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Laura Turo, 315-256-0528,


Title:  Use your subconscious to make visual stories

The presentation I am proposing would be about how to create a body of work based on subconscious thoughts and doodles.   I recently got back into making paintings after 7 years away, and jump started the body of work by looking back at doodles and quick sketches.  I will highlight to attendees on how to use their subconscious drawings to feed the “why” behind their work.  After graduating from undergrad, I have had to think about how you generate a body of work independently without always having a community of artists around you to bounce ideas off of.   “Normal people” have to make work within the confines of everyday working life.   Besides challenging the audience to focus on their doodles and review recurrent themes in their sketchbooks, the question I will ask them is to think about how to bring the aspect of sculpture; interaction of the work with the space it’s in.  (Such as… how do your paintings interact in the space they are in, with the space?, and how do the characters interact in the space they are in within the painting; how much of this is from subconscious thought?  What are you expressing through your work?  Why?)

Attendees would learn the subconscious and sculptural thought processes I have walked through in making my most recent body of work, as well as share techniques and hopefully make this an interactive presentation with attendees; to talk about shared experiences of bringing the sketchbook onto a larger format (canvas).


See the iterations below:

1:  Doodle to painting

2: Subconscious drawing to paintings:    

3: Much more work on

Time:  I would prefer to present on Saturday morning, likely for 20-30  minutes.

Needs: projector, internet

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As transient human beings on this plant, we only have time to enjoy what we observe, and select what we take and participate in during our lives. The vision of my artwork is to bring “visual songs” to people's lives; the way music brings emotion to people’s ears and souls.

I attended to the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University to study ceramic sculpture, but also focused in painting and ceramic engineering.   I earned a BFA in Ceramics in 2009, have taught many art workshops; including programs at the Everson Museum of Art, Creative Arts Centers, and worked at custom ceramics & tile studio in Syracuse NY.  Graduating college in 2009 brought me to the amazing northwest to work as a ceramic researcher at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and have since transitioned to Merrill Lynch.   Although my day career differs from the studio, making is an integral part of my life and is what ultimately brings me joy, and I want to be able to share that joy with others.