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To: The Fisherman [fisherman.consoleT202384a23501bn22222.tardis682.DF], The Librarian [0.4342944819.console.], The Disentangler [dis.consoleT1485as324897u234532.tardis982.DIC], The Agent [agent.consoleT1485as324897u234532.tardis982.DIC]

From: Morgan [themorgan.consoleT10984yn482043a3405.tardis1045.DMS]

Subject: Agent Morgan calling all PPC Time Lords.

As I'm sure you're all aware, difficult things have been going on with our homeworld of late. One of the hazards of being from a fictional world, I suppose - your past can be rewritten without warning. And it looks like the changes are likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

We can't do anything about that. Of course we can't - it would be against all the rules of the PPC, and probably several of the Laws of Time to boot. But what we can do - what we should be doing - is protect our own interests. Apart from the Doctor, we are the only Time Lords who have been continuously 'alive'. And that gives us a responsibility.

I propose the establishment, here in HQ, of the Continuity Council of Gallifrey. We've had the High Council - we've had the War Council - I think we need a Council to watch over the plot. And the only Time Lords who know about the plot continuum are right here in HQ. Funny how that works out.

I suggest the establishment of the following posts:

Ruby Shipwright - Responsible for monitoring the TARDISes of HQ and ensuring that they are not mistreated, nor used to violate the Laws of Time.

"From the first, the TARDISes have been the mark of the Time Lords. The Shipwright looks after their wellbeing."

Tigereye Castellan - Responsible for the security and personal safety of the Continuity Council of Gallifrey.

"The Castellan stands at the heart of the fire, guarding all others from its consuming flame."

Topaz Monitor - Responsible for coordinating assignments from the Continuity Council, and ensuring communications between its members.

"Like the sun over Gallifrey, the Monitor sees all, and guides the Council's actions."

Jade Warden - Responsible for monitoring the timelines of the Home Universe and ensuring that the Laws of Time are not violated, except in the service of the plot.

"Balanced between past and future, the Warden protects the timelines from harm."

Sapphire Watcher - Responsible for monitoring the Doctor Who TV series and reporting any updates on Gallifrey to the Council.

"No-one knows what the future will bring, but the Watcher is the first to discover its secrets."

Amethyst Keeper - Responsible for squaring information on Gallifrey from other media with the TV canon.

"The crystalline purity of a unified timeline will one day be realised - that is the Keeper's quest."

In addition, one of the Councillors should be elected Lord (or Lady) Chairman (or woman) (whatever our personal opinions may be of Rassilon, we don't have the right to appoint a 'president'); the Chair is not defined by a single colour, but by an iridescent or opalescent mix of them all. Given the scarcity of Time Lords in these parts, the Chair will probably have to double up on roles.

I myself intend to take the position of Tigereye Castellan; it's relevant to my interests, as it were, and I am pretty handy with a gun. The other positions, I suggest, should be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Silly collars are required, of course.


Hypercube received by Agent Morgan

Agent Morgan? The Fisherman here.

I think your idea is an excellent one, given what's been going on recently. I only found out about all that the other day you know - Evie asked me something about how 13 versions of the same TARDIS can be in the same area without causing a temporal anomaly.

I of course told her that they couldn't be, it would cause an n-fold reversal of spacetime that could lead to a whole planet being ripped out of reality. She then said something along the lines of 'oh, that's how he must have done it then'. I said something along the lines of 'huhwhat?' and she explained.

No, I asked how you managed to miss the biggest story of the last few months despite the fact said story took place in your home continuum!

Quiet Evie. *ahem*

So yes, I think it is very important, now more than ever to protect ourselves and will happily join the Continuity Council. I believe I would be an excellent fit for the position of Ruby Shipwright - I have extensive experience with TARDIS technology...

Let's see... you ripped out the proven, tested PPC integration panel calling it 'inelegant', replaced it with a rats maze of wiring that even I can't make sense of and 'integrated' a replicator that now seems capable of making bananas and little else.

Need I go on?

Oh, shush - the integration panel works by artificially restricting the TARDIS' access to the vortex in order to control it. Clipping its wings, so to speak. I simply could not have that. My method is... better. Complicated, but better.

You can't remember how it works, can you?

