Section 1 Tournaments

The YCAGA will conduct a tournament program which may consist of the following tournaments: The Spring Better Ball of Partners, The Interclub Championship, The YCAGA Senior Championship, The York County Amateur Championship, The YCAGA Junior Championship, The Mid-Amateur Championship, The Champion of Champions Championship, and The War of the Roses Challenge. All but the Junior Championship and the War of the Roses will be on a rotation schedule so as to give all clubs the opportunity to host the Championships.

Section 2 Tournament Schedule

The official Tournament Schedule shall be the responsibility of the Tournament Committee. The schedule for the coming season shall be ready for distribution by March 1. The official “Tournament Season” shall be defined as the period between April 1 and October 31 of a given year.

Section 3 Tournament Eligibility

Entries are open to all male amateur golfers who have an established USGA handicap at a member club, and all past champions of a YCAGA Championship (Senior, County Amateur, Mid-Amateur, Junior, or Champion of Champions) who have a USGA handicap and have retained their amateur status, regardless of club affiliation.

Section 4 Tournament Entries & Procedures

Entry applications for the YCAGA tournaments shall originate from and shall be returned to the YCAGA (except by prior arrangement with the Tournament Committee): YCAGA

P.O. Box 7179 York, PA 17404. Entry deadline will be the Monday two weeks prior to the tournament date. Any entries received after the entry deadline unless prior arrangements were made through the Tournament Committee will be placed on a waiting list and will be used in the order that they were received to replace withdrawals or round out the field. Entries may be paid for by cash, check or money order. All entry fees will include a cart fee and the contestant may elect to ride or walk however no refund for the cart fee will be given should the contestant elect to walk.

Section 5 Green Fee Rates

The policy of the YCAGA is to pay the lesser of 80% of the host course’s maximum weekend greens fee plus the normal cart fee or a negotiated fee. This policy does not apply to the Junior Championship.

Section 6 Tournament Purse

The overall tournament purse in any YCAGA event shall be made up of the combined totals of all entry fees and all “Added Money” less green fees, cart fees and administrative fees. All prizes will be awarded as gift certificates. The YCAGA will notify the club as to how many gift certificates are due, and will take care of providing

the club with a list of the players and their home clubs. This will be done by the Tournament Committee.

Section 7 Rules & Procedures

General: All details relating to entries, pairings, stating, scoring, and the play of the game shall be handled by the Tournament Committee with the aid of the Executive Committee and the host professional.

Rules of Play: All tournaments conducted by the YCAGA shall be played under the Rules of Golf as approved by the United States Golf Association.

a.) All local rules or modifications to the USGA Rules of Golf shall be approved by the Rules Committee and the Tournament Committee and such local rules and/or modifications shall be posted in a conspicuous location at the tournament site. In addition, it shall be mandatory that a rules sheet is printed for each tournament and at least one copy of this rules sheet is given to each pairing of contestants.

Conduct of Event:

a.) The Tournament Director shall oversee all aspects of each tournament and shall be in charge of all personnel who assist in the conduct of the tournament.

b.) The Tournament Director shall be responsible to see that the pairings and times published on the official pairing sheet are strictly followed in the starting of contestants. He or she shall carry out to the letter the rules of the Tournament Committee governing lateness.

c.) The Tournament Director shall designate a rules official, official starter, and scorekeeper.

Size of Tournament Field:

a.) The Tournament Committee reserves the right to alter tee times and/or pairing configurations if they deem it is in the best interest of the event to do so. These may include tee time interval changes, pairings in foursomes, two-tee starts, etc. These changes will be made only in the event where the size of the field will not conveniently accommodate the prescribed tee time intervals.

b.) It is the intent of the Tournament Committee to accommodate every player who enters an event by the entry deadline (in events where the field size is not limited). Such a contingency plan will allow the Tournament Committee to accommodate more players without sacrificing the integrity of the event.

