Frogger Game: Getting Started

In this project you will be building your own arcade game. Once finished, your game should look as shown on this video:

Frogger Game Description

Your implementation must at minimum follow the basic functionality, but you can add additional optional functionality to your game, if you wish.

Basic Functionality

In this game you have a Player and Enemies (Bugs). The goal of the player is to reach the water, without colliding into any one of the enemies. The player can move left, right, up and down. The enemies move in varying speeds on the paved block portion of the scene. Once a the player collides with an enemy, the game is reset and the player moves back to the start square. Once the player reaches the water the game is won.

Additional Functionality

In addition to the basic functionality, you can add more cool functionality to your game. For example, here are some additional features that you can add:

Getting Started

You won’t have to build the game from scratch. We have provided the art assets and game engine for you. You can download or clone them from our repository.

The repository contains css, images, and js folders, as well as an index.html and a file. Once you have downloaded the files we have provided, you will have to edit app.js to build the game.

Inside the app.js file, you will need to implement the Player and the Enemy classes, using Object-Oriented JavaScript. Part of the code for the Enemy is provided to you, and you will need to complete the following:

You will also need to implement the Player class, and you can use the Enemy class as an example on how to get started. At minimum you should implement the following:

Once you have completed implementing the Player and Enemy, you should instantiate them by:

Adding your own

If you would like you can add additional functionality to the game. You can add more code to the app.js file and to the Enemy and Player classes to accomplish that.