I didn't say that! I haven't worked on it for a while because I don't need to, I'm sure it'd all come back if I needed it to. Now, before this message gets multiple-personality disorder I think I should send it: Morgan, I look forward to working alongside you in protection of our home continuum.

[The Fisherman stopped recording and sealed the hypercube before throwing it out of the TARDIS door.]

To: Morgan [themorgan.consoleT10984yn482043a3405.tardis1045.DMS]

From: The Librarian [0.4342944819.console.]

Subject: This is... surprising.

I was actually not quite aware of this development, being absorbed in chasing the Osirians' riddle... it seems that running away from Gallifrey was a good idea.

However... it would not be said that the Librarian runs from responsibility. I will not allow it (I have no idea what my possible second incarnation would say).

Since my knowledge on this "plot" business is shaky at best (and nonexistent at worse), I shall defer to your judgement in this case. Since my partner tells me (Pounded into his head, more like -Agent Des) that we will probably be assigned missions in the Home Universe in the future, I shall take the position of Jade Warden in this Council of yours.

-The Librarian

To: Morgan [themorgan.consoleT10984yn482043a3405.tardis1045.DMS]

From: The Disentangler [dis.consoleT1485as324897u234532.tardis982.DIC]

Subject: We call the positions of Sapphire Watcher & Amethyst Keeper.

Mostly because our missions tend to take us home, and we would be best-suited to keeping tabs on our continuum due to the nature of our work (that is, disentangling things).

As for between us, we may occasionally swap duties simply to keep the rest of you on your toes.


Hand-written note from Agent Morgan, on receiving word that a Time Lord known as ‘the Notary’ may be joining the PPC.

The last thing HQ needs is Time Lords who are Time Lords just for the sake of being Time Lords. I mean, there are at least half a dozen of us around here! And that's not counting the ones who got turned into Time Lords because of whatever reasons.

Look, we're cool. I know we're cool. We have two hearts, can fly time machines, and don't stay dead. But... well, apart from the two hearts... what's special about that? Most PPC agents don't die, period - heck, the only reasons I've regenerated have been massive invasions of HQ, and those don't come up every day, you know. So expecting a Time Lord agent to keep regenerating is a bit ridiculous.

Unless it's the Agent or the Disentangler. They've got some weird suicide pact thing going on, I don't even know.

And TARDISes...? There's at least a couple of hundred of the things going around HQ right now, and they're not exactly useful for missions. Heck, I only use mine when I'm going out of HQ to check up on stuff.

So that's my question to all you wannabe Time Lords: why do you wanna be one of us? What've we got going for us that you can't get anywhere else? Because seriously, I can't see it.

Well, in my case, obviously it's my amazing sense of style. But given the collars, that's hardly a species-wide trait…

Note found on Agent Morgan’s desk, of uncertain origin.

I think the title would be best expressed as Spinel Promotor. Spinel's one of those semi-precious gems that has a lot of colours associated with it but is primarily found with a single-refraction grey, and Promotor comes from promotor fidei, the Roman Catholic term for a canon lawyer who argued against the canonization of a candidate for sainthood by picking holes in arguments, analysing the character of the candidate and so on. This is actually where we get the term devil's advocate from; it was the common term advocatus diaboli, who was ranged against the advocatus dei or God's advocate.

To: The Fisherman [fisherman.consoleT202384a23501bn22222.tardis682.DF], The Librarian [0.4342944819.console.], The Disentangler [dis.consoleT1485as324897u234532.tardis982.DIC], The Agent [agent.consoleT1485as324897u234532.tardis982.DIC],

The Notary [antrilo.externalT245098dh23420y.tardis1138.recruit]

From: Morgan [themorgan.consoleT10984yn482043a3405.tardis1045.DMS]

Subject: An explanation, if you need one.

Why am I appointing someone to my- er, the Continuity Council whose role is specifically to tell us we're wrong? Because I've seen the show - I've seen what happened when Rassilon thought he was above reproach. When he decided that those who opposed him should be punished for their actions.

I don't want that to happen in HQ. I don't want our Council to become like his. So yes, we need someone who stands outside the line - someone who is willing to tell us no. Given who's on the Council, what we really need is a stuffy old bureaucrat who hates the very idea of change - but who is still capable of giving reasons for her opposition.

