Helpers Help Out! Show #1 Questions

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  1. Does Google plan to do any more advertising to drive people to Helpouts? I look at my google analytics page and can see that Google is throwing adwords campaigns at the platform +ChrisHubbell
  2. Lots of people don't even know what is Helpouts. I believe Google should help us there. my listing is free; I was sitting online - not 1 person showed. Google will conduct promotions from time to time. But there is much we can do oursels, as others have highlighted in the community. -- Al Navas
    Have you thought about sharing your listing on Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIN, etc? If all the current providers will share their listing, talk about Helpouts to their family, friends, work colleagues, etc it will help drive traffic to your listing and make other people aware of Helpouts. I believe Google will help promote but in the meantime spread the voice as much as you can, there is about 1000 of us if we let 100 people each know about Helpouts that’s already 100000 people! +Nicola Minichiello
    Have you tried the promote button +eng Ung
  3. Does it seem there is a best time to be available for Helpouts? What times are best? 5am - 10pm est after 10pm est I start getting kids prank calling more. 12 -4 est has the most traffic for me. +ChrisHubbell
    For the UK (GMT) you can be available anywhere from 10am until 3am with peak hours being between 5pm and 12am. +Nicola Minichiello
    Sydney time 4am - 7am Sydney time works great for me.
    Most of the traffic is US, europe (UK…) +Eng UNG
  4. Can there be a way that we can all helpout for free amongst just us ? It’s a good idea +RavindraGalhena
  5. The number of people looking and trying to connect has dropped off considerably. Does anyone know what google is doing about this?
  6. I hope we're recording this, the connection keeps cutting out. - +Eng UNG
    Eng, hangouts act strangely, sometimes. If this is a recurring problem in your area, please submit feedback to Google+ or to the Helpouts Team, as they work closely. All shows will be recorded, and can be watched later. Sorry about the funky connection! -- Al Navas
  7. Have had my Helpout listing for a couple of weeks now & no matter how many times I am available I have never had any takers/clients. My listing is solid, what I am doing wrong? I suspect you are NOT doing anything wrong. However, since Helpouts is so new, it might take a while to build your Helpouts reputation (i.e., reviews) and clientele. As much as it goes against your grain, might you be willing to arrange for low-low price per minute, just to get some highly positive reviews? I hope others will comment on this, too. Please look at #11, below -- Al Navas

        I too have had no helpouts at this stage that people are willing to pay for. However I think most people here in Australia dont even know about the service and what it can offer. Dont be disheartened, hopefully once it gains traction it may be easier. Getting at least a dozen reviews so your listing is near the top would be a good idea, and the best way to do this is offer free assistance for the first dozen clients. (Damian Harland)

I can only recommend going free until you actually build some feedback, I don’t mean 1 or 2 reviews I mean at least 10/20 or more. That way you will make potential payers more willing to pay for your services. If someone else in your category with the same offer as yours has more positive feedback than you it will drive potential users away from you. That’s how I feel about it and seems to be working for me (with a free listing). +Nicola Minichiello

