Frequently Asked Questions | Bull Search

1. How do I register for a login?

a. Click on the login button and select Register

b. When registering, make sure you select the correct user type (ABS customer, employee, representative or distributor)

c. Note: ABS employees, representatives or distributors must be approved by an administrator before gaining access

2. What are the login capabilities for each user type?

a. ABS Customer:

i. Save an advanced search criteria for future use

b. ABS Employee, Distributor, Representative:

i. Save an advanced search criteria for future use

ii. Save a list of bulls (My Bulls List)

iii. Create a customized proposal for a customer

3. What if I forgot my password?

a. Click on the login button, type in your email address that you used when you created your account, and then click on Forgot password?

b. An administrator will need to contact you by email with a new password, this may take up to 3 business days

4. How do I view My Bulls List?

a. After you have logged in to your account, click on the button that says your name

b. A drop down list will appear, click My Bulls List

5. How do I get back to the main page with the list of bulls?

a. The logo in the top left corner acts as a “Home Page” button, simply click on it and it will take you back to the main page

6. Why does the list of bulls showing up change when I select a different country?

a. Each country has their own list of bulls that they are actively marketing, these are the bulls shown in the main view and in the advanced search

7. Can I search for bulls that are not available in my market?

a. Yes! The search box in the top right corner can search for any ABS bull (past or present) and other popular industry bulls as well

8. How can I get the main list to show only bulls I’m interested in?

a. Check the boxes next to the bulls you want to view and click Show Selected Bulls Only

b. If you want to see all of the bulls again at any point, click Show All Bulls, which only appears after you have clicked Show Selected Bulls Only

9. Where does this information / data come from?

a. Each animal has specific source information for where the data is coming from that can be found on the bull detail pages

b. Bull Search is pulls this information from Bovine, which is our central location for all of the data we obtain at sire summary

10. Is Bull Search connected to anything else like DAL, GMS, CRM, or Oracle?

a. Bull Search is connected to the Digital Asset Library for all of the pictures you see displayed throughout the tool.

b. At this time, it is not connected to any other entities such as GMS, CRM or Oracle.

11. I am having some trouble while using the ABS Bull Search tool?

a. Contact with any issues you run into or with any questions you may have.

12. I would like a new feature to be added to the tool that is not currently available?

a. Contact Mitch Amundson with any new features that you would like to request.