Yes, we need a Spinel Promotor. And if the rumours I'm hearing are accurate, the Notary is perfect for the job.

To: Morgan [themorgan.consoleT10984yn482043a3405.tardis1045.DMS]

From: The Notary [antrilo.consoleT245098dh23420y.tardis1138.DF]

Subject: "Quite."

"Having looked through the files that discuss your... exploits, Tigereye Castellan, I share your concern that you need someone sensible to remind you and the rest of your exiled ragbag of true Gallifreyan culture, and indeed of common sense and caution in the face of hurried and unnecessary change. I look forward to deliberating with you and our fellow Councillors, in particular on the topic of our esteemed Lord President, opinions concerning whom I doubt very much we share."

"Sorry about her. She's a bit, you know-"

"Be silent, clown woman. The Council has no need of a fool-"

"But that's what you are, isn't it?"

"I BEG your pardon?"

"In medieval courts, the fool had the ear of the king more than any lord. They spoke floridly and interminably, telling the truths that nobody wanted to hear and would have had anyone else executed for treason. Look at that and tell me that's not what you are."

"I - Then it has no need of a harlequin, then. Or do you have some other piece of pointless human ephemera to inflict on me? I apologise, Tigereye Castellan, my colleague shames this Council with her presence - what are you - STOP THAT AT ONCE! This is a solemn and noble position requiring a solemn and noble collar, you whelp; it is not served by tying a balloon animal to it!"

"Anything can be improved with a balloon giraffe, Agent Promontory. Just ask Professor Puppet-"

"My -name- is The Notary, human."

"That too, Agent Conservatory. Now hold still, I gotta get the legs right on your wallaby."

"Wha - but - WHY?"

"Well, you're the one who said you didn't want a giraffe, Captain Crankypants."

"I wasn't talking to you."

Surveillance footage, RC#3434 [abandoned]

Tigereye Castellan Morgan sat at her desk, rubbing her temples. It had been a long two days. Her voice ached from all the discussions, her head hurt from all the decision-making, and - oh, yes - even the holographic, Hunger Games-tech collar was starting to make its weight known.

But, finally, it was coming to an end. The 'in' pile was down to the last few sheets of paper. Adjusting her collar, she turned the next leaf over, unsure whether she should be feeling hope or trepidation.

"'Election of an Opal Chairperson'," she read. "I'm sort of reconsidering that, actually. There's only half a dozen of us, right?" She glanced to her left, then grimaced. "I miss Amelia. All right... I guess we'll postpone the Chair appointment, and I can just keep doing all the admin. It's not like the security side of the Castellan's post is needed much."

She flipped the paper into the 'out' pile (out to where, she wasn't entirely sure) and turned to the next. "Oh, it's the Notary again, what does she want? ... 'expedite the finalisation of... underlying significance of the Spinel Promotor's duties... fully prepared to assume my duties...' Empty Night, did she get Legal to write this for her? No, you can't join early." Another sheet hit the 'out' pile.

"Right... oh, yes." The page, one of Morgan's original role descriptions for the Council, was covered in crossings-out, underlinings, and scribbled notes. "And the Reader wants to take this job? Poor thing... all right, let's see." Taking a red pen, she crossed out a few more lines, drew links between a handful of others, and finally signed the sheet with a flourish.

The Citrine Theorist - Responsible for resolving plotholes in the canonical depiction of Gallifrey.

"That'll have to do," Morgan muttered, putting the sheet aside. "Next... oh." 'Next' was a request from the Department of Personnel - how the Marquis had heard about the Council, Morgan had no idea - that 'you Time Lords do something constructive about the constant influx of your species into HQ'. At some point earlier in the day, Morgan had clipped a description of an 'Onyx Monitor', who would keep an eye on Time Lords in badfic, see if any were worth recruiting, and supervise any new recruits on behalf of the Council.

"And that's great," Morgan said, glancing to the side again, "but we don't have anyone to be the Monitor. I'm certainly not going to take the post... ugh, where's that list?"

The list in question - the master list of Council positions - turned out to be pinned to the wall in front of her. "The Ruby Shipwright's going to be overworked as it is," Morgan mused, "just like the Jade Warden. If I'm doing admin, that puts the Tigereye Castellan out of the running, too. The Amethyst Keeper... no, there's way too much 'other media' for that. Maybe the Sapphire Watcher...? I mean, they only make thirteen episodes a year, right?"

