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We have been learning to be Scientists

Success criteria:

  • Pose an inquiry question around

  • Create and and write an experiment to help find out

  • Make an hypothesis                                

  • Explain the importance of fair testing                                                        

  • Make observational notes

  • Label a diagram

  • Make conclusions


My comment:

in term 2 riya siaed plans need soill so in the clas we eckspermntid are onn one with plastick lansh bags. we oso youst tishos and seedsevry secind day we chect it and wotid awr plants. same tims we fagot to chek or wota them. the onlly thing yhat grow was weds.

in the nest capoll of wecs we mad a...venn dygram we witied and resosht abut plants to no mor aabut living plants. do you wont to find out mor  abat  plants.just in 2 wecks we had a now exspermnt to lon. little seeds that orede gomnatid so lidya and ava wota them evry secind day.woshing and woshing for days and days exzobing qeshtins abt sincs of plants.

was the one outside will grow and the one in the freg will die.We had to make a materials my list was three jars one lape or heter,soil,three growen plants,put in freg,

this is my vocab

cotyldon,radicle,habitat,food store,embryo,gravity,

Kelly’s comment:

It was great to see you worked with others to make an experiment to help you find out and learn Juliette. You are able to come up with a science question and make an experiment.