Talofa my name is poliseni.

In Tonga we eat pig and cap apollo and we eat meat and fish and we eat gomala. In tonga we eat lots of food and then we relax and have a rest and we dance in tonga. Not hip hop dance, but we do tau’lunga. This is a dance that girls do to celebrate special occasions. They wear tupenu.

In Tonga, people only speak in Tongan. I live in New Zealand, and I speak a little bit of Tongan. I know the words ulu, da’e and da’ae.

and we can not sleep because of our dads and mum keep on snoring and we move a lot and when we dance we were

ti like a line and you put

One on top of another

And you can dance in it and when some of you kaizen comes they all get into a

 And crile and they go some where to eat and have Dinner and go back home and go outside and play and when it night time the Tonga people wait for their dad  come back from home.    

And when you are finished you can take it off Or you don’t want to take it off or you don’t want to or you don’t want to and in tonga they only speak Tongan wolds and we try and get coconut.