Unbidden, Morgan's gaze strayed back to the previous sheet of paper. "On the other hand," she said slowly, "most episodes won't make serious plotholes... so the Citrine Theorist will have the least to do." She nodded to her self, decided. "The Reader can take the Monitor's duties until we get someone to do it permanantly. I'll let her know the good news." She dropped the paper on the 'out' stack, and turned over the next.

"Right... decorations for the Council chamber..."

Welcome, Time Lords and Ladies, to the first meeting of the Continuity Council. I'm sure we all know each other, but in case we don't, from left to right:

Ruby Shipwright Fisherman

Tigereye Castellan Morgan

Citrine Theorist/Topaz Monitor Reader (position yet to be decided)

Jade Warden Librarian

Sapphire Watcher Disentangler

Amethyst Keeper Agent

We also have a potential recruit here as an observer only: the Notary, our Spinel Promotor-elect. Everyone please make her feel welcome - but not too welcome, we don't want her getting ideas.


Surveillance footage, Really Very Tiny Auditorium

Agent Librarian, DF: You know that I am not wearing that, right?

The Fisherman: Why wouldn't you want to? These are really cool!

Look, my one collapses down, and then I push this switch and whoosh - it opens up again. And yours is holographic, that's even better!

Note added by Agent Evie: Little things please little minds!

The Librarian: This collar is overly large and too flamboyant. Besides, who in their right mind would dye their coat green?

That said... who are you, anyway?

The Fisherman: I don't know... how would you know if you're in your right mind though?

Me? I'm the Fisherman, from the Special Operations Division. Now, that sounds very impressive but effectively we take pretty much any mission that nobody else wants to do.

Mostly that's because they're either too weird, or involve entities that any sane person wouldn't want to be on the same planet with. We've taken on a troll - a real one, an approaching-omnipotent reality warper, an Angel and a pony princess!

What about you - can't remember seeing you around. How'd you find your way into the madhouse?

The Librarian: Of course I am in my right mind. I am not like my temporary partner, Agent Desdendelle, who insists for some reason that he is perfectly insane.

As to myself... I am the Librarian, currently from the Department of Floaters. And I did not find my way in; rather, the way found me. I somehow managed to walk from my group's TARDIS straight into this bizarre Headquarters. A madhouse is an apt name indeed; this place's architecture is extremely baffling. I am still looking for a way out, though the Department of Sufficiently Advanced Technology assures me reaching my home Word World, whatever that means, is quite impossible.

The Fisherman: Insanity can be useful! Nobody knows what you're going to do next, you get a free pass to do all sorts of things…

You walked from inside a TARDIS into HQ? That is very odd indeed - takes an awful lot of energy to open a portal inside a TARDIS. That or a very thin reality matrix, leading to plotholes.

Your home continuum (aka Word World) is the same as mine, right? Returning there shouldn't be impossible - there are obvious existential problems with returning to Gallifrey though.

The Librarian: That is quite beside the point. While seeming insane might net you some benefits, it also tends to get you locked up. That tends to interrupt research, which is bad.

Yes, I have walked from a TARDIS into HQ. I have no idea how that happened, quite frankly, and shortly afterwards a certain... infamous person... started molesting me. I have tried to return to the particular place I have stepped into HQ in, but to no avail.

And no, my home continuum is apparently orthogonal to the... usual... Whoniverse (so I hear the Word World Gallifrey stood in is called), or some other, equally confusing term.

Disclaimer: Gallifrey, the Time Lords, and the Doctor are from the Doctor Who canon and are the property of the BBC. Morgan is the creation of Huinesoron; the Disentangler and the Agent were created by Tawaki and are now written by Lily Winterwood; the Fisherman is the property of Fish Custard; the Librarian is the creation of Desdendelle; the Reader is the work of DawnFire; the Notary is the creation of wobblestheclown. The stories in this sequence were written variously by Huinesoron, Fish Custard, Desdendelle, Lily Winterwood, DawnFire, wobblestheclown, and Outhra. Images created using Tektek. The Circular Gallifreyan writing scheme is the creation of Loren Sherman.