Ms. Gesualdi’s Calculus Class Project - 2015

  1. - has a lot of fun features like hand gestures, whiteboard writing, and fun cartoon characters. Free accounts are limited to 5 minutes. That’s plenty of time! An advantage of PowToon is that you can upload to YouTube and reach a global audience. Please do that! Do not use the pre-defined templates; use the Start from Scratch option.
  2. - allows you to first create the visuals and then record the audio separately and in small chunks, has a nice doodle tool, and encourages interaction in comments from others. You need to create the slideshow on a computer, but you can do the audio commentary on mobile devices. Include at least four slides and include questions that encourage others to comment.

Note: Both of these sites offer free accounts. They both encourage you to upgrade to a paid account, but you don’t need to do that to complete these assignments.

  1. Google Drawing: Select Drawing from the Google Drive Create option
  2. Canva: Has lots of vibrant graphic elements, many free. Don’t select items that have a $1 cost unless you want to pay for them.
  3. PicMonkey Easy editing, backgrounds, and more

View previous class videos on library website

PowToon Help

Example of an “explainer video”

PowToon Tutorials page

Calculus class examples from last year:


Check examples to view for ideas of how this tool works from previous year’s projects

Some other good examples:

Surfing and Math

Calculus in Action - Baseball


Simple math problem shows doodle capability for writing

Differential Equations

For more, go to VoiceThread Browse, and search for Math, Calculus, Algebra, etc.

A VoiceThread tutorial

Ms. Gesualdi will be using these videos for next year’s students, and we will be posting all of your videos on the MCHS Library website for other students to see, so create a video that others will benefit from and of which you will be proud!

When you are done, complete this Google Form to let us know where to find your project online.

Due Date: To Be Announced

Some tips for VoiceThread:

Tips for PowToon:

  1. First set up your entire visual presentation In PowToon.
  2. Then, while you are watching it, make an audio recording using a separate tool like Audacity.
  3. I would probably record in chunks, and then, edit those chunks into the one needed audio file to import.
  4. Finally, upload the audio file to PowToon. When you do, you can adjust the volume. You can also have a separate music track.







Poor choice of problem

Acceptable choice of problem

Good choice of problem

Thoroughly thought out and developed problem


Poorly developed solution and explanation

Adequate solution and explanation

Well thought out and developed solution, demonstrating a very good explanation of the concept

Thoroughly thought out and developed solution, demonstrating an excellent explanation of the concept

Video creation

Video poorly developed; doesn’t take much advantage of features of the tool selected.

Little originality demonstrated. No storyboard/script created.

Adequate video, using some of the features of the tool selected. Some demonstration of originality of approach. Minimal storyboard/scrip.

Good video with some engaging elements. Takes advantage of multiple features of the tool selected in appropriate ways. Good demonstration of originality of approach. Adequately-planned storyboard/script.

Excellent video that engages audience. Demonstrates mastery of the features of the tool selected. Demonstrates very original approach. Well-planned storyboard/script.

Proper use of sources and credits

Does not demonstrate respect for copyright laws.

Demonstrates some effort to abide by copyright laws and cite sources.

Uses only original, public domain, or Creative Commons images, and includes proper credit for these.

Takes full advantage of the availability of  original, public domain, and Creative Commons images, and includes proper credit for these.