Worldwide Actions on Wireless Radiation Exposure

NOTE: *** -  denotes significant milestones in worldwide or national actions on warning or curtailing Electromagnetic Wireless  radiation emissions

I. Exposure Limits

Countries/Cities with 10 to 100 times lower Exposure Limits for Cell /Broadcast /Wireless emissions compared to the United States:


Salzburg Austria, pgs 1 & 4:

Swiss and Italians:

China pg 9:

Spain, Madrid reduces radiation from relay antennas by 4000 times to .6V/M

India, reduces exposure standards to 10 times lower than International Standards recommended by ICNIRP to .92 watts/m2

See also for specific list of countries & Exposure Guidelines


NOTE: ICNIRP recommendations have no legal validity, as it is only a recommendation. Each country has their own national legislation in the field of electromagnetic safety, and  esposure limits.


Table 1. Guidelines and Limits on Exposure Limits in Various Countries (Source: Girish Kumar

2010 from   Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) of India)


1. Power Density (W/m2) =Watts/meter squared) - radiation measurement of the strength of radio frequency/microwave emissions


II. Precautionary Warnings and Restrictive Measures

A sampling of Governments, Public Institutions, Scientific Assns that have issued warnings, legislation, recommended policies on limiting Wireless Technologies especially as it pertains to children


***UN Appeal by over 200 International EMR Scientists 39 nations (9_2015)– with over 2000 peer review research papers to their collective credit in the field of biological impacts from RF/EMF appealed to the U.N. and the WHO  to improve current lax. deficient RF regulations worldwide,  to facilitate media, physicians be better informed and communicate health hazards of wireless technology to public; to facilitate unbias research.


***World Health organization (WHO)  IARC (International Agency Research on Cancer) 5/2011, classifies Radiofrequency as a class 2B carcinogen – This applies to all wireless devices emitting RF or microwave radiation, but especially those from cell phones. Similar designations have been identified for DDT, lead, chloroform, nonionizing radiation and ELFs

NEW (2013


PACE Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe, 5/2011 Report reemphasizes and expands on recommendations of 2009 resolution to limit all manner of Wireless exposures.

The Report reemphasizes need to achieve emission standards  ( “as low as reasonably achievable. Additionally,  emphasizes greater support for precautionary principle on use and spread of wireless technologies, especially as it pertain to children. Some new issues highlighted are establishing “wave-free” (wireless free ) zones in countries for electrosensitive people; greatly reduce conflicts of industry interests in RF research with urgent need for more independent research; eliminate wireless technology in schools replacing it with wired options.


European Parliament, Environmental Committee issued a comprehensive resolution to manage the health safety concerns of Wireless products. (4/20/09 )

Press Release:


***Australia, 7/2014. Telstra, Australian mobile phone giant warning everyone to reduce mobile phone exposure. Recommends to  text and use in areas of good reception. Recommendation based on WHO (World Health Org) –IARC ( Intl Agency Radiation & Cancer) 2B cancer classification for Microwave & Radiofrequency radiation.

Telstra Video advertisement

Telstra Website written recommendation: ( see middle of page)



***Australia 2013 – Australian Court decrees in favor of Electromagnetically Sensitive Doctor. Orders compensation for aggravation of his condition by Comcare, medical facilty he works for.  The forced exposure to newly installed Electronic equipment led to experiencing severe  nausea, disorientation, and headaches.


***Australia - Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) – 2013,  recommends to Parents limiting children’s exposure to all wireless devices. Recommends choosing landlines over cordless or cell phones. Keeping good distance from wifi routers, baby monitors and children. Limiting Internet use by children because of WIFI. However despite recommending limiting use of Wireless devices, they withhold rejection of wireless in favor a of precautionary approach. Actually encouraging that people use phones in stronger ambient wireless backgrounds to reduce cell phone signal strength to the ear.


***Belguim Federal Office of  Health, Safety & the Environment, 3/2014  ban on the selling of cell phones to children under 7,and a ban on the  advertising of cell phones to  children under this age. Requires phone Retailers to displayt SARs (Specific Absortion Rates) of all Cell phones is visible places around the Store and phone. In general recommends all children’s mobile phone should be restricted, and adults as well should limit mobile phone use and use headsets whenever possible.  



Belgian Parliament, Green party introduced Resolution for Belguim to recognize “Electro – hypersensitivity” as illness and disability, (7/2011). The resolution calls for a requirement that zones be established in public place free from WiFi, WiMAX, and cordless phone systems, portable telephones would be prohibited. Calls for courses about environmental illness to be included in the core curriculum of medical schools. Translated from the French,



***Belgium Telecom CEO (2012) bans WIFI from the whole office floor of his office building where his office resides.  He believes microwave wireless technology is dangerous. He also request all phone calls be made to him on his  landline. He encourages school children to take precautionary measures and restrict their use of cell phones. Update – he was fired from his job.