Tournament Pairings:

a.) Pairings and starting times shall be made by the Tournament Committee. The pairings and starting times published on the official pairings sheet shall be final. There will be no substitution, no exchanges, and no deviations from this official list, other than as allowed in Section 4 above.

b.) In the event that two contestants are absent from a group in either a three’s pairing or a foursome pairing, the Starter shall break the next following pairing, and shall start the four or six players as two groups of two or three couples as close as possible to the original starting times.

c.) Regardless of the situation, under no circumstances shall a contestant be granted a time different from the originally assigned to him on the official pairing sheet.

d.) When pairings are done on-site for multi-day events, players will be paired according to score (high to low). The Tournament Committee reserves the right to alter this if circumstances warrant. Pairings will be determined by the summary board on a last-in, first-out basis.

Lateness For Starting Time (Rule 6-3):

a.) USGA Rule 6-3 (Time of Starting and Groups) shall apply to all late starters. In the absence of circumstances which warrant waiving the penalty of disqualification as provided in Rule 33-7, if the player arrives at his/her starting point, ready to play, within five minutes of his/her starting time, the penalty for failure to start on time is two-strokes in stroke play instead of disqualification.

b.) It is the responsibility of the player to be at the starting tee at his/her designated starting time. The YCAGA staff will not be responsible for seeking out players in order to ensure that they are ready to play at their designated tee time.

c.) Team: If no member of the team is on the tee at the scheduled tee time, the team will be assessed a two (2) stroke penalty for each ball which is to be counted in the event; i.e., one (1) better ball event – two (2) stroke penalty; two (2) better ball event – four (4) stroke penalty. After the five (5) minute grace period has passed, the late team member(s) will be allowed to join his team on the tee of the next hole that they are scheduled to play. If the team (at least one member for each ball, which is to be counted) is not present within the five (5) minute grace period, the team shall be disqualified. If the team show up after the five (5) minutes, they will be allowed to play but will not be eligible for any prizes.

Slow Play: The YCAGA stresses the importance of promoting awareness among its

players to maintain an acceptable pace of play in its events. The following procedures will apply to all YCAGA events.

a.) The four stroke rule will be in effect for all events. If a group is four strokes behind the group in front of them they are out of position. Example: Group walking off a par 4 hole and group behind is teeing off, they are out of position. Group walking off tee after playing a par 3 and the group behind is teeing off on the par 3, they are out of position.

b.) When a group is out of position, and are being timed, any player in the group who incurs a “bad time” will be assessed the following penalties.


1. First offense: Warning

2. Second offense: One (1) stroke penalty

3. Third offense: An additional one (1) stroke penalty

4. Fourth offense : Disqualification

c.) “Bad times” are defined as follows: When a player takes more than 45 seconds to play a stroke when it is clearly that player’s turn to play (i.e. when the player arrives at his/her ball, or if a second shot, when the fellow competitor’s ball is clearly at rest) and the player can play without interference or distraction. During any given round “bad times” are cumulative (i.e. they will stay with the player even if the group gets back into position and then falls out of position later in the round.)

d.) Any player who is penalized shall be immediately informed after playing from the teeing ground of the next hole or, in the event of a penalty during play of the last hole of the round, at the scoring table.

Discontinuation of Play:

a.) A competitor shall not discontinue play, except in those cases where he suffers a sudden illness or in cases of bad weather.

b.) The Tournament Committee may authorize the suspension of play because of a dangerous situation and/or unplayable conditions. Such suspension of play shall be signaled by one prolonged blast of the siren/horn; Resumption will be signaled by three short blasts of the siren, repeated.

c.) In a one day event, if weather conditions (rain or the like) cause discontinuation of play before the complete field has finished, the following policy will apply:

1) If 75% of the starting field has completed play and it will be unfeasible for the others to do so on that day the

tournament pay out shall be re-calculated on the basis of the number of completing play. Those participants unable to complete play shall be deemed non-competitors and will be refunded their entry fee less and fees required by the host club. If less than 75% of the starting field completed play, the event bell be postponed or canceled. A “No Card” and “Disqualification” are considered part of the field while a “Withdraw” is not.

