Consultant, FH Center Director, Youth Activities, and High Priest Group Leader Helps

This section will continually be updated as we receive more FS blogs, and ideas from Consultants around the world. A powerpoint presentation on how the Ward Council, High Priest Group Leaders and Consultants work together according to the Handbook of Instructions. If you have good ideas to share with others on how to further Family History in our wards and stakes, and with youth, please send to

1a - Temple and Family History Consultant Planner - Aug. 2017

Consultants, High Priest Group Leaders and Ward Council - powerpoint - Jan 2017

This is a collection of links to articles published by FamilySearch and the Consultant Section of on helping Consultants do their jobs. There is also a section titled Consultants Helping Consultants where advice and good ideas abound.

            This is a collection of links to articles published by FamilySearch and the Youth Section of on  

                helping Youth to engage in Family History.

           This is a site jam packed with consultant helps, from Church leaders, bloggers, handbooks,  

              websites, to advice from fellow consultants. All in one place. Helpful.

              This is a site by James Tanner regarding so many issues genealogists would be interest in. Included in the

                link provided is The Changing Times of Genealogy. Other great blog posts can be accessed by clicking on  

                the links provided. This site will help consultants/genealogists keep abreast of the latest technology.

                 This excellent presentation by Kathryn Grant will be very useful to consultants trying to implement the

                 nuanced emphases from the Mike Sandberg RootsTech16 presentation. It is a great step forward from the

                 previous Find, Take, Teach slogan delivered early on to youth. This is a much more measured, careful, and

                  spiritual approach.