ISSFHK Netball Rules

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All cut offs are as of Sept 1.

If your athlete is 12 but was still 11 on Sept 1, 2016 then they are U12

If your athlete is 14 now but was 13 on Sept 1 2016, then still U14

Arranging Fixtures:

School in bold to host fixture

Where no bold - schools can organise between themselves

Fixture must be played within the specified week given in table


For WET weather/pollution etc.; host school to make the call as early as possible (min 2 hours pre game)

Please telephone and speak to coach directly (do not email)

Try to rearrange as early  as early as possible

Game Duration:

Single match 4 x 10 min quarters

Triangular or multiple games: 4 x 10 mins or 2 x 15 mins. (Coaches discretion dependant on how much time is available)