  1. Anyone got any ideas if the hoodies are still being sent out ? Yes. I got mine only a few days ago. -- Al Navas
  2. I was just able to get to a computer but I have been watching from my tablet. Thanks guys for putting this together! Appreciate all the help and support everyone has done in this community.
  3. I thought we were joining live. Sorry! We will have a small panel every week, but we look forward to the contribution of many in the community! -- Al Navas
  4. Have you considered doing a low pay option in place of free to encourage people to show? Yes. This is one of the best ways to get good reviews quickly. Chris Hubbell had excellent advice during the show! -- Al Navas
  5. When is the Next show ? Next week. Please look for an Event announcement in Google+, and in the community. Best place to follow up, as it consolidates everything related to the show, is
  6. Can I join the hang out (live)? Sorry! Only the invited panelists can join live in the Hangout on Air. 
  7. I have 2 approved Helpouts and have them both chosen as available. If someone comes in the 2nd helpout, will they go to waiting. You might be able to avoid this schedule nightmare if you separate your Availability into two separate time blocks. It requires a little more care when setting up the schedule, but it’s worth the hassle to someone not willing to wait, but rather know they, and only they, have a time slot. -- Al Navas
  8. Chris & Debbie's testimony has been helpful. It's great when I connect with someone, but disappointing with no-shows. Also, I ran out of free slots & fielded dozens of emails from people begging. A referral network would be great. Why can't we share?
  9. I as a Yoga teacher feel the need of a group helpouts. It will make it appealing for providers as well as seekers. Any plans yet? We submitted this to the Helpouts Team; I believe it being given high priority. However, some hurdles must be overcome, such as how to charge each individual in a group setting. We hope to hear from the Helpouts Team soon, and preferably before we get full-blown into the Holiday Season!  -- Al Navas
  10. Can anyone join the panel or is it invite only? Only people with an invitation can enter the hangout. For Hangouts on Air, everyone not IN the hangout can follow the streaming video. Thanks for your interest! Let us know what aspect you would like to discuss, as we are lining up panelists for future shows. -- Al Navas
  11. Chris, How are you promoting your Helpouts? I Reciently bought the domain
    I also bought a domain It only cost me $2.95 for the first year as part of a go daddys special offer. (Damian Harland)
    I have, which re-directs to my Helpouts Listings. Note: All of these are typically re-directed to the corresponding listings, for promotional reasons. The URL can be easily included in Twitter, FB, Google+, etc. It also is quite short, to include in email, business cards, and all other correspondence. -- Al Navas
  12. I have my blog, I want them to promote each other +RavindraGalhena
  13. Someone gave me a horrible SPAM review do i get rid of this?! There was only a pair of shoes on the other end and someone singing. I flagged it. But this looks bad on my listing. Login to helpouts. On the upper right there is a  <?>.  Choose the email option for subject choose “Dispute a review”. State your case in the message. +ChrisHubbell
  14. Mic and camera are indeed needed for video conf.
  15. I was wondering why is (the) Surface is not compatible with Hangouts?
    Microsoft and Google are not the best of friends at the moment so most Google Services are not available on the platform yet. This may change in the future when Google will deem the platform “popular” enough to be worth the investment. +Nicola Minichiello.
  16. What is the software again...and can we get a discounted version? it will be great for the Helpouts listeners. I believe this refers to Sacha’s sketching program. The program she uses is SketchBook Pro, by AutoDesk. -- Al Navas 
    Google Docs has a sketch program and is build into hangouts / Helpouts. It’s not as fancy but you may want to give it a go. +ChrisHubbell
  17. I would like to change the write up about the listing to make my listing unique, But I have fear of putting my listing on pending...What is your advise? If you edit your listing your old version stays live until the new one is approved. +ChrisHubbell
  18. Debbie: for your Android Helpout, do you just use the web cams to look at each other's screen? Or something else?
  19. How long will we be the ambassadors before the public is invited to apply as providers? Is a date set for new providers to join? As far as I know, Google has not sent out new invites -- Al Navas
  20. I noticed that not all Apps did not load when I went to do a helpout? Any reason why? Like Hangout Toolbox etc. That is correct. However, once you load it, it will be available as soon as you enter the hangout. Also, remember to save your Lower Third, either as the regular Lower Third, or as an overlay. In Settings you can select whether you want the Lower Third selection. It is a neat way to automate the entire process! -- Al Navas
  21. Does the potential customer need to have gmail ? How does someone without a Google Wallet pay on a regular credit card ?
  22. I would like to involve my daughters school to get a helpouts for trying remote educational lessons for kids who travel for long time with parents....So classes for globe trotter kids? Who would like to help me help my daughter's school? As I understand your question, you would like to know how the parents who are travelling with the children can connect in a hangout? I will be glad to help. -- Al Navas
  23. Camera is not bouncing but we heard people typing FYI.  My fault. I will request guests to mute their mics when typing. Sometimes we forget, in the fog of battle. -- Al Navas
  24. Does the potential customer need to have gMail ? How does someone without a Google Wallet pay on a regular credit card ? I thought you guys were answering live questions. Is that correct ?
  25. Two variations of questions on finding Profiles for people:
  1. Where do you see the G+ profiles?  For the Providers, when you are in the Summary view of their Listings, click on the link under their photo (“Google+ profile”). --  Al Navas
  2. Hi Sacha- I was wondering WHERE to find the G+ profiles listed within the Helpouts area, that you just mentioned.... For the clients you must search manually. Copy their name, and search in the Helpouts web site. If you cannot locate them there, try searching Google+: Paste their name in the Google+ search box, and conduct a search. If neither search brings the client’s page, it is possible they joined earlier than the merging of Google assets under one login --  Al Navas (sorry that I am not Sacha.)
  1. Where is the source of the hangout? Hangouts originate in the U.S., at one or more of the Data Centers. There is a complete Hangouts Team, responsible for all updates to the system. However, I am not sure whether hangouts are hosted at Mountain View, California. For the first Show: Sacha is in Toronto, and I am just North of Kansas City, Missouri. Our guests were on the East and West Coasts of the U.S. -- Al Navas
  2. We heard all of you set up. Very interesting behind the screens! Good stuff! Thanks! It was Sacha’s suggestion that we go live prior to the show. The audio-only will be up soon; I will post the link to it. -- Al Navas
  3. Do we need Cameras and Mics set up? Only if you are an invited guest and are IN the hangout will you need a mic and webcam. To follow the streaming video you need only a suitable device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone). The Q&A streams well on my smartphone! -- Al Navas
  4. Any suggestion for a per min fee? Please. The only advice I have is look at who is competing in your catagory. Remember when you price your listing that Google is going to take 20% +ChrisHubbell

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