Sixth UUU IRC meeting agenda

  1. Committee member BUC registration 
  2. Paying for the sports hall so far we only have four committee members registered (thats £200 and we need £400)
  3. Update of BUC registration so far
  4. BUC 2013 Non Unicycling events - Games, Activities, Video Competition
  5. BUC Show
  6. BUC Workshops - Hockey, Street, Trials, Freestyle, Flatland etc.
  7. Needed equipment: Soundsystem, materials for street/trials, projector
  8. BUC weekend schedule (rough draft of competition times etc.)
  9. Getting volunteers
  10. People charging their phones at BUC?
  11. UUU Website
  12. Making Unicycling a recognised sport in the UK
  13. Non riders/competitors registering and attending
  14. Flatland: judges needed + commentator (links to point 8)

List of suggested events

Wheel walking comp

slow race

silly games (gladiators, stuc, in the mud) - friday and saturday

video competition

workshops (1hr slots)

evening show (freestyle + voodoo demo)

saturday party.


flatland (2hrs) - 3-5 judges needed and comentator

street (1hr30)

trials (beginner and advanced) (4hrs total) many judges needed

freestyle (1-2 hrs) - make part of show

hockey (fixed schedule)