d.) In shotgun start events, on a single course, where a rain delay makes the completion of 18 holes an impossibility, winners be determined by taking the maximum number of holes everyone in the field has played, and determine scores in relation to par for the holes each group has played. A minimum number of nine (9) holes must be completed by every group in order for this policy to be in effect. If one group fails to complete at least nine (9) holes, there will be no winners for the event. The YCAGA will have the discretion to work with the host club in determining any refunds or rescheduling.

e.) In Point, Senior Point and War of the Roses Point events, 100% of the field MUST complete play of the event in order for points to be awarded. During multi-day events, if the entire field cannot complete the event, the tournament will be reduced to the last completed round that the entire field completed.


a.) Unless otherwise specified, there will be a playoff for first place in the gross division of all Championships. Before the start of play, the Rules Sheet shall state the playoff procedures for each event. Playoff plans may be altered at the discretion of the Tournament Committee. All other ties will split, with the player cashing in only one division, wherever he earns the larger prize.

b.) Players are responsible for being present at the designated time for any playoff. The YCAGA is not responsible for getting players to the designated tee for a playoff. In cases where two or more players are involved in a playoff, any player(s) not showing at the designated tee at their appointed time lose their right to complete for first place, and all such individuals will spit second place (even though one or more players did show but did not win the playoff).


a.) The maximum allowable handicap (unless otherwise specified) will be 36.


a.) A caddie or electric/gas cart may be used by a contestant or he/she may elect to carry their  own bag.

Section 8 Meeting Days – Playing Privileges

It has been the practice within the courses that belong to the YCAGA to allow YCAGA officers and representatives playing privileges at the course which is hosting the event on the Monday prior to the event. There has in the past, been no charge for playing that day, except for cart usage when the courses have chosen to charge YCAGA members. We continue to appreciate the privilege of playing YCAGA courses, and remind those officers and representatives that the privilege extends to only those planning to attend the meeting.

Section 9 Spring Better Ball

The Spring Better Ball tournament is generally held during the second or third Saturday in April. It is a one day event featuring play by two partners in a better ball format. There are both gross and net divisions. Gift certificates are awarded as prizes with the overall champions in the gross division being awarded plaques in addition to the certificates. Player of the Year and War of the Roses points for this event are split between the players. No senior points are awarded for this event, other than entry points. There is no invitation to the Champion of Champions for winning this event. Players tying for first in the net division will split first and second unless otherwise specified. A playoff is used only for the gross division Championship, all other ties are split.

Section 10 Interclub Championship

The Interclub Championship is a tournament in which four players from each member club compete using the three best individual scores and the best ball of the four to arrive at a total team score. Individuals may also entry this tournament and compete for the individual prizes as well as points. The tournament will generally be held the second or third Saturday or Sunday in May. This is a scratch tournament with plaques awarded to the club, to individual members of the team, and the low score of the tournament, along with gift certificates. Player of the Year, Senior Player of the Year and War of the Roses points are awarded in this tournament based on individual scores. In the event of a tie for the Championship a sudden death playoff will determine the winner. There is no invitation to the Champion of Champions for winning this event.

Section 11 Seniors Championship

The Seniors Championship is reserved for players fifty and older, and will generally be played on the second Sunday in June. This tournament has both a gross and net format, but the Senior Champion is the player who shoots the low gross score. The Champion will receive a plaque, plus a traveling trophy and gift certificate. The Championship also carries with it a lifetime invitation to the Champion of Champions Tournament. The other formats consist of age brackets with prizes in both gross and net. A playoff is used only for the overall Championship all other ties are split. Senior Points only are awarded in this event.

