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Read one of the following books about literacy: The Book Whisperer or Reading in the Wild by Donalyn Miller, Book Love by Penny Kittle, Readicide by Kelly Gallagher, Reading Ladders by Teri Lesesne, The Reading Zone by Nancie Atwell, Yellow Brick Roads by Janet Allen, Igniting A Passion for Reading by Steven Layne, Free Voluntary Reading by Stephen Krashen or consult with your librarian for an alternate title.

Task #1: Reflecting On Your Reading Life

Read this blog post, Learning to Read Is Not Enough. Your Students Need a Reading Champion, by Jennifer LaGarde

Share your thoughts using Flipgrid to respond. Link provided in Google Classroom.

Task #2: Literary TED Talks

Watch one (or more) of the 10 Best Literary TED Talks or the 12 Must Watch TED Talks for Teachers.

Use this graphic organizer to get a better understanding of the speech. Use the Notability app or Kami Chrome Extension to write on the PDF. Instructions for installing Chrome Extensions are provided.

Task #3: Book Access

Read the blog post, Desertification, by Donalyn Miller.

Try out one of the following tech tools to increase access to books: 1. Overdrive, Hoopla or Flipster at the public library, 2. SYNC YA, 3. Netgalley

Share in the comments which tool you used and how these tools can be used to increase book access for yourself and your students.

Task #4: Beyond the Reading Log and Book Report

Read the blog post, The Reading Rules We Would Never Follow As Adult Readers, by Pernille Ripp

Listen to the podcast, Rethinking Reading Logs, on the Books Between site. Shaelynn Farnsworth’s post, 6 Alternatives to Reading Logs, is mentioned in the podcast.

There are many tools and ideas to explore, but for this task I'm asking that you create a Booksnap using Pic Collage, Buncee, Google Drawings or tool of your choice. This link will explain Booksnaps and how to create them. Create a Booksnap about a professional or YA book you're reading and share in the comments below.

Task #5: Reflection and Preparation for the 17-18 Year

Let’s lay the groundwork for next year. Answer the following reflection questions about your professional book and the tech tasks you’ve completed in this course.

  1. How has your professional book impacted your beliefs about literacy in the classroom?
  2. How do you plan to implement some of the literacy instructional strategies from your professional book into your classroom?
  3. Which tech tool shared in this course was your favorite? Why?
  4. How do you plan to use one or more of the tech tools shared in this course in your classroom?