PTO Meeting Notes

Date:        2/7/2018

Time: 6:00pm

Place: BVE Library

Members Present:

Cathy Pacheco-Ogle

Gailene Dahlinger

Catherine Hodgson

Lindsey Jochim

Meghan Horton

Stacy Bell

Holly Fry

Brian Singley

Lorena Pagan

Stacey Poland

Order of Business:

  1. Call to Order by Cathy Pacheco-Ogle at 5:04pm
  2. Approve Minutes from Last Meeting
  1. Motion made by Stacey Poland to approve January PTAAC minutes, Seconded by Stacy Bell, Motion Approved for January PTAAC minutes
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  1. Re-Open discussion for Ameritowne - increase student cost to $5.00
  1. Motion made by Catherine Hodgson to increase student cost to $5.00, Seconded by Lorena Pagan, Motion Approved to increase student cost to $5.00
  1. Scooters for PE ($500 from Love’s, $500 from budget, $? From PTAAC)
  1. Catherine will check on Scooter total for March PTAAC meeting
  1. Gift of a reward for 3rd graders selling most in pie sales
  2. Class Funds Fun Days
  1. Bring $1.00 for class days (PJ Day, Hat Day, etc.)
  2. Generate funds for each class
  3. Motion made by Stacey Poland to approve Class Funds Fun Days, Seconded by Gailene, Motion passed to approve Class Funds Fun Days
  1. Give Back Day Report
  1. Ask Chamber of Commerce - End of April?
  2. Willow Coffee Shop
  3. Do Separate for the HS
  1. Rollerskating Fundraiser or School Activity
  1. Rollerskating - It is Closed
  2. School Activities         - Other ideas

                                        - Dairy Queen

                                        - Wendy’s

                                        - Pizza Hut

                                        - Cargill (Ask for Meat from them)

  1. Community Night
  2. Family Fun Night

6. Bathroom “Words”

        a. Put above Mirrors HIGH on the walls

        b. Maroon Colors

        c. Possibly camo colors, Pokemon, sports, hunting, glitter, sparkles, Shopkins, gymnastics,

    other caricature ideas

d. Possibly done soon or beginning of next school year?

7. Brush Focus Group For Community Services - Next PTAAC Meeting

8. Community Focus Group for Beaver Valley on Wednesday, February 14 at 2:35pm

  1. Onward Diagnostic Review - Outside Agency coming into the district to give an outside view of good and bad for each building and the district

9. Interagency group in Morgan County (Sarah House, Social Services, Sheriff’s Office, Family Center, etc.)

a. Prevention of Child Maltreatment Marc 7th during the next PTAAC meeting

10. Call Parents for meals for parent/teacher conferences

        a. Table Sales Monday - Meghan

        b. Table Sales Tuesday - ?

        c. Book Fair Helpers? T-Shirt Sales

        d. Drama Club will be selling Smencils during P/T conferences

        e. Any other help would be awesome

11. Agendas - Back-to-School Packets

        a. Why does PTAAC pay for them?

12. Next PTAAC Meeting is March 7, 2018, Meeting Adjourned at 6:18pm