Thinking Blocks Fractions  Free for iPad

Mirror this app to your laptop or TV. Read the Word problem and the Instructions. Talk about which label should go where and why. Tap Check!



Read the feedback and move the blocks and tap check.

Move the numbers and question marks to the right places and tap check.



Read the instructions and tap in the answer. At this point I would be asking students to solve the problem, using whatever strategy/app/method is the best

In this example I have used Number Frames to solve the problem.


And here we have used Explain Everything to show our working out.

Type in the answer. Once the students have got the idea, then I would leave them alone to carry on. A follow up activity would be to get them to create their own problems on a colloborative Google Slide presentation or in PowerPoint or Keynote. These can then be presented to the group for solving at the next session as a warm up activity.