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Our coalition has decided to stop working to submit requests to Facebook for the time being, as we believe that doing so only allows Facebook to divide, conquer, and silence us. We’re shifting our priorities to push for the bigger changes we were promised: we want everyone to be able to express themselves authentically, not only those who were able to find this page.  I’m sorry that this means that some people will be locked out of your accounts temporarily.  

In the meantime, you can try filing an appeal directly with Facebook here (note that many people do not have access to this for some reason). Please also sign our petition to get Facebook banned from SF and NY Pride until they fix this policy, and if you’re near the Bay Area, be sure to join us for our protest on June 1 (and spread the word).

For more information on this decision, please see my friend Sister Roma’s post.


Lil Miss Hot Mess


Facebook is still working on updating their internal procedures, but in the meantime has given us an email address to direct appeals to, but asked that we not share it publicly. So instead, you can email *ME* the following info -- -- and I will forward it to them.

IMPORTANT: What Authentic Identity Means!

You should know that Facebook never agreed to allow pseudonyms, drag names, performer/stage names or nicknames. They have acknowledged that some people have chosen names that truly reflect their AUTHENTIC IDENTITY. That means that your Facebook profile should reflect the name that you use online, in person, and in everyday life. If you mention shows, work, gigs or fans they will likely direct you to a fan page. Also, make sure to be clear that your given LEGAL name is not the name you use - the name you use is your AUTHENTIC IDENTITY and that is how you want to be known on Facebook.

When I submit a request they do not tell me whether the account will be restored or not. To respect your privacy they cannot tell me anything about your personal profile or information. I do know that in addition to the “fake name” issue sometimes people’s accounts are not restored because they have more than one personal profile. According to the FB terms of service every user is supposed to have only one.

Keeping all this in mind, I’ll do my best to get your profile and your name back. Please email me the following information and I will forward it to Facebook:

  1. Your account URL (i.e., and/or the email associated with your account.*

  1. Date/time when your account was suspended (approximate is ok).

  1. Your authentic name exactly as it should appear on your profile
  2. A brief explanation of how you use this name in everyday life.  Hint: less is more, and make it clear that people know you by this name.  (Leave out excessive rants please!)
  3. OPTIONAL: Include a screenshot of the message or error screen you received from Facebook.

>> Please use EMAIL:  Keep in mind that I have to forward each email personally, so only use it to restore your name.

Please understand that this does not guarantee your account will be re-activated -- the Facebook team will review the information on a case-by-case basis. It’s unclear how long it will take, but hopefully you'll be back to your old self again in no time!


Lil Miss Hot Mess
San Francisco, CA

*NOTE: Please DO NOT send me your password, ID, or other sensitive materials.  If Facebook would like to see ID -- hopefully they won’t -- they will respond to you directly (and they won’t ask you for your password via email).