is taken to ensure the process is as pain free as possible. Some clients report a small amount of discomfort, while other report feeling nothing at all. A topical anesthetic is applied at the beginning of your appointment and then another is applied once the skin is broken and topped up during the process as needed.

How long is the recovery and healing process?

Your new brows will not take you out of commission. You can return to work and most daily activities as soon as your appointment is finished. You may experience some redness, whiteness and mild swelling immediately after your appointment, but it will subside in a few hours. Your new brows will appear quite dark for the first 7-14 days. Once they start healing they might appear lighter than you expect, this is because your skin will thicken as it heals, somewhat clouding over the hair strokes we have made. At 4 weeks when the skin is farther along healing the hair strokes will return to the surface. After that is when you will usually see the true colour of the brow.

How do you choose the shape?

We will choose the shape and style together. Once your brows have been numbed we will draw in the suggested shape for your bone structure and face shape, and then we will work together to perfect the design to your preferences. Measurements are taken to ensure proper size and symmetry.

How do you choose the colour?

We choose the color together by applying small amounts of different colored pigments on the skin near your brows and selecting the best one for your skin tone, features and preference.

Can I have my eyebrows Microbladed while I'm pregnant?

No, you cannot undergo microblading while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Does it hurt afterwards?

The area can be a little sore for a few hours and slightly tender to the touch for a few days.

Will my microbladed eyebrows look fake?

No! The pigment is implanted in the skin in such a way that once healed, it will look softer and even more natural than filling in your brows!

What if I don't like my new brows?

Although microblading is a semi-permanent procedure, there is some flexibility when it comes to changing colour and shape at the touch up. Colour appear much darker immediately following application and will soften and lighten during the healing process. Healing time is different for every individual. Remember it takes time to adjust to the new look!

What can't I do after the procedure?

You are advised to keep the skin clean and dry - that means no swimming, sweating or otherwise getting the area wet; no tanning or prolonged sun exposure; no picking or peeling your new brows; no exposure to lots of dust or airborn debris.(no heavy dusting or cleaning out the garage) You can view a full list of aftercare here.