Brandon C.

The Sports Dream

Matildas’ Smashing Win Over Zimbabwe    



         The first goal was barely in the first minute!

This game was phenomenal! The Matildas used lots of teamwork to score their 6 goals. They found space around the keeper and used lots of skill. The first goal was scored by Lisa De Vanna in the first minute. She is a useful player and she has scored in every game in her professional career. Clare Polkinghorne widen the margin in the 13th minute, before  Alanna made it a 3 goal advantage at half time by heading the ball in. It was not long to see that the second half would be the same as the first. Kyah Simon joining in on the action with a 49th minute stinging goal, then Michelle Hayman secured another goal with only 25 minutes to spare. Then the Zimbabwe keeper got an injury before Zimbabwe shot a goal hitting the back of the net.