EPICS V4 Telecon, 9-Jun-2015


Review and notes for Mercurial to GitHub migration

Present: AJ, MK, GW, DH, NM, MD, BD, RL

Scribe: DH

Chair: GW


GW: General comments or question. Then address other repos such as pvaAsyn.

AJ: Conversion pretty good. Everything worked OK. Some changes have been made in some repos but not others. hgignore will need to be converted to gitignore. hgflow too.

MD: I can post template for gitignore.

DH: Do the gitignore files ignore things for platform specific releases?

MD: Yes

DH: Which modules are in a good state and which not in terms of hgflow?





… but let MD look at them and see if there is something better

AJ: Remaining repos that haven’t been converted.

Suggest host them on your own account initially. Create a new project under your account. Others fork. Correct Michael.

MD: Close enough.

AJ: Could these repos be hosted on Marty’s site.

MK: I could. Should these be on central.

AJ: Central maybe just for release modules. I’d like to remove pvIOCCPP.

MK: Agree.

AI on AJ: Develop and post list of modules to be moved out of the epics-base project.

GW: If you fork a repo and the original is deleted what’s affect on your fork?

MD: None

MD: I can do the conversion of the two modules to your area if you give me permissions.

AJ: Any Java problems.

RL: NO. Fewer problems as using Maven

RL: Did you talk about issue tracker. No replacement for action item and resolution tracker. Bugs and issues could be converted to github tracker. Not a single tracker. Per module basis. Do we want the complete history of our tracker or port open issues using auto converter.

GW: What’s advantage of porting at all.

RL: The GitHub trackers much better. 30% of reason to move. SF trackers useless.

RL: A day to do everything. Easier to do open issues only.

GW: Resolutions and AI go to SF. Bugs and issues go to GitHub using manual entry.

RESOLUTION: Manual conversion of open bugs and issues. AIs and RESOLUTIONS will stay on SF.

Who’s going to the conversion:

AI: Greg to close irrelevant bug.

AI: Ralph to do the move.

RL: I’ve made repos unreadable for  those without admin status.

Discussion on updating website to point to GitHub.

GW: Can MD do this


GW: Could remove ref to SF at top of index page.

MD: Take off-line. MD gives GW list of links and GW updates page.


BD: We have outstanding items Gateway, DB group etc.

GW: Discuss next week.

Meeting ends 16:37 BST.