2016-2019 Call for MCA Committee Applications

The Michigan Counseling Association is currently adding Professional and Graduate Student members to their association committees.  Committee membership will begin upon appointment in January 2017 and will last until June 2019 for Professional Members.  Committee appointments will last until June 2017 for Graduate Student members, with the option for renewal for the following year.  Required information for application is included below.

Elgibility: To qualify, applicants must be a Michigan Counseling Association member in good standing. For Professional members, the applicant must be an LLPC/LPC or Counselor Educator. For Graduate Student members, the applicant must currently be enrolled in a Master's or Doctoral-level Counseling program.

Applications should include the following information:

Please note: Incomplete applications will not be considered.  No CVs or recommendation letters are needed.

Applicants may apply for more than one committee, but should submit separate applications for each.  All information should be emailed to the Michigan Counseling Association at michigancounselingassociation@gmail.com with the subject heading “committee application”. Committee applicants will be notified of acceptance by January 14th, 2017.  

Michigan Counseling Association 2016-2019 Committees 

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee shall create, promote, and support efforts to engage with current Michigan Counseling Association members, and will work to increase Michigan Counseling Association membership. This committee shall also track membership trends and maintain a current database of membership.

Public Policy and Legislation

The Public Policy and Legislation Committee shall promote and support public policy and legislation that promotes the profession and enhances human development. The Committee shall be responsible for state legislative efforts related to counseling, and for government relations and advocacy training of members.  This committee may work in conjunction with the Licensure Committee.


This Licensure Committee will monitor the legislative environment in the State of Michigan and inform the Governing Council of policies and trends that may influence the professional practice of LLPCs/LPCs in Michigan.  This committee will also serve as a resource for counseling students and professionals regarding licensure requirements.  This committee may work in conjunction with the Licensure Committee.


The Publications Committee shall produce the newsletter for the Michigan Counseling Association on a regular schedule.  This committee will also be responsible for communication on the behalf of the Michigan Counseling Association through various forms of social media as directed by the Committee Chair.

Branch Restructuring

The Branch Restructuring Committee shall review the current mission, vision, leadership structure, and branding of the Michigan Counseling Association.  This committee will identify areas for improvement and will make recommendations for change to the Governing Council.


The Bylaws Committee shall regularly review current Michigan Counseling Association Bylaws for necessary additions, revisions, and deletions to ensure proper branch functioning.  The Bylaws Committee shall propose changes to MCA Bylaws at the first Governing Council meeting of the association year.  The Bylaws Committee shall also be responsible for communicating proposed bylaw changes of MCA divisions and chapters to Governing Council.

Professional Development 

The Professional Development Committee shall organize, promote, and manage events for the Michigan Counseling Association in line with current trends and educational needs of MCA members and the professional mental health community.