NOTE: It is believed because of his wireless position in 2014 this CEO had been fired. The measures he put into effect in his building are probably not valid anymore


***Canada  6_2015, The House of Commons Standing Committee on Health (“the Committee” [HESA]) issued report that Canadians should be informed on the potential risks associated with radio frequency in order use wireless devices responsibly. Furthermore, recommends Canadian government provide:data collection into cancer cases wireless devices, research into electrosensitivity and electromagnetic effects, accommodations and alternative environments for those impaired exposure, and restrict sale of wireless devices children under 14



Canada, Former Microsoft President (2013) of Canada,  agrees WIFI in Schools is a potential Health Hazard, and stands behind parents who object to it in schools.


Canada’s Toronto Public Health department recommends limiting mobile phones to children


England, Stewart Report, (2000) Independent Expert Group- NRPB (National Radiation Protection Board of UK) Stated sufficient  scientific evidence  exist to show biological effects occur  below safety emission standards to warrant precautionary measures especially to vulnerable populations, children, elderly & electrosensitive. Not everyone can be considered genetically the same to respond similar to radio frequency signals therefore urging for precautionary approach

 Summary and recommendations

Full Text


England  Dept of Health 3/2011 advises the general public to communicate by texting rather putting cell phone to the ear.


***England, 2012 Office of National Statistics figures suggest a 50 per cent increase in frontal and temporal lobe tumours – the areas of the brain most susceptible to the electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones – between 1999 and 2009. Announcement


***French Parliament  ( Jan 2015), passes strong RF/microwave  exposure Law:  1)bans WIFI in daycare facilities children under 3 yrs; bans advertisement mobile phones children under 14 yrs;  sets up committee to study and mitigate EHS (electromagnetic sensitivity) for suffering population; ensures that mobile phone stations limit population exposure no greater than 1V/M; etc

French Article in Le Monde jan 2015


***France  (ANSES) French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety  (10/2013). The federal agency  published a risk assessment linking mobile phone use to sleep disturbance, male infertility and cognitive problems, recommended  limiting exposure to radiofrequencies for children and intensive users.


France National Assembly (2013) passes legislation in favor of promoting  wired connections in school for internet use, subscribing  to European “precautionary priniciple” that children should be protected from influence  manmade Electromagnetic waves whenever possible


France (10/2012) - Nearly 200 town councilors in France call for lower exposure limits to the microwaves emitted by cell phone towers, etc. The Greens call for even further reductions recommended by  the BioInitiative Report of  .6 V/M

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France (2009)  Environmental Minister proposes legislation to ban  limit Cell phone advertising to children under 12


***France (2008) -Public Library in Paris replaces WiFi with wired Internet because of scientific evidence and health complaints linked to Microwave radiation exposure

In French:


France, Normandy (2009) Mayor plans to remove WIFI from all schools


France, City of Paris, (10/2011). Mayor of Paris halts construction of future cell towers on buildings.  As well  the mayor is examanng way to remove 186 existing cell towers from city skline. He has found Cell companies are not abiding by  Paris stict  2V/M RF emission limits..


***German Federal Court of Justice (BGH) (1/2014) ruling:

Apartment owners will not be allowed to install cell antennas on rooftops against the will of their apartment tenants.

German article

German Video


***German Parliaments of Bavaria & Hesse (2007) issue policies that will support   wired connection  to be used in schools instead of WIFI whenever possible. If wireless must be used  locate Router as far from children working areas.


German Professor Lawrie Challis’s, former chairman of the UK Mobile Telecommunications Health Research Programme (2007) statement that children should not place wireless-enabled laptops on their laps. He had referred to a Swiss scientific study which showed that levels of emissions at 2 cm from a laptop were similar to that of a mobile phone, 2007.


***Holland (2012)– Dutch manufacturer (JRS Eco-WiFi) develops a low-radiation WiFi router which switches off the transmitter for 95% of  the time to  standby mode. This strongly reduces exposure to  electromagnetic radiation near the router and saves power.


India  (2013),  DOT (Dept of Telecommunications) acknowledges cell towers are causing the cancers in people living in buildings neighboring the towers.


***India Ministry of Environment & Forests, 2012, Report on Possible Impacts of Communication Towers on Wildlife Including Birds and Bees, calls for a precautionary approach due to the evidence of potential harm to humans and wildlife. Its recommendations include revisiting safety limits and tightening siting regulations - even to the extent of removing problematic towers



***India (11/2012)  Province of Rajasthan High Court ordered that no  Cell towers/RF Installation will be permitted in vicinity of schools, hospitals and High density areas, and orders  those which are erected in the vicinity of those institutions be taken down.

Actual Court Review Proceedings


India (6/2008)-  Government warns ill effects of Cell phones and asks industry to curtail  advertisements to vulnerable segments of population, i.e. children & pregnant women. Draft guidelines limiting use to children, pregnant woman and heart ailment patients


***Italy  (10/2012), Italian supreme court issued a verdict on cell phone brain cancer case. The court claimed there is a “causal link” between plaintiffs brain cancer and his cell phone usuage.


Italy  (1/2014) – School in City of  St Augustina replaces WIFI  with wired cable connection at the request of parents association.

In Italian


**** Israel (4/2016) Mayor of Haifa orders to disconnect WiFi in 4 schools and kindergartens – until examining the safety of WiFi thoroughly. “…. However, regarding anything that relates to our children, if there is doubt there is no doubt. We must take excessive precaurion”

***Israel's Deputy Health Minister (8/2012) suspend WIFI in schools. Yaakov Litzman, Health Minister, implored Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar to immediately suspend the installation of wireless Internet in schools due to the hazards of electromagnetic radiation.


Israel (11/2010 ) “Israeli Knesset (congress) panel endorses plan to minimize electromagnetic radiation exposure in schools" Part of plan directs school to have cellphone-free zones in schools and wireline phones available to children


Israel Minister of Health (2008)  issues warning cell phone use by  children. 2008


***Israel (3-2012) -   Knesset (Israeli Congress) backs bill requiring cell phones to bear health hazard warning. Label would read:

“Warning - the Health Ministry cautions that heavy use and carrying the device next to the body may increase the risk of cancer, especially among children.” Requires, also, all advertisements bear the warning. And all advertising targeting minors would be banned under the law, and breaking the law would be a criminal offense.



***Russia 5/2011, Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (RNCNIRP) associates Wireless devices, especially cell phones for the rapid rise in Central Nervous System disorders in teenagers during the last 10 years. Conclusions are based on analysis of scientific data.,

0r EMFacts Post 1387 website:


***Saudia Arabia (2013)  Researchers at the College of Medicine reported prolonged use of cell phones was associated with a number of health problems. Frequent users suffered more fatigue, headaches, dizziness, tension, and sleep disturbances than the less frequent users. Recommended greater awareness among the public especially youth and reducing use of cell phones.


***South Africa, Cancer Association (CANSA), 12/2014 -  warns  against giving Children wireless devices that are held close to body, cell phones, ipads etc. Cites evidence that shows dangers to children


Spain, Madrid suburb (Leganes) -- legislates to reduce Cell tower and other Radio frequency emissions by 4,000 times the intensity of the signal.. To insure compliance by cell phone carriers they will install their own Citywide surveillance system and measurement equipment of which Citizens can access the Information. (2009)

In Spanish


***Spain, Labour Court of Madrid (2011) – recognizes electromagnetic sensitivity (EHS) as disability and declares a professor as permanently EHS disable.


***Spain, Olvera (2012) - first place in World to become a "Wireless Pollution-Free" town.

In Spanish: http://www.wavesgua blog/2011/ 11/29/pleno- de-ayuntamiento- aprueba-por- unanimidad- la-primera- localidad- libre-de- radiaciones- electromagnetica s/

English Translation:


***Switzerland, Swisscom (telecommunication company), finds compelling  evidence of harmful biological effects from Wireless technology. (2010)


Swisscom will  offer free Fiber optic connections to Swiss Public Schools instead of encouraging WIFI connectivity.


***Switzerland, Swissvoice & Swisscom (2008) developed & offer DECT cordless phones which are zero-RF-emission during standby. Unlike American cordless phones which beam radiation 24 hrs/day. These types of cordless phones have the added benefit of reducing electricity use. ,


Switzerland  federal government (2010) recommends precautionary measures when using WiFi computers (see pink chart mid of webpage) (2010)


***Switzerland, Municipality of Thurgau restricts WIFI in schools, encourages cabled computers. (2010)


Swiss Doctors for Environmental Protection: communication sent to the Federal Assembly, Dr Peter Kalin, President, states “From the medical point of view, it is urgent to apply the precautionary principle ….” from diverse sources: baby monitors, cell phones, Wi-Fi, powerlines,

In German:


***US, Ashland, Mass School District (9/2015) limits Wifi exposure in classroom by adopting policy;  turn off Wifi on portable device when not in use; turn on WIFI only when needed; publicize RF warning  label that hidden in laptop website within visible area of school areas; keep all wireless tablets laptops at least 10 inches from body.



*** U.S. California Medical Association (CMA) , Dec 2014  - Wireless Standards Reevaluation 2014 Resolution 107. CMA supports reevaluation microwave exposure levels associated with wireless communication based on many adverse biological effects found scientific research to date. It asks that new safety exposure limits for wireless devices be implemented that do not cause human or environmental harm .

Actual text from Advocate Website

Direct link from CMA website invalid to non-members


*** U.S. Department of Interior, 2014.  In a document addressed to the FCC, the Dept of Interior in chastises FCC’s (Federal Commerce commission)  RF and  Microwave Safety regulations for turning its back on the latest scientific evidence, restricting other agency input in establishing the regulations,  and thereby, endangering bird life and migration from its  Wireless transmission towers.


*** U.S. American Academy Pediatrics (8_2012) in letter to FCC Commissioner, Genachowski,  reevaluate  RF exposure standards as pertain to children and their size. Request practice precautionary principle.


***U.S.  American Academy of Environmental Physicians (AAEP) issues warnings on Wifi  (10/2012),  smart meters (1/2012)   & general RF exposures health dangers.  The AAEP calls for; recognition of hypersensitivity; use of safer & wired technologies; more research in Quantum effects of RF/MW exposures. Cites 100s of research findings that compel reevaluation to wireless exposure

Their policy alleges: current RF radiation limits are based on Newtonian physics which  confines RF/MW exposure effects on living systems to specific space and time. Hence the localized heating effect. Instead, exposure standards should reflect Quantum physics priniciples where RF/MW frequency radiation has the ability to act as particles or waves that couple with living systems sending out different frequency messages in the electrical activity pattern of the body that can permanently alter body functions and metabolic processes.



*** U.S. – (7/2012) GAO ( Government Accounting Office)  issued report  recommending , “FCC (Federal Communication Commission) ” reassess and.. change its current RF energy exposure limit and mobile phone testing requirements” so that the limits reflect  “usage configurations, particularly when phones are held against the body”.  FCC’s  responded  “it has a draft document currently under consideration with the potential to address GAO’s recommendations.


U.S  City of Greenbelt, Maryland (2014) unanimously voted to oppose cell towers on school grounds, alert citizens to health risks from wireless devices and simple steps to reduce radiation exposure, following the lead of Berkeley California. They petitioned the FCC to create more protective guidelines  to prevent the industry from chipping away of  local control on wireless isues.



U.S  City of Berkely, California (2015) unanimously passed first national  Ordinance requiring Cell phone retailers to provide openly to their customers at time of purchase safety warning notices on cell phone, now buried deep in the cell phone instructions manuals. It emphasizes cell phones should not be kept close to the body because the FCC radiation guidelines will be exceeded.


US, LA Teachers Union (2013);  Passes Resolution to Ensure Safety from Hazardous Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) in Schools including EMF Emissions from Wireless Technology


***U.S. United Federation of Teachers Union hosts a webpage on how to reduce exposures to protect pregnant women, other staff members and students.



U.S. PTAs 2015, 2016 – petition and declare Resolution to limit Wireless technologies in School


PTA’s and teacher unions are working to reduce radio frequency exposures in schools and promote safe classroom environments.

Many PTAs have worked hard to keep cell towers off their children’s school grounds. Many PTAs have also grappled with the issue of wireless radiation and called for safe technology- meaning hardwired computers rather than wireless computers. For example:

Phoenicia Elementary School PTA in New York State

·                  Wrote a letter to the Onteora School District calling for the Wi-Fi to be turned off. See it here.

United Federation of Teachers New York City

·                  Created a Wireless Radiation Webpage with Dr. Moskowitz materials “Reducing Your Exposure to Wireless Radiation” and the BabySafe Project brochure for pregnant women “What You Need to Know About Wireless Radiation and Your Baby”.

New York State Teachers Union

·                  Hosted a Webinar: Risks of wireless technologies and protecting children and staff in schools. Read the Press Release on Best Practices For Schools prepared for NYSUT, Download the Guidelines for Safer Use of Wireless Technology in Classrooms

The Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association 

·                  Recommends a wired infrastructure as WIFI “may present a potential Health and Safety risk or hazard in the workplace. Read the Position Statement here.


Los Angeles California Public School District

·                  Uses a RF-EMF Exposure Threshold 10,000 Less Than the FCC Limits: Read it here.  

·                  Passed a Resolution Banning Cell Towers from schools and recommending against WiFi. Read it here.

In fact, PTA’s have a long history of calling for safe technology.

“RESOLVED that the California PTA supports encouraging schools to use cable lines for all communications services on campus and to avoid the endorsement, purchase or use of wireless local area network systems on campus” Fletcher Hills PTA Resolution submitted to the California State PTA