EPICS Core Telecon 10-Jan-2017

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  1. Progress on AIs
  2. Status
  3. Face-to-face Meetings in 2017
  4. Status, plan and timetable for Base-3.16.1
  5. AOB


Chair: AJ

Present: AJ, GS, HJ, KK, SH, RL, Eric, MD

Minutes: RL

1. Table of AIs




Target Date



Update your headers to contain the header text.





Monitor changes pull request (move Monitor API from pvData to pvAccess; AI from meeting 15-Mar-2016, http://tinyurl.com/zqa3qyp



Test creating a Launchpad project for the bundleCPP module



2. Status

KK: Image client on the CS-Studio side was updated.

HJ: Progress on the RTEMS 4.12 port, using the .../os/… mechanism

3. Face-to-face Meetings in 2017

It seems to be hard to find a date that works for everyone.

If a joint meeting gets pushed towards May, the Core group would probably have a first meeting earlier (Feb/Mar, probably at Argonne).

AI on AJ & EB: Agree on list of dates to circulate to the two groups for matching timetables in May/June. Discuss with GS first to avoid blockers on the FRIB side.

4. Status, plan and timetable for Base-3.16.1

Status is not completely clear; probably still tests to be added and/or improved for newly added features (link support code).

Release process takes at least 4 weeks, so a January release seems to be impossible.

MD’s ‘integration’ branch contains some changes which seem to need more discussion.

GS: Michael is currently under a heavy work-load.

AI on AJ: Look at split locking in the link-support code.

AJ and/or MD will look at link-support testing, last blocker for the release.

MD: Additional changes in integration branch which are not essential but would be nice.

Will publish a timetable when the last blocker code has been merged.

5. AOB

KK: pvAccess optimizes structures, only sending changes; does it do this for arrays?

MD: No.

KK: Transport is pluggable, would that be a way to compress the data? Looking for image support.

MD: AreaDetector has image format flags which would probably be the place to do that.

HJ: We plan to use zlib for compression and decompression with this.

MD: I would like to experiment with this except there are no clients that support it, a function in DIIRT would be one obvious way to do so.

Next Meeting:

MD: I normally have a meeting at this time, could we move it forward (earlier by 1 hour?)

AJ: Discuss online for time & date of next meeting.