Section 12 York County Amateur Championship

The York County Amateur Championship is the premier event of the YCAGA season, and is a two day tournament. This is a gross championship only, with the handicap index determining the maximum of 120 players who may play in the field. This tournament is generally played the third Saturday and Sunday of July. The second day the field is cut to the low 40 scores and ties, plus any other players within five shots of the lead. The first day medalist will receive the Tom Keenan Medalist Award a traveling trophy presented by Cool Creek Golf Club. In the event of a tie for medalist both names are placed on the plaque and the award is shared. In an event of a tie for first place a sudden death playoff will determine the winner. All other awards will be split. The Champion will receive a Traveling Trophy, plus plaque and gift certificate. Player of the Year, Senior Player of the Year and War of the Roses points are awarded in this event. This Championship also carries a lifetime invitation to the Champion of Champions.

Section 13 YCAGA Junior Championship

The Junior Championship will generally be held the first Monday in August and will be arranged for and conducted by the Junior Committee. Awards for the tournament are determined by the committee except that the winner shall receive a lifetime invitation to the Champion of Champions tournament. The entry fee, eligibility requirements, awards and tournament format will be on the entry form.

Section 14 Mid-Amateur Championship

The Mid-Amateur Championship is held for players that are 30 year or older as of the tournament date. The tournament is generally held on the last Saturday or Sunday in August. This is a gross and net tournament with gross and net prizes awarded in age categories. The overall Champion is the lowest gross score and he receives a plaque and gift certificate. In the event of a tie there will be a sudden death playoff. All other awards will be split. Player of the Year, Senior Player of the Year and War of the Roses points are awarded in this event. This Championship also carries a lifetime invitation to the Champion of Champions.

Section 15 Champion of Champions

The Champion of Champions tournament is traditionally held on the second Sunday in September. This tournament is both a gross and net tournament. This is an invitation only tournament, in which a player earns an invitation by winning the YCAGA Seniors Championship, York County Amateur Championship, YCAGA Junior Championship, Mid-Amateur Championship, or winning a Club Championship, or (since 1990) a Senior Club Championship. The overall Champion is the lowest gross score and he receives a Traveling Trophy, plaque and gift certificate. In the event of a tie there will be a sudden death playoff. All other awards will be split. Player of the Year, Senior Player of the Year and War of the Roses points are awarded in this event.

Section 16 War of the Roses

The War of the Roses is a two day challenge match between the top twelve players in the YCAGA and the top twelve players in the Lancaster County Golf Association. This will be a 54 hole event played over a Saturday and Sunday. The format will be eighteen holes of alternate shot, eighteen holes of four ball (better ball of partners), followed by twelve singles matches on Sunday. There will also be a Captain chosen by the Executive Committee. Ten players on the YCAGA War of the Roses point list will be chosen consecutively. The remaining two players will be at-large picks by the Captain not necessarily associated with the point system.

Section 17 Special Awards and Entitlements

1.) Players who win a club championship or a senior club championship at a YCAGA club qualify for a special award, and earn a lifetime invitation to the YCAGA Champion of Champions Tournament. This special award is given only one time and only to club champions.

2.) Players who win one of the following are entitled to a lifetime invitation to the YCAGA Champion of Champions Tournament.

a.) YCAGA Senior Championship

b.) York County Amateur Championship

c.) YCAGA Junior Championship

d.) Mid-Amateur Championship


3.) Man of the Year is an award which is given to an individual who, in the opinion of the committee, has done the most for golf in York County in the past year. This award may be presented to a golfer or non-golfer and is not restricted in any way. The Executive Director prepares a list of candidates for this committee, who vote for one person. This award may or may not be given on an annual basis.

4.) Lifetime Member is a prestigious award given to a person who has made great contributions, generally over a period of time to the YCAGA. This can be to a man or woman and is not restricted in any way. The voting membership, upon recommendation of the Executive Committee votes on this person.

5.) Hall of Fame

Section 18 Awards and Hall of Fame Luncheon or Dinner

The Awards and Hall of Fame luncheon or dinner should be held at the end of the season after the War of the Roses. The purpose is to recognize all award winners and sponsors from the past golfing season.