Makerspace Agreements


The Makerspace is a design space which provides access to a wide range of material and equipment to create various projects in the areas of STEAM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). Some of the projects includes but are not limited to:

Pedagogical Approach

All our projects of making and tinkering are approached through the Design Cycle:

Investigate → Plan → Design → Create → Evaluate

We believe that the Design Cycle is a model of pedagogy for our teachers and promotes the Approaches to Learning, IB Learners Profile Attributes and Attitudes for all learners. The Makerspace should model best practices to enhance learners’ creativity, self-confidence, critical thinking skills and collaboration skills. We engage learners with projects that they are interested in, “THEIR” project, In the process of creating, we anticipate mistakes and promote rapid prototyping, so the errors coming on the way are opportunities to adjust/change/improve, in other words: to iterate and “fail forward”. In this context, learners are problem-finders and problem-solvers. They gain experience in handicraft, sewing, coding, circuits, engineering and while creating, they demonstrate their level of understanding. We encourage reflection in visible and tangible ways by engaging learners in recording their inventions (photos, videos) and involving the makers in “un-making” their creations to not only reuse and recycle but also evaluate their experience. In the Makerspace, the teacher is a positive and creative facilitator and a learner whose role is to empower students in following the Design Cycle and a hands-on approach. The teacher is expected to let students experiment, challenge themselves and learn by doing/inquiring. The teacher present at the time of the activities is responsible for the well-being of the students. It is essential that the teacher collaborate with the Tech Integrator prior to using the use of the Makerspace.

Safety and Health Agreements

The Makerspace provides a safe and secure environment and facilities suitable for design, fabrication, collaboration and learning activities. The Makers (teachers and students) are expected to respect the agreements below:

Special equipment:

This section applies to special equipment strictly used by advanced students, after basic training and must be used under supervision of an adult (teacher) who has also passed the safety training. Such material / equipment includes (but is not limited to):

Agreements about Special Equipments:

Teacher supervision is mandatory for all makers, as the space contains potentially dangerous tools.

The Maker must report any accident or incident that occurs on Makerspace premises and it will be recorded.

Health and Safety measures in and around the Makerspace:

A First Aid Kit is available in the Makerspace.

The medical centre is located two floors below the Makerspace.

The nearest water point is in the collaborative space (Room 201), same floor.

The nearest fire extinguisher is in the corridor, near Room 204.

There are smoke detectors in the room.

The room has several windows and the entrance is also glass making most of the room visible from the outside.

There is a fire alarm that can be used in case the smoke detector fails, near Room 204. 

There is a public address device right outside the Makerspace to make  emergency announcements.

There is a phone in